Can you drink at 18 in other countries?

While 21 years old is the standard for most of the United States (looking at you, Wisconsin), many consumers across the world have earlier introductions to alcohol. In fact, 64 percent of the world’s nations have legal drinking ages of 18.

Is the drinking age 18 in all of Europe?

In Europe, the most average (median) alcohol minimum purchasing age is 18 years old. But some countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain) still set the minimum age at 16.

What country allows drinking at 13?

Around the world, the age when it’s legal to purchase or be served most alcohol products varies from 13 in Burkina Faso to 25 in Eritrea.

What country has the highest legal drinking age?

Similarly , Brunei and Gambia prohibit Muslims from drinking alcohol, but 17-yearold non-Muslims can legally drink in Brunei, as can 18-year-olds in Gambia. Indeed, the legal drinking age of 25 that prevails in some Indian states, including Maharashtra and Delhi, is by far the highest in the world.

What age can you drink in Russia?


In Russia, the legal drinking age is usually eighteen. Usually, because there are some exceptions to that case. Technically, stronger alcohol such as cognac and vodka is sold only to those over 21.

Can you drink in Italy at 16?

The alcohol age limit in Italy is 18 years old. That means, it is illegal to sell alcohol to minors in either shops, restaurants or bars. That’s a little bit more generous than the legal age limit in the USA. In general, ID should be requested in any establishment selling alcohol if there is any doubt over your age.

How old can you drink in Russia?

Drinking Age In Russia
Most Russians believe that the minimum drinking age in the country is 18 years. However, there are no laws or regulations prohibiting minors from taking alcoholic drinks.

What is Japan’s drinking age?

In Japan, the legal adult age is 20. Japanese law prohibits individuals under the age of 20 to drink alcohol or smoke. Regardless of age, you must not force anyone to drink or smoke as it may cause serious health and social consequences.

What is Germany’s drinking age?

16 years
Belgium, Denmark and Germany set 16 years as the minimum age for purchasing beverages containing less than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol and 18 years for buying spirits (more than 1.2 % of distilled alcohol). Sweden set the minimum age for purchasing beverages with more than 3.5 % of alcohol at 20 years.

What is the lowest drinking age in Europe?

The youngest legal age associated with alcohol in Europe is in Germany. Here, a minor can drink undistilled alcohol like wine or beer at 14 years old, if they are accompanied by what is called a Custodial Person, (ie their parents or another adult who is in charge of their welfare).

What age can you drink in Mexico?

The legal drinking age is 18. 5. Open alcohol containers in public are illegal in Mexico. You may face a fine or time in jail.

Can you drink in Egypt?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Egypt. You can drink alcoholic beverages in the bars, restaurants, and clubs which are serving alcohol. And also in the hotels and flats. Drinking on the streets, or being very drunk on the streets is not widely accepted.

Can you drink in Turkey?

Turkey is a secular country, and even though the majority of the Turkish population is Muslim, the consumption of alcohol both in public and in private is very common.

Is alcohol legal in Iran?

Trading and drinking alcohol is illegal in Iran, and those seeking alcoholic drinks often rely on a chain of black market dealers without knowing where and how the drinks are produced. The dealers themselves are often not sure of the source of the alcohol.

Can you drink alcohol in Egypt?

Despite most Egyptians being Muslims, alcohol is still available in Egypt. Most of the Egyptians don’t consume alcohol, but some consume in other words it’s not forbidden to drink alcohol in Egypt. Most of the hotels, restaurants and bars in the tourist areas are selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

Can you drink in Dubai?

Alcohol. UAE Residents can drink alcohol at home and in licensed venues. Liquor licences are still required for Residents in Dubai but are no longer required for Residents in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates (save for Emirate of Sharjah) to purchase alcohol for personal consumption.

Are condoms legal in Iran?

Iran Condom Ban Sparks Fears Of Disease, Unwanted Pregnancies, And A Black Market. The code has been copied to your clipboard. Iran has passed a law banning the free, state-subsidized distribution of contraceptives in a bid to boost its population growth — but the move has raised fears of catastrophic repercussions.

Is alcohol legal in Egypt?

Is abortion legal in Russia?

Abortion in Russia is legal as an elective procedure up to the 12th week of pregnancy, and in special circumstances at later stages.

Is abortion legal in Japan?

Japan is one of 11 countries — and the only one of the Group of Seven largest economies — that mandate that women get their spouse’s consent to obtain an abortion, with very few exceptions, according to the Center for Reproductive Rights, an international organization.

Is alcohol legal in Turkey?

Alcohol Laws in Turkey
Drinking alcohol is legal in Turkey as long as you are above the legal age limit of 18. Since the foundation of the Turkish Republic, drinking alcohol has been free in Turkey. Alcohol was banned only for a brief period before 1924, during the Turkish Independence War.

Is abortion legal in Korea?

From 1953 through 2020, abortion was illegal in most circumstances, but illegal abortions were widespread and commonly performed at hospitals and clinics. On April 11, 2019, the Constitutional Court ruled the abortion ban unconstitutional and ordered the law’s revision by the end of 2020.

Is abortion legal in Turkey?

Abortion has been legal in Turkey since 1983, allowing women to terminate a pregnancy during the first 10 weeks of gestation. Thereafter, a legal abortion is permitted only to save the life or health of the pregnant woman and in cases of foetal impairment.

Are abortion legal in Japan?

In Japan, abortion is legal — but most women need their husband’s consent.

Are abortions legal in Germany?

Abortion is illegal in Germany. And even though certain circumstances protect doctors and women from prosecution within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the stigma sticks.