Are any old 78 records worth anything?

“The early blues material from the ’20s and ’30s is the hottest material of all,” Mr. Tefteller said in a phone interview. He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

What are the rarest 78 rpm records?

Chasing The World’s Rarest 78 RPM Records

  • Hear a few notable recordings from the 78 RPM era, as picked by guests Amanda Petrusich & Chris King:
  • Geeshie Wiley, “Last Kind Word Blues”
  • Willie Brown, “Future Blues”
  • Skip James, “Devil Got My Woman”
  • Blind Uncle Gaspard, “Sur Le Borde de L’eau”
  • Sylvester Weaver, “Guitar Rag”

What is the rarest vinyl record?

Rarest Vinyl Ever: A Guide To 10 Of The Most Expensive Records

  • 4: Prince: ‘The Black Album’ (LP, 1987)
  • 3: The Beatles: ‘The Beatles’ (2LP, 1969)
  • 2: Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (7” single, 1977)
  • 1: The Quarrymen: That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger (10” acetate, 1958)

Are Elvis 78 records worth anything?

The 78 rpm record, with its tattered yellow label, was once valued at $500,000 by Record Collector magazine, but in reality sold for $240,000 dollars (£160,000) in the Graceland auction. With a 25% auction house premium of $60,000 dollars (£40,000), the total buyer price came to $300,000.

Is there a market for old 78 record albums?

There’s a thriving market for classical recordings on 78 – in fact some of the most expensive recent sales of 78s on eBay are of very early (pre-1910) classical works on obscure labels.

How can I sell my old 78 records?

If you want to sell it yourself and you have a lot of high-quality stuff (>$5 per record), you could post them on Facebook’s 78 RPM Sell & Trade group or list on or even Facebook Marketplace or Sometimes even lesser-quality records can be listed.

What vinyls are valuable UK?

David Bowie The Next Day – £2,050.

  • Kate Bush The Sensual World – £1,036.
  • Fleetwood Mac Rumours – £1,520.
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experince Axis: Bold As Love – £882.
  • Ozzy Osbourne Diary of a Madman – £870.
  • Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon – £720.
  • What 70’s albums are worth money?

    The Top 25 Most Valuable Records from the 70s

    No. Name Price
    1 Marvin Gaye: Let’s Get It On $300
    2 Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express 1986 Spain Issue $139.99
    3 Nick Drake Pink Moon Vinyl 1st Issue Sealed $1000
    4 Derek and the Dominos, “Layla” Clapton $159.99

    How do I sell 78 records?

    What is the rarest Elvis Presley record?

    The most valuable of all Elvis records is, in fact, his very first recording. In January, 2015, Third Man Records founder Jack White paid $300,000 for the only existing copy of “My Happiness” and “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin,” a 10-inch acetate recorded by Elvis in July 1953, as a gift for his friend Ed Leek.

    What vinyl records are worth money UK?

    Does anyone collect 78 records?

    Our 78 buyer has 30 years of experience buying and selling 78s. He has purchased major 78 collections in the US and abroad, run worldwide mail order auctions and fixed price sales over this period, and will share his knowledge of the 78 market in an honest straightforward appraisal of your collection.

    How do I know if my vinyl is valuable?

    Factors Affecting Vinyl Records Value

    1. The Condition of the Record. One of the first qualities collectors look at when determining the value of a vinyl record is its condition.
    2. Name Of The Artist.
    3. Availability In The Market.
    4. Label Design and Artwork.
    5. Vinyl Color.
    6. Lacquers.
    7. Foreign Releases, Limited, and Withdrawn Editions.

    How do I know if my vinyl records are worth anything?

    Here are four ways to determine the value of a vinyl record or record collection:

    1. Check record prices online. Use these online resources to check vinyl records values:
    2. Get a record price guide. You can purchase vinyl record price guides such as the following:
    3. Get your records appraised.
    4. Ask record stores, online and off.

    What 70s albums are worth money?

    The Top 25 Most Valuable Records from the 70s

    No. Name Year
    1 Marvin Gaye: Let’s Get It On 1973
    2 Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express 1986 Spain Issue 1986
    3 Nick Drake Pink Moon Vinyl 1st Issue Sealed 1972
    4 Derek and the Dominos, “Layla” Clapton 1970

    How do I know if my vinyl records are valuable?

    How do I get rid of 78 records?

    How to Dispose of Old Vinyl Records

    1. Sell old vinyl records on eBay.
    2. Sell records at a garage sale or flea market.
    3. Place a classified ad in your local paper or in your local area of Craigslist.
    4. Call your local library and see if they accept donations of vinyl records.

    Can you sell old 78 records?

    What is the best way to sell 78 records?

    Where can I sell old 78 albums?

    The downside is, some record stores might offer a low price because they want to resell the vinyl for a profit.

    3. Nationwide Record Stores

    • Dusty Groove.
    • We Buy Records.
    • Hard To Find Records.
    • Starry Night Records.
    • DJ Records.
    • Amoeba Records.
    • SELL Vinyl.
    • Shake It Records.