Are Scamp Trailers reliable?

Scamp campers are also durable and well-built. Some campers built in the 1970s are still on the road today. They retain their resale value because of their quality. If you have a Scamp camper, it might just outlast you!

Do Scamp trailers hold their value?

Quality: Since Scamp is built so well it’s quality stands out. This also results in strong demand for used Scamps which retain their resale value, especially because they don’t wear out.

Will a Scamp fit in a garage?

A fantastic trait of small travel trailers is that you can sometimes fit them your garage! One reason this is a great thing is because trailer storage fees are one of the biggest ongoing expenses of owning an RV and one that stops many from considering buying one.

Does Scamp have black water tank?

Our Scamp 13′ travel trailer has two separate valves for dumping (both on the Driver’s side) –a Black water valve at the front of the trailer to dump toilet waste (labeled SEWER HOLDING TANK), and a Grey water valve at the back of the trailer to dump all the Grey water (labeled WASTE WATER HOLDING TANK).

How much does a brand new Scamp trailer cost?

A Scamp trailer typically costs between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the model and options you choose. On average, the 13′ model costs around $15,000, the 16′ model costs around $20,000, and the 19′ model costs around $23,000 and up.

Who owns Scamp trailers?

Years ago I remember seeing a display of Scamps at the state fair. These egg-shaped fiberglass trailers have been made in Backus, Minnesota, since the mid-1970s. They’re still in production today, the company run by the second generation of the Eveland family.

What state are Scamp trailers made?

Scamps are lightweight fiberglass trailers manufactured in Backus, Minn., a small town between Brainerd and Bemidji.

What is the average price of a Scamp trailer?

How tall is the Scamp with air conditioner?

Scamp says that the 13′ is 7’4″ tall and that you add another 13″ for the AC. So the answer is 8’5″.

How tall is a Scamp trailer inside?


Dimensions. Overall length 16′; Interior length 13′; Overall height 7’10”; Interior height 6’3”. Note: The interior height is our biggest complaint about the Scamp—the ceiling is a little low for people who are 5’10 or taller.

How long do Scamp trailers last?

The typical life expectancy of your axle is 20 years. This will vary depending on use and maintenance.

How do you empty a Scamp toilet?

The black water sewage holding tank is drained by use of a dump valve. The valve is located on the side of the trailer under the toilet (if applicable). To empty the black water tank, drive to the RV dump station. Attach one end of the sewer hose to the tank fitting and place the other end in the dump station tank.

Can a RAV4 pull a Scamp?

Scamp is another great option for towing with a Toyota RAV4 Adventure or TRD. The Scamp 13-foot models weigh around 1,200 pounds, and the Scamp 16’s are all under 2200 pounds.

What is the biggest Scamp trailer?

Scamp’s 19′ 5th wheel is the largest of the Scamp line. Featuring a queen size loft bed with 5” cushions, the 5th wheel can sleep up to 6 people. The 5th wheel offers the side bathroom option, as well as rooftop AC. The interior is standard brown and beige with fiberglass cabinets and wood panel doors.

How long does it take to build a Scamp trailer?

The trailer will typically be at our shop three days to complete this procedure. As of 2010 all 16ft and 19ft trailers come with the roof support by default. As of 2018 all 13ft trailers also have the roof support by default.

How much does a 19 foot Scamp trailer cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $22,295 $13,250
Options (Add)
Total Price $22,295 $13,250

Can you add an AC to a Scamp?

All Scamps that were made for AC units had the ceiling reinforced, and if not made for a roof mount AC, a window option is all that can be done.

Will a 16 Scamp fit in garage?

Our new 16 Deluxe; fits in garage! Our brand new 16 Deluxe front bath/side dinette was delivered yesterday. Ordered 6/20 so really happy to finally have it here.

Which travel trailers are the most reliable?

These Are the Most Reliable RV Brands of 2022

  • Newmar.
  • Leisure Travel Vans.
  • Heartland RV.
  • Winnebago.
  • Airstream.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Riverstone by Forest River.

Do Scamp trailers have water tanks?

The Scamp also comes with a 12-gallon water tank, and the .

Do Scamp trailers have fresh water tanks?

Water systems can vary greatly in the Scamp trailer depending upon which unit is used. Every trailer has a 12 gallon fresh water tank located under the right side rear bunk. To fill, open the fresh water fill cap at the right rear of the trailer, and use either a bucket or a hose to fill the tank.

How do you fill a Scamp water tank?

Fill/Empty Your Water Tanks and Connect The Power – Scamp Trailers

Can a Honda Civic pull a teardrop trailer?

Yes, Your Honda Accord, Civic, or Fit Can Tow This Camper!
You will just need to equip your car with a trailer hitch if it doesn’t have already.

How much does a 16 foot Scamp weigh?

Our 16′ Scamp weighed 2,540 lbs lightly loaded and carrying one propane tank and full fresh water and hot water tanks.

What car can pull a Scamp?

Scamp includes standard and luxury 16′ and 19′ travel trailers. While the 19-foot RV weighs between 2400 lbs and 2900 lbs.

How to find if my car can tow a Scamp trailer?

Car model Towing Capacity (lbs)
Dodge Grand Caravan 3600
Dodge RAM 4970+
Chevrolet Suburban 6000
Chevrolet Tahoe 6400