Did EMI and Maou had a child?

Alas Ramus (アラス・ラムス, Arasu Ramusu) is the appointed daughter of Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa. She is a fragment of Yesod, one of the elements of Sephirot.

Who is Maou love interest?

He also calls her ‘Chi-chan’, signifying their closeness with each other. During the incident with Lucifer, she gained knowledge of Ente Isla as well as Maou’s true identity. Chiho has a very obvious crush on Maou, but he has yet to respond to her feelings despite her confession.

Who did Maou end up with?

I’m absolutely stoked and happy he ended up with Chiho cause she is best girl and character and I loved their moments a lot more than his and Emi’s.

Does Sadao MAOU get his powers back?

When he regains his powers, Maou’s body reverts back to its previous form, depending on the amount of magic he has accumulated. In the manga, when he regained his powers after the mall collapsed, only his stature remained human, but his pants were torn due to his transformed legs.

Does MAOU and Emilia end up together?

At the time of writing Maou and Emi haven’t ended up together; yet. As an ensemble cast show, The Devil Is a Part-Timer features many possible pairings, though, of course, Emi and Maou are a favorite for many, given how many people love an enemies-to-lovers romance plot.

Who is alas Ramus real father?

Alas=Ramus ( Arasu Ramus) is the appointed daughter of Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa. She is a fragment of Yesod, one of the elements of Sephiroth.

Did Maou and EMI end up together?

What happens at the end of Devil is a part-timer?

The season ends with Chiho being possessed by Lailah one last time, as she apologizes to Maou for saving him as a boy but not teaching him an important lesson — without saying what that is.

Is Emilia stronger than Maou?

Maou is stronger than Emilia in The Devil is a Part-Timer. The main reason is that, despite Emilia being a powerful creature, she is still half-human, unlike Maou who is a full demon. Her victory against him during their clash was pure luck.

Who is the most powerful in the devil is a part-timer?

1/8 Sadao Maou/Satan Jacob

As the Demon Lord, Satan has incredible powers that come at the cost of a great amount of energy. He can control minds, use telekinesis and teleportation, create demonic swords, and regenerate his body from wounds.

Did Maou end up with EMI?

What happens at the end of The Devil Is a Part-Timer?

Epilogue: The Devil, Not a Part-Timer
Maou is now an ordinary human who will grow old and die like everyone else. He accepts Chiho’s love, and there is talk of a wedding after she graduates from college. Ashiya, now co-ruler of Efzahan along with the Azure Emperor, drops in to berate Maou for his poor financial sense.

Who is the strongest in the devil is a part-timer?

Why did MAOU invade Ente Isla?

He decided to invade Ente Isla so the humans would generate fear and despair for the demons to feed on. The key word is he always say “conquer” the humans instead of “exterminate” the humans.

What happens at the end of the Devil is a part-timer?

Is Devil is a Part Timer season 2 finished?

A second season was announced at Kadokawa’s Light Novel Expo on March 6, 2021, with the main cast reprising their roles.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (season 2)

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
Original release July 14, 2022 – present
Season chronology
List of episodes

Who is the most powerful character in the Devil is a part-timer?

1 Sadao Maou/Satan Jacob.

Is demon lord Diablo the strongest?

But, since the anime is an isekai, said human protagonist was reincarnated and became Diablo who also happens to be the strongest being in his own video game world. He’s so powerful that he even holds back his skills when fighting other players’ characters. As additional proof of his powers.

Who is strongest demon Lord?

Top 10 Most Powerful Anime Demon Lords

  • #8: Staz Charlie Blood.
  • #7: Sadou Maou.
  • #6: Diablo.
  • #5: Milim Nava.
  • #4: Akuto Sai. “Demon King Daimao” (2010)
  • #3: Dabura. “Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)
  • #2: Raizen. “Yu Yu Hakusho” (1992-94)
  • #1: Anos Voldigoad. “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” (2020)

Who is the most powerful in The Devil Is a Part-Timer?

How old is MAOU Sadao?

7/7 The Devil Is A Part-Timer Statistics Chart

Character Age Height
Sadao Maou / Satan Jacob 300+ / 21 (falsified) 5’6″ / 173cm
Emi Yusa / Emilia Justina 17 / 20 (falsified) 5’3″ / 163cm
Shiro Ashiya / Alciel 1,573 6’0 / 184cm
Hanzo Urushihara / Lucifer 10,000+ / 18 (falsified) 5’1″ / 155cm

Who is the hero in the devil is a part-timer?

Hero Emilia Justina
Main characters. Satan Jacob is the Demon Lord from Ente Isla. Due to the actions of the Hero Emilia Justina and her companions, he was transported to modern day Japan with Ashiya and changed into human form.

Who is the most powerful in The Devil is a Part-Timer?

Is Emilia stronger than MAOU?

Who is the child in The Devil Is a Part-Timer?

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 2 premiered on July 14, 2022. Episode 1 introduced a new character named Alas Ramus, a child who claims to be the daughter of the Devil King Satan (Sadao Maou) and the Hero Emi Yusa (Emilia).