Are Vaas and Citra dating?

The current relationship between Citra and Vaas is estranged; as much as Vaas rants about Citra and is infuriated by the Rakyat tattoo (since he associates it with Citra), Citra only seldom mentions him after his death.

Should you join Citra or save your friends?

The difference is who dies and who lives, along with ending cinematic that show it. if you save your friends Citra dies. If you go with Citra, your friends die.

What happens if you choose Citra?

If you choose to join Citra, Jason will slit Liza’s throat. The rest of the group will also be killed, Liza’s death is seen normally, but you can see one frame of Riley’s death if you watch very closely. Citra will then tell the Rakyat warriors to “Prepare the Tatau”.

Can you do both endings in Far Cry 3?

However, the games tend to allow you to dictate what ending you get. In the case of Far Cry 3, you have two distinct options as there’s no secret conclusion in this one unlike some of the others. Yet, the choice doesn’t come when you may expect it. You have to defeat both Vaas and Hoyt before any decision is made.

Is Vaas alive in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6. The post-credits scene of Far Cry 6 features one of the main characters, Juan, talking to an unnamed smuggler voiced by Michael Mando. The character is strongly implied to be Vaas, who somehow survived the events of Far Cry 3.

What mental illness does Vaas have?

Vaas is bipolar, one minute he’s cordial and respectful, the next he’s a raging lunatic that would set people on fire.

Which Far Cry 3 ending is canon?

The ending where Vaas dies is known as the “non-canon” ending. Thus making the one where he lives, canon.

What ending of Far Cry 3 is canon?

There is no canon ending to this story, but it is referred to as the non-canon ending. To compound his meaning, he made it the one that his house.

What did Citra do to Vaas?

Into adulthood, Citra became the tribe leader of the Rakyat, and started to influence Vaas into killing others in her name.

Who is the true villain in Far Cry 3?

Hoyt Volker is the main antagonist of Far Cry 3. A ruthless drug kingpin and brutal human trafficker, Hoyt is the main source of the Rook Islands’ misery.

Which ending in Far Cry 3 is canon?

What is the true ending to Far Cry 3?

After a daring escape that ends with Jason’s older brother Grant shot dead and the rest of his friends still missing, Jason is rescued by Dennis. Dennis is an adopted member of the island’s native Rakyat tribe, led by a mysterious woman named Sitra who implores Jason to rid the island of the pirates.

Is Jason Brody in Far Cry 6?

Jason Brody is a recurring character in the Far Cry videogame series, serving as the main protagonist of Far Cry 3, a mentioned character in Far Cry 4 and a cameo character in Far Cry 6, being the secondary antagonist of its DLC Vaas: Insanity.

Why do Vaas and Citra have different last names?

Vaas and Citra

So Vaas refers to Citra as family, but he has a Spanish/Hispanic accent and his last name is Montenegro, while she has more of a Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander accent and her last name is Talugmai.

Why did Vaas leave Citra?

It’s not even clear that she needed your help to begin with. In fact Vaas was there to do it first, and Vaas left because he didn’t want to be a part of her crazy ritual. (…) She was just looking for the ultimate warrior and someone to be her gun.”

Does Jason Brody go crazy?

After meeting Citra, Jason becomes a powerful warrior, but the more powerful he got the more insane he became. He starts becoming extremely homicidal as the story continues and becomes more sadistic and cruel as he becomes more powerful.

Is Citra actually Vaas sister?

Vaas wakes up in a hallucination, and is guided by the voice of his sister, Citra Talugmai, to reconstruct her Silver Dragon Blade to win her approval as she claims that it is the only way he can escape his mind.

Is Vaas in love with his sister?

Vaas was born in 1984 on the Rook Islands and from a young age, he was a member of the native Rakyat. He was particularly close to his sister Citra and mentions that the first time he killed was for her. Since he was a child, Vaas was deeply infatuated with his sister to the point of obsession.

Who is the most insane Far Cry villain?

From Far Cry 3, Vaas is the most iconic villain in all the Far Cry series, and maybe in all of gaming. He is a terrifying psychopath whose scenes perfectly punctuate the game’s narrative with a level of intensity rarely found in video games.

Who is the strongest Far Cry villain?

Vaas brought a radically charismatic and unpredictable violence to the story that made him the star of any scene he appeared in. His anger and thirst for intellectuality constitute great writing, and when combined with Mando’s top-shelf performance Vaas is undeniably the best villain of the Far Cry franchise.

Which ending of Far Cry 3 is canon?

Is Vaas dead or alive?

As far as i can see, Vaas is alive. The ending where Vaas dies is known as the “non-canon” ending. Thus making the one where he lives, canon. Fans of Vaas want to have him alive, while Far Cry lore fans consider him dead.

Is Ajay Ghale in Far Cry 5?

Ajay Ghale is the main protagonist of the 2014 video game Far Cry 4, its DLC Valley of the Yetis, a mentioned character in Far Cry 5, and is a supporting character and antagonist in the Far Cry 6 DLC – Pagan: Control.

Is Jason alive in Far Cry 6?

But, escaping on Mind Level 5 in Far Cry 6 results in a special cutscene, where Vaas is sitting on a beach having survived his real-world encounter with Jason Brody. Vaas is alive.

Why do Citra and Vaas have different last names?