In current times, the most important for preparing person for life in a rapidly changing world are the skills of independent work. Homeschooling, like no other form of education, fosters students’ independence, therefore, at this stage of school development, homework is obligate, but it requires considerable modernization.

In educational practice, there are various types of homework. This may be the work on the text of the textbook and various additional sources of information (dictionaries, periodicals, the Internet, etc.); exercising and solving mathematical problems, performing written work, filling out workbooks on a printed basis, writing essays and reports, and many others.

Doing homework in mathematics by learners is a mandatory part of their studies. Since the knowledge learned in the lesson will simply be forgotten and the teacher’s efforts will be reduced to nothing if they are not consolidated after the lesson when they do their homework.

When doing a math assignment, you should follow the rules for doing homework

  1. Homework must be done on the day it was received. Any material learned in class is quickly forgotten. Therefore, most of the work on the assimilation and consolidation in the memory of the studied material should be done on the day of its perception with subsequent repetition on the eve of the next lesson.
  2. Fulfillment of written assignments should begin with a repetition of theoretical material, i.e. with work on a textbook. It is always good to recall theoretical material in order to make it easier to find a way to solve written assignments and substantiate your choice.
  3. Before start doing practical tasks, you should review the study cases that were solved in the classroom, and remember how they were solved and why. This technique helps students to establish a connection between homework and training exercises in the classroom, and quickly recall the specifics of solving tasks of this type.

If during the homework in mathematics it is heart for you to solve the problem, then you should simply postpone this task and finish the implementation of the remaining tasks on this subject. After that, you should begin to do tasks on another subject. After a short respite, you should return to solving the outstanding problem. Here, having repeating the theoretical material of the lesson conducted in class; again attempt to solve the problem.

Usually, a standard algorithm is used to do homework in mathematics

  1. Familiarization with the content of the homework.
  2. Choosing the sequence of tasks. It is best to alternate between oral and written tasks. For example, the solution of a problem or equation can be alternated with the repetition of a mathematical law or theorem.
  3. Viewing the records and notes made during the lesson (this will help to recall the presentation of this topic by the teacher).
  4. Reading the assignment.
  5. Drawing up (if necessary) a plan for completing the task. The plan makes it quite easy to cope with its implementation.
  6. Self-control in order to detect errors and eliminate inaccuracies in the solving.

Speaking of self-control and help in doing homework, as an option many people use different services on the Internet, because it is impossible to imaging the modern world without the latest digital technologies that have penetrated into all spheres of our life. There are “but” in the role of the Internet in education. If earlier students were looking for different books in libraries to do their home task, studied them, wrote out the necessary information and only when collected the necessary material, they would complete the task, then today it is possible to use a math homework helper or download the ready-to-use work within one click.

Along with this, social networking services, different kinds of blogs and educational sites become increasingly popular means in teaching practice.

We are sure, if you follow the rules described above and listen to our advice on the use of modern technologies in doing homework in mathematics, the result will certainly be excellent.