How can I contact Sharp?

(800) 237-4277Sharp Corporation / Customer service

How long is the warranty on a Sharp TV?

Warranty Period for this Product: Three (3) years from date of purchase. Product are the responsibility of the Purchaser.

How long is the warranty on a Sharp microwave?

1 year
Warranty Terms

Category Warranty Special Terms & Conditions
Refrigerator 5 years Details
Dehumidifier 2 years Details
Air Purifier 2 years Details
Microwave Oven 1 year Details

Do they still make Sharp TVs?

Between 2015 and 2018, all Sharp brand TVs sold in the United States were made by Chinese manufacturing company Hisense. As of late 2019, Sharp Corporation has regained the license from Hisense and now continue making Sharp branded TVs.

Is Sharp a good brand for a TV?

Sharp is a good brand of TVs. They have been around for a long time now, producing quality televisions. Even though they hit a bump and sold their company to Hisense, they bought it back and continue to manufacture amazing televisions with added features, competing with other popular televisions brands.

How do I check my Sharp TV warranty?

Here is what you need to do: Call 1-888-935-8880. Provide the details about your Sharp TV model.

What is a microwave arcing event?

The limited extended warranty only covers “arcing events”—i.e., when the microwave drawer oven malfunctions due to arcing in the waveguide, the component in the top of the microwave that directs energy from the magnetron into the cooking cavity.

How long is a sharp dishwasher warranty?

2. The warranty period is a minimum of 24 (twenty four) months for MDA / MWO / SDA / AP appliances from the date at which you purchased the Product. Please check with your retailer for confirmation of warranty period.

Does Sharp still make TVs 2022?

A new lineup of Sharp Roku TV models will debut in the US in 2022. Sharp’s leading technology combined with Roku TV, which was purpose-built for TV, allows for a premium home entertainment experience featuring a simple, customizable home screen, access to…

Is Sharp going out of business?

The Sharp TV brand isn’t going away, but the company is shutting down its manufacturing plant and licensing the name to Hisense.

Did Hisense buy Sharp?

2015: Hisense Accrues Sharp America’s Assets and Brand

In what was a major development in the consumer electronics industry, Hisense, one of China’s largest TV makers, acquired the North American manufacturing assets of Japan-based Sharp and secured brand name rights for the U.S. market.

How old is the Aquos Sharp TV?

2001 : Debut of the AQUOS — the TV for the 21st Century | Sharp Corporation | Sharp Global.

How do I troubleshoot my Sharp TV?

How to Troubleshoot a SHARP TV That Won’t Turn On – YouTube

How do I find out if my TV is still under warranty?

How to Find Out if Your Appliance Is Under Warranty Still

  1. Consider Typical Appliance Warranty Periods.
  2. Check Your Receipt or Owner’s Manual.
  3. Check the Manufacturer’s Website.
  4. Contact the Retailer.
  5. Look into Your Credit Card’s Consumer Protection Package.
  6. Check Your Home Warranty.

Why is my Sharp microwave sparking?

Common solutions for: Sharp Microwave is sparking or arcing
The waveguide cover might be damaged and arcing or burning. If this is the case or if the cover will not stay in place, replace it with a new one. The paint on the interior of the microwave might be chipped.

Why is my microwave sparking with nothing in it?

If there’s no metal in the microwave, check the waveguide cover. That will be a small panel on the inside of the thicker side of the microwave. If it looks cracked or damaged, that’s probably the cause of the sparks. You’ll need to order a replacement waveguide, then unplug your microwave and replace it.

Is Sharp a good brand?

Sharp TVs are a good option if you have a tight budget for a TV. It costs less than the leading brands, yet you get great features. If you want a no-frills, affordable TV, Sharp is a good option to consider.

How do you reset a Sharp washer and dryer?

Dryer / washer not working. How to reset dryer / washer electronically.

Who bought out sharp TV?

2015: Hisense Accrues Sharp America’s Assets and Brand

Is a Sharp TV good?

Sharp TVs are a good choice for a budget-friendly and reliable TV. They might not be number one on the market, but Sharp consistently delivers quality products that make it worth every penny you spend on their products.

Is Sharp a good company?

Sharp Business Systems India is rated 3.8 out of 5, based on 111 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox. Sharp Business Systems India is known for Skill development which is rated at the top and given a rating of 3.6. However, Career growth is rated the lowest at 3.1 and can be improved.

Is Sharp a good TV?

How do I update my Sharp Aquos TV?

How to Check Software Update in Sharp Aquos TV (32BC5E)?

Is there a reset button on Sharp TV?

3 ways to reset TVs, Sharp TV fix review – YouTube

What is a hard reset on a TV?

Performing a forced Factory data reset will remove all customized settings in the TV including downloaded apps, systems data, channels, and wireless network settings. For some models listed below, if you perform a forced Factory data reset, then the Demo data for retail will be erased from internal storage.