How can I get free call from Telenor?


  1. Dial *888# to Activate Free 1st Telenor Call.
  2. *Rs. 5 incl. tax activation charges will apply.
  3. All Telenor prepaid subscribers are eligible for this offer.
  4. The offer is valid for 7 days.

How can I check my Telenor offers?

To Activate: Dial *66# Visit MyTelenor App. Dial *345# and select 5 (Special Offer) in the menu.

How can I change my Telenor package?

How to migrate from telenor to djuice?

  1. Send “migrate” to 345 through SMS.
  2. Calling 345661 and 345662.
  3. Visiting our Sales & Service Centers Franchises.

How can I get free Telenor mints?

Get 20 free minutes for all networks upon recharge of Rs. 100 or more. Just dial *5*100# before recharge of Rs100 or more.

What is Telenor * 779 offer?

Abhi *779# dial karain aur paein 50 Telenor minutes ROZANA aur 2GB WhatsApp 30 DIN k liye sirf Rs. 50 bama tax mein.

Which Telenor package is best for calls?

Free First Call Offer. Rs. 5 incl. tax Dial: *888#

  • Telenor Good Time Offer. Rs. 6 incl.
  • Monthly EasyCard 700. Rs. 565 incl.
  • Monthly First Free Call Offer. Rs. 10 incl.
  • Weekly EasyCard Extreme. Rs. 300 incl.
  • Weekly Voice Lite. Rs. 25 incl.
  • Weekly EasyCard Plus. Rs. 180 incl.
  • Haftawar Chappar Phaar Offer. Rs. 100 incl.
  • Which Telenor package is best?

    Weekly EasyCard Plus. Rs. 180 incl.

  • Weekly EasyCard 160. Rs. 135 incl.
  • Mega Plus Weekly EasyCard. Rs. 260 incl.
  • 3 Day Hybrid Package. Rs. 50 incl.
  • Monthly EasyCard 850. Rs. 720 incl.
  • Monthly WhatsApp Package. Rs. 1 incl.
  • Haftawar Sahulat Offer. Rs. 120 incl.
  • Haftawar Offpeak Offer. Rs. 55 Incl.
  • What is Telenor call package code?

    Telenor Daily Call Packages Prepaid

    Telenor Daily Offer Rs.10 Dial *345*006#
    Telenor Full Day offer Rs. 18 Dial *5*250#
    Telenor Mini Budget Package Rs. 15 Dial *240#
    Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget Package Rs. 18 Dial *050#

    What is * 66 offer on Telenor?

    Enjoy streaming, downloading, chatting and social networking with the Weekly 6 to 6 Offer from 6AM-6PM on 2G, 3G and 4G internet.

    Which Telenor call package is best?