Are AJS and Matchless the same?

Matchless Motorcycles and AJS Motorcycles were, for most of their history, essentially rebadged versions of the same machines. Collectively owned by Associated Motor Cycles (AMC), the two brands were operated like Ford & Mercury, or Dodge & Plymouth, in an early version of “badge engineering”.

What does AJS motorbike stand for?

A.J. Stevens & Co.

The name AJS stands for A.J. Stevens & Co., the firm’s full official name. But that’s an awful lot to fit on the side of a motorcycle tank, so they made do with the initials. Founder Joe Stevens owned Stevens Screw Co.

What happened to Matchless motorcycles?

During the amalgamations that occurred in the British motorcycle industry in the 1960s, the Matchless four-stroke twin was replaced with the Norton twin, ending a long history of independent production. By 1967, the Matchless singles had ceased production.

Where is AJS based?

Wolverhampton , England

Founded 1909
Successor Matchless
Headquarters Wolverhampton , England
Key people Joe Stevens
Products Cars and motorcycles

Who owns Matchless brand?

Franco Malenotti
One of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world has changed hands, yet again, as the British marque Matchless has reportedly been sold. Changing hands from Greek to Italian ownership, the Matchless brand is now in the hands of Franco Malenotti, of Belstaff apparel fame.

When did Matchless stop making motorcycles?

The singles weren’t selling and neither were Norton’s offerings to the market. Eventually by 1966, AMC folded with Manganese Bronze Holdings buying Norton and forming Norton-Villiers and they went on to release the new Norton Commando. That however, was the end of Matchless and the last of the bikes were sold in 1967.

Are AJS made in China?

Now, AJS bikes are still sold by a UK firm, but they’re made in China, with a decent range of solid commuter-spec 50 and 125cc scooters and bikes. This Isaba scrambler is the firm’s latest model, and gives a sharp retro urban scrambler makeover to the typical 125 roadster package.

Is AJS a good brand?

A.J.S is one of the longest surviving British motorcycle companies. It has a glorious past and exciting future. Now A.J.S brings to market exciting and unique Powered Light Vehicles that offer exceptional value, are of great quality, and reflect the A.J.S rich history and heritage.

Are AJS Motorcycles still made?

AJS Motorcycles is a famous British brand with more than a century of racing and manufacturing history behind it, today dealing exclusively in imported Chinese bikes.

What engines do AJS motorcycles use?

Today’s AJS have a range of 124 cc four-stroke bikes in road and off road versions, and cruisers with engines of 50 cc, 125 cc, and a 250 cc parallel twin. They also sell AJS Stormer & Villiers Starmaker spares.

Are AJS Chinese?