At what time TTD accommodation booking opens?

Rooms booking will be released at 11 am daily for online and e-Darshan counters.

Can we get accommodation in Tirumala directly?

There are huge accommodation facilities available at Tirumala. There are guest houses called Sri Padmavathi guest houses, Sri Venkateswara guest houses, Sri Varahaswami guest houses. There are Choultries and there are even free dharamshalas available. Once you reach Tirumala, ask for “Choultry” accommodation.

Can we book accommodation in Tirumala without darshan ticket?

TTD doesn’t allow people without a valid darshan ticket to book a room in Tirumala to discourage settlers. Also, a registered user on the TTD website can book only one room in Tirupathi in a span of three months.

Can I book 2 rooms in Tirumala?

The devotee must book for the room online at least 3 days in advance or a maximum of 90 days in advance. There are no bookings prior to these minimum or maximum allotted days that would be allowed. Further, only 1 booking per account can be done for every 90 days. 2.

Is Talakona and Tirumala same?

Talakona means head hill in Telugu (tala – head and kona – hill). However, Thalakona allegorically means “the head of the Seshachalam hills” as these mountains are believed to be the starting point of the Tirumala mountain ranges.

Can we extend rooms in Tirumala?

sir,you are able to extend your accomodation next one day by show the kalyana utsavam ticket at the same rent. affter 18 hours the rent will dobuled. for the next day. third day you must pay 200 rs rent per day.

How can I get VIP room in Tirumala?

You will need to visit JCO Office at Tirumala and they will be able allot you the accommodation.

How many days we can stay in Tirumala accommodation?

TTD guest house they do not give for more than 2 days. To visit The main Thirupatho temple you need 1 day.

Can we extend room in Tirupati?

Additionally, pilgrims are advised to book extra rooms in Tirumala if they have booked Dashan tickets for more people than allowed. Go to Once the page opens, pilgrims will receive a notification informing them of the instructions. Click on ‘Agreed’ after reading.

Can we go to Tirupati without booking 2022?

Note: Now TTD Is not issuing free darshan tickets (Sarvadarshan Tokens) in online. Pilgrims can get SSD Tokens (Free darshan Tokens) at Tirumala From February 2022. So Tirumala balaji devotees can get their Sarva darshan Tokens Offline only. TTD offers Annaprasadam for devotees for free.

Can I stay 2 days in Tirumala?

Basically 2 days is enough. over a year ago. Pls book the special darshan then book for your stay. If you don’t book the special darshan then you have to suffer.

What is L1 and L2 darshan in Tirumala?

L1 is being issued to protocol VIPs, high-profile politicians and celebrities while the L2 is mostly to TTD employees, journalists, officials in the lower rung etc and L3 against the recommendation letter from Ministers, sitting MPs, legislators and high officials. ADVERTISEMENT.

Is Talakona in Tirumala are same?

No. Talakona is 76 kms from tirumala TTD Temple.

What is difference between Tirupati and Talakona?

Talakona is around an hour away from bustling Tirupati and is a calm, smooth trek to a waterfall. The falls themselves are not that big, but the area is very beautiful. The trek is easy, mostly stairs or concrete paths. One can get into the shallow regions under the falls easily.

Can we take 300 RS ticket in Tirumala directly?

Devotees will only allow booking special Darshan tickets of Rs 300 through the Tirupati Balaji official web portal. No other tickets will be issued by third-party websites. There is no ticket for Sarva Darshanam. Special Darshanam and Sarva Darshan timings are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Which day is best for Tirupati?

November to February: Winters in Tirupati are pleasant and ideal for temple tours. Minimum temperature usually doesn’t dip below 15°C, keeping the weather comfortable. You could need light woolens at night to keep you warm. March to June: Summers in Tirupati are hot and humid.

Who qualifies for VIP break darshan Tirumala?

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), which oversees the functioning of the sacred abode of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala, is in the process of establishing a dedicated ticket issuing counter at the airport for devotees who can extend a donation of Rs 10,000 and obtain a VIP break darshan by paying Rs 500 for the …

How many persons can stay in one room in Tirumala?

10 answers. Its Upto 3 persons they allow. over a year ago. 3 months ago.

Is VIP Darshan available in Tirumala?

The VIP break Darshan is generally allowed during the break of the regular Darshan types like Sarva Darshanam and Divya Darshanam. VIP break Darshan is the more fastest mode of Darshan in Tirumala, but during heavy crowd season, this Darshan also takes up to 1-2 hours.

Which month is Tirupati less crowded?

March to June: Summers in Tirupati are hot and humid. The maximum temperature can go up to 42°C to 45 °C particularly in the months of April and May. Since a lot of visitors avoid traveling during this time, it is relatively less crowded.

How many days are sufficient for Tirupati?

A: As there are many temples in the city of Tirupati, a total of 3 days is a good enough time to stay so that all the temples and Darshan can be covered.

Can 5 people stay in a hotel room?

When booking a hotel room, always ask about the maximum capacity. Many hotels have a standard capacity of four people, but some may be able to accommodate up to five. If you have a large family, it is important to ask this question upfront.

Can more than 2 people stay in hotel room?

Maximum no of guests in a hotel room is depend upon the hotel management but as per the size of the room like 12x 12 feet with double bed maximum 4 person can accommodate but you have to pay extra as per the hotel management.

Which month is least crowded in Tirupati?

Can 7 people stay in one hotel room?

Although some hotels do offer cots, the maximum capacity of a room should never exceed four adults. This is because of fire codes and insurance policies. Having too many guests could obstruct or congest the room’s primary egress. More importantly, the hotel needs to be accountable for all its guests.