Does Stanhope have a train station?

This is the principal station on the Weardale Railway. The station and free car park open half an hour before the first train.

Who owns Weardale Railway?

Weardale Railway Limited is the holding company for the railway. It is 100% owned by The Auckland Project (TAP).

Is the Weardale Railway Open?

Our heritage service is running today with trains departing Stanhope at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, and Wolsingham at 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30. The café and Trust shop at Stanhope Station are open.

How long is the Weardale Railway?

18 mile

The Weardale Railway is an 18 mile heritage line running from a connection with the main rail network at Bishop Auckland to Eastgate in Weardale, County Durham, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Is there a train station at Bishop Auckland?

Bishop Auckland is a railway station that serves the market town of Bishop Auckland in County Durham, North East England, 11 miles 77 chains (19.3 km) north-west of Darlington. The station is the Western terminus of the Tees Valley Line, which links it to Saltburn via Darlington.

Is wolsingham in Northumberland?

Wolsingham is a market town in Weardale, County Durham, England. It is situated by the River Wear, between Crook and Stanhope.

What is wolsingham famous for?

The Victorian industrialist Charles Attwood built an ironworks on the edge of the town, a major employer from 1864, producing steel from Weardale iron ore. Steel castings were produced for use in both shipbuilding and munitions, industries of major importance to the North East.

Where is Weardale UK?

County Durham
Weardale is a dale, or valley, on the east side of the Pennines in County Durham, England. Large parts of Weardale fall within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – the second-largest AONB in England and Wales. The upper dale is surrounded by high fells (up to 2,454 feet (748 m) O.D.

How many people live in Wolsingham?


Population 2,720 (2011)
OS grid reference NZ075375
Unitary authority County Durham
Ceremonial county County Durham

How big is Weardale?

Weardale is one of the most rural areas within the North of England and has a population of just over 8,300. Covering an area of over 40,200 hectares (155.3 sq. miles), the AAP has a population density of 0.2 (people/hectare), which makes this AAP the least densely populated area in the county (2.4).

What was mined in Weardale?

Besides lead, silver and fluorspar were extracted from Weardale. Large amounts of ironstone were taken, especially from the Rookhope area, during the Industrial Revolution to supply ironworks at Consett and other sites in County Durham. Local deposits of other minerals were also found on occasion.

What is the population of Stanhope?

In 2001 Stanhope had a population of 1,633, in 2019 an estimate of 1,627, and a figure of 1,602 in the 2011 census for the ONS built-up-area which includes Crawleyside. In 2011 the parish population was 4,581.

How did wolsingham get its name?

History. Wolsingham sits at the confluence of the River Wear and Waskerley Beck. It is a small settlement and one of the first market towns in County Durham, deriving its name from Waelsingas, or Sons of Wael, an ancient Saxon family that once lived there.

How many people live in Weardale?

Weardale is one of the most rural areas within the North of England and has a population of just over 8,300. Covering an area of over 40,200 hectares (155.3 sq.

Where can you go to dig for gems in UK?

Homegrown Treasures – Hunting For Gems In The UK

  • BLUE JOHN FLUORITE. Found: Derbyshire, England.
  • CAIRNGORM QUARTZ. Found: Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  • WELSH GOLD. Found: Carmarthenshire, Wales.
  • AMBER. Found: Suffolk Coastline, England.

Can you mine your own crystals UK?

So while a lot of the major finds in mines are now closed in the UK for the amateur crystal hunter doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. Gemstones are abundant given the right conditions and the earth’s movement over millions of years while these stones form mean they can turn up anywhere.

Is Stanhope a good place to live?

Stanhope is in Sussex County and is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Living in Stanhope offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Stanhope and residents tend to lean conservative.

Is Stanhope a town or a village?

Stanhope /ˈstænəp/ is a market town and civil parish in the County Durham district, in the ceremonial county of Durham, England. It lies on the River Wear between Eastgate and Frosterley, in the north-east of Weardale.

Why was Walsingham exiled?

Walsingham was also devoutly Protestant. As a result of his commitment to his faith, he was exiled to Switzerland during the reign of Queen Mary I, a devout Catholic famous for her attempts to reverse the English Reformation.

Is Bishop Auckland in Weardale?

Known as the gateway to Weardale, Bishop Auckland is a bustling market town in the Vale of Durham, standing high above a meander in the River Wear with commanding views of the surrounding countryside.

Can opal be found in the UK?

For example, in Northern Ireland in County Tyrone and County Fermanagh, gemstone quality examples of Ruby, Sapphire, Hematite, Opal, Aquamarine, Quartz and Calcite have been found.

Can diamonds be found in the UK?

In addition to sapphire, ruby and possible diamond, the country has yielded topaz, beryl, and many varieties of semi-precious stones including cairngorm, amethyst, garnet, tourmaline, agate, zircon, ‘Blue John’ flourite and jet.

Is Stanhope Gardens a good suburb?

Stanhope Gardens is a stable, safe, & kid-friendly suburb with easy access to transport, a good shopping centre and accommodates plenty of leisure activities. All of these reasons make it an ideal place for homebuyers who are looking to move in.

Is Stanhope a town?

Who lived in Stanhope castle?

During the late 19th Century, Henry Pease, a coal owner, merchant and MP for South Durham, resided within Stanhope. By the 20th Century, the castle was used as an authority remand school for boys and finally in 1982, the castle was sold into private ownership.