Can I access my cloud home from anywhere?

Remotely access and share your files on-the-go from anywhere you have Internet. Organize and easily find favorite memories with the intuitive My Cloud™ Home app from any desktop, tablet or mobile device and without subscription fees.

Does Cloud home work without Internet?

The device must be connected to the Internet to work. That may sound reasonable – but there is no way to use it locally without internet access. I understand it is a “Cloud” device.

How do I access my local cloud?

  1. Click the Windows icon and click Network, or Start > Computer > Network.
  2. Double-click the My Cloud device and locate the device’s Public folder.
  3. Double-click the Public folder. You can now drag and drop files into (and from) the Public folder using Windows Explorer.

How do I use my cloud home?

  1. Power up the My Cloud device.
  2. Connect the My Cloud device to a router.
  3. Go to
  4. Select the My Cloud device you wish to setup to access the device’s web configuration dashboard.
  5. Setup your administrator username & password for local account access.

Does WD My Cloud need to be connected to router?

Connect your My Cloud Home

Because the My Cloud Home works over the network, you do not connect the drive to your computer with a USB cable, but with a network cable to your router or modem. Place the WD My Cloud Home near your router. Connect the power adapter to the My Cloud Home and to a free power outlet.

Can My Cloud be hacked?

Hackers who remotely access your cloud storage drive can wipe or copy its data. They can also upload data, including malware, to your network.

Can I connect my WD My Cloud directly to my computer?

Is it possible to connect My Cloud directly to a PC without a router? Yes, just connect the Ethernet wire from the My Cloud to the computer’s networking port.

How do I setup my cloud home without internet?

You can install WD Discovery and it will mount the private user space as a drive on the computer. You can then drag and drop files to the my cloud home and if you are on the same network the transfer will be via your LAN.

Is WD My Cloud Obsolete?

On April 15, 2022, support for prior generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 3, will end. If your device isn’t compatible with My Cloud OS 5, you will lose remote access and will only be able to access it locally. Devices on these older firmware versions will not receive security fixes or technical support.

Can I connect WD My Cloud to TV?

WD My Cloud Home 4TB
Unlike its predecessor, you can now stream media to your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, and computers via Plex. Setting up the WD My Cloud Home is easy and quick thanks to setup help via the app. You can back up files without having to connect even a single cable.

Is WD My Cloud worth it?

The Bottom Line. For a low-cost entry-level network storage device, the WD My Cloud is very impressive both in performance and features, making it one of the best deals for home users.

Can I connect My Cloud mirror directly to computer?

To summarize all the debate below: you CAN connect the My Cloud directly to your computer via Ethernet ONLY. You CANNOT use the USB port; the My Cloud is an intelligent network device, not a dumb* USB drive. As an intelligent network device, it can support additional drives of its own.

How secure is WD My Cloud?

Western Digital has patched three critical vulnerabilities—one with a severity rating of 9.8 and another with a 9.0—that make it possible for hackers to steal data or remotely hijack storage devices running version 3 of the company’s My Cloud OS.

Can WD My Cloud be hacked?

What happened to WD MyCloud?

After Jan. 15, 2022, remote access, security updates and technical support will no longer be available for My Cloud OS 3. For customers with only My Cloud OS 3-compatible devices, Western Digital plans to end all support for prior generations on April 15, 2022.

How do I watch movies on WD My Cloud?

How to Stream Movies, Music and Photos from WD My Cloud – YouTube

Can I use WD My Cloud as an external drive?

Yes, one can extract the hard drive from the single bay/single drive My Cloud enclosure. One can then use a USB to SATA adapter (that supports 3.5 inch drives) to connect the My Cloud drive to another device. Note however that the My Cloud hard drive is formatted for Linux (EXT4).

Can Apple TV connect to WD My Cloud?

After huge success on Apple TV, Easy WD MyCloud is now available on iOS. So if you ever wished you could bring your stored memories, documents and purchased videos to life on Apple TV or your iOS device, now you can with Easy WD MyCloud.

Can WD My Cloud run Plex?

Western Digital’s “My Cloud Home” (and My Cloud Home Duo) is an ARMv8 based NAS device for home use. The operating system is Android-based and a pre-installed Plex Media Server can be enabled to turn it into a media center.

Can Apple TV have one drive?

With the help of secure APIs OneDrive now you can bring life to content on Apple TV, just authenticate your account from Web browser or Phone and get ready to go.

Does Apple TV have cloud storage?

Apple provides two shared storage options for Apple TV: iCloud Key-Value Storage (KVS) and CloudKit. For small storage needs, under 1 MB, your app can use iCloud KVS.

How do I play Google Drive on Apple TV?

In fact it’s extremely simple. On any iOS device, you select “add files”, then “add service”, select the cloud service you want (options are Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive and Box), log in and done. The new share will automatically be synced to your Apple TVs via iCloud.

Why does Apple TV take up so much storage?

Your Apple TV streams video and music, but it stores apps locally. The more apps you download to Apple TV, the more storage is used up. At some point you may get a warning that you’re running out of disk space. If so, you can remove apps to free up space.

Which is better Apple TV or fire stick?

The newer Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K actually trumps the Apple TV 4K for HDR support, offering all four formats; HDR10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision. That would be mighty impressive at any price, let alone £50/$50.

How do I watch Google Drive on my TV?

Is Google Drive Available on Android TVs?

1. How To Access Google Drive On Smart TV?

  1. Log into the browser of your smart TV and navigate to the web app.
  2. You can also sideload the Google Drive app, but this may not work for all smart TVs.
  3. You can also access Google Drive through a casting app.