Who won the Little League World Series in 2004?

The Pabao Little League of Willemstad , Curaçao defeated Conejo Valley Little League of Thousand Oaks, California in the championship game of the 58th Little League World Series.

Who did Hawaii lose to in the LLWS?

Nolensville loses 13-0 to Hawaii in Little League World Series.

When did Curacao win the Little League World Series?


Curaçao has one LLWS title in its history with Willemstad winning it all in 2004.

Did Hawaii win their game in the Little League World Series?

West Region takes the banner! For the fourth time in 17 years, the state of Hawaii is home to the Little League World Series champion. Honolulu Little League (Honolulu, Hawaii) took home the crown with a 13-3 win over Pabao Little League (Willemstad, Curaçao) at Howard J.

How many LLWS players made it to MLB?

Sources: Little League Baseball and Major League Baseball. Through the first 75 years of the Little League World Series, Little League Baseball says it has a total of 64 ‘confirmed’ graduates who’ve gone on to play in the big leagues.

How many Little League players make MLB?

To date, only 64 players have ever participated in the Little League World Series and reached MLB.

What state has the most LLWS wins?

California leads the pack with seven LLWS championships.

Here are the 14 states with a Little League World Series champion:

  • California: 7.
  • Connecticut: 4.
  • Hawaii: 4.
  • New Jersey: 4.
  • Pennsylvania: 4.
  • Georgia: 3.
  • New York: 3.
  • Michigan: 2.

Who beat Texas in LLWS?

Nolensville Little League is headed to the U.S. Championship Game. Nolensville got a Josiah Porter grand slam in the first inning and led the rest of the way en route to a 7-1 win over Pearland (Texas) in the Little League World Series on Thursday in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

How fast does Jaron Lancaster throw?


FB 70 mph 96.89%

How many MLB players are from Curacao?

With just 165,000 in population, Curacao has five active big leaguers. Those five include Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies and Twins shortstop Andrelton Simmons. Here’s a breakdown of the birth country for all 780 MLB players on the Opening Day active rosters.

Who won the most Little League World Series?

The U.S. has won more LLWS championships than every other country combined. The first 10 titles stayed in the U.S. because international teams had not yet been allowed to enter the tournament. It was also won by default in 2021 since the field was made up of 16 American teams.

Who is the best LLWS player ever?

Perhaps the most infamous Little League World Series player of all time, pitcher Danny Almonte became a national sensation when he utterly dominated his competition in the 2001 Little League World Series.

What was the best LLWS team ever?

1982 Kirkland, WA
Kirkland, nicknamed “The Little City That Could” (seriously) ended all that with a 6-0 win for the LLWS.

What percentage of LLWS players go pro?

Cody Bellinger, then and now. Many Major League Baseball players get their start on a Little League diamond, but less than 1 percent of Little Leaguers make the Show.

What is the biggest Little League in the US?

Darien Little League
With 1,474 boys and girls enrolled, Darien Little League this year became the largest chartered Little League program in the United States. There are currently 5,969 leagues under the sanction of Little League in the country and 7,170 worldwide.

Do Little League players get to keep their uniforms?

In addition to each player getting to keep their full uniforms, they also get to keep their gloves, bats and any “supporting apparel” (batting gloves, helmets, warm-up jackets and T-shirts). Catchers also get to keep the full set of gear.

How did Hawaii Little League do?

September 1, 2022
On August 28, Hawaii won the 2022 Little League Baseball World Series. It beat Curaçao 13–3 in four innings. This is the fourth time since 2005 that Hawaii has won the championship. “We’re fortunate that everything clicked at the right moment,” team manager Gerald Oda said.

How many times did Hawaii win the Little League World Series?

Where is Jaron Lancaster from?

And the boyish high jinks were to pay tribute to Jaron Lancaster, the stud pitcher from Honolulu who has a very distinctive white mohawk. Lancaster has been lighting up the Little League World Series with both his arm and his bat.

What is baseball called in Japan?

Besuboru—or “yakyū” (field ball), as it is also called—is the national sport of Japan, but it is not the game that Americans know and love. Take a trip to a Japanese ballpark such as the Tokyo Dome, home of the Yomiuri Giants, and a completely different baseball culture will reveal itself.

What percent of the MLB is white?

White – 57.5% Hispanic – 31.9% Black – 7.7% Asian/Other – 2.9%

What state has the best Little League baseball?

Here are the 14 states with a Little League World Series champion:

  • California: 7.
  • Connecticut: 4.
  • Hawaii: 4.
  • New Jersey: 4.
  • Pennsylvania: 4.
  • Georgia: 3.
  • New York: 3.
  • Michigan: 2.

Who is the biggest kid in the Little League World Series?

The Little League World Series already has its big superstar of the tournament in Japanese 13-year-old Kotaro Kiyomiya. It’s almost ridiculous to call the six-foot athlete a Little Leaguer, but his stature isn’t the only amazing thing about him.

What is the longest Little League home run ever hit?

The ball was estimated to have traveled 270 feet. The fences at South Williamsport’s Lamade Stadium are 225 feet all the way around.

What is the fastest pitch thrown in Little League?

Little League World Series pitcher Mo’ne Davis threw a 70 mph fastball.