Who won the 1973 AFC Championship Game?

Miami Dolphins

AFC: Miami Dolphins 27, Oakland Raiders 10.

How long was the NFL season in 1973?

1973 NFL season

Regular season
Duration September 16 – December 16, 1973
Start date December 22, 1973
AFC Champions Miami Dolphins

Who won the NFC East in 1974?

The St. Louis Cardinals finished 1st in the NFC East in 1974 with a record of 10-4.

Who played in the 1971 AFC Championship Game?

AFC: Baltimore Colts 20, Cleveland Browns 3.

Who was QB for 73 Dolphins?

Bob Griese

Pos Player Summary of Player Stats
Offensive Starters
QB Bob Griese* 116 for 218, 1,422 yards, 17 td, 8 int, & 13 rushes for 20 yards and 0 td
RB Mercury Morris* 149 rushes for 954 yards, 10 td, & 4 catches for 51 yards and 0 td
FB Larry Csonka*+ 219 rushes for 1,003 yards, 5 td, & 7 catches for 22 yards and 0 td

Who did the Dolphins lose to in 1973?

The team entered the 1973 season as defending Super Bowl champion following its undefeated 1972 season. In week 1, the Dolphins extended their winning streak to 18 with a 21–13 win over the San Francisco 49ers. However, the following week, they were defeated 12–7 by the Oakland Raiders to end the winning streak.

How many NFL teams were there in 1976?

28 teams
The 1976 NFL season was the 57th regular season of the National Football League. The league expanded to 28 teams with the addition of Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Who was the 1969 NFL MVP?

Roman Gabriel
Me in about 1972. Notice the “18” that my mom sewed on my jean jacket.

What were the NFL teams in 1975?


  • Giants.
  • Eagles.
  • Cardinals.
  • Redskins.
  • Bears.
  • Lions.
  • Packers.
  • What were the NFL divisions in 1970?

    The format agreed on was as follows:

    • NFC East: Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, Giants, Cardinals.
    • NFC Central: Packers, Bears, Vikings, Lions.
    • NFC West: Rams, 49ers, Saints, Falcons.
    • AFC East: Patriots, Jets, Colts, Bills, Dolphins.
    • AFC Central: Steelers, Browns, Bengals, Oilers.
    • AFC West: Broncos, Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs.

    What is the longest playoff game in NFL history?

    The NFL’s longest game ever, a Divisional playoff matchup between the Dolphins and Chiefs at Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium, was played on Christmas in 1971 and lasted over 80 minutes. The Hank Stram-coached Chiefs, two years removed from a Super Bowl, were facing a Miami team whose coach was the great Don Shula.

    How long was the NFL season in 1972?

    The 1972 NFL season was the 53rd regular season of the National Football League.

    1972 NFL season.

    Regular season
    Duration September 17 – December 17, 1972
    Start date December 23, 1972
    AFC Champions Miami Dolphins

    Is Dan Marino the best QB of all time?

    A five-time league passing champion, Marino is regarded by many as the greatest pure passer in league history. His 1984 campaign is one of the most remarkable seasons in league history. The league’s MVP that season, Marino threw for then league records 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns.

    What quarterback went undefeated?

    Starting quarterback Bob Griese broke his ankle in Week 5, leaving backup Earl Morrall to start the remainder of the regular season, though Griese relieved Morrall in the second half of the AFC Championship Game and started Super Bowl VII.

    1972 Miami Dolphins season
    Record 14–0
    Division place 1st AFC East

    Who won the 1973 NFL Super Bowl?

    Miami DolphinsSuper Bowl VII / Champion
    14 — The Miami Dolphins topped Washington’s super season today. They defeated the Redskins, 14-7, to win Super Bowl VII and complete the only undefeated season in the 53-year history of the National Football League.

    How many NFL teams were there in 1978?

    Furthermore, the playoff format was expanded from 8 teams to 10 teams by adding another wild card from each conference. The wild card teams played each other, with the winner advancing to the playoff round of eight teams.
    1978 NFL season.

    Regular season
    Site Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
    ← 1977 NFL seasons 1979 →

    How many teams were in the NFL in the 70s?

    16 NFL teams
    Because there were 16 NFL teams and 10 AFL teams, three teams needed to transfer to balance the two new conferences at 13 teams each.
    1970 NFL season.

    1970 National Football League season
    Duration September 18, 1970–December 20, 1970
    Start date December 26, 1970
    AFC Champions Baltimore Colts

    Who won NFL MVP in 1970?

    QB John Brodie
    NFL AP MVP Voting

    Rk Pos Player
    1 QB John Brodie
    2 QB George Blanda
    3 RDT Alan Page

    Who won NFL championship in 1969?

    Minnesota was favored by nine points to win the title game at home, and they won, 27–7.
    1969 NFL Championship Game.

    1 2 3 4 Total Cleveland Browns 0 0 0 7 7 Minnesota Vikings 14 10 3 0 27
    Date January 4, 1970
    TV in the United States

    What were the NFL divisions in the 1970s?

    Starting in 1970, there were three divisions (Eastern, Central and Western) in each conference.

    Who owned the Eagles in 1975?

    Leonard Tose
    The 1975 Philadelphia Eagles season was the franchise’s 43rd in the National Football League.

    1975 Philadelphia Eagles season
    Owner Leonard Tose
    Head coach Mike McCormack
    Home field Veterans Stadium

    Which NFL division is historically the best?

    AFC East teams have the best combined record of any division dating back to 2002, while the NFC West ranks last out of the eight divisions. The AFC West and NFC East have been two of the most even divisions in that span.

    Who was the best NFL player in the 70s?

    The 1970s

    1. Walter Payton. From 1976 through 1979, “Sweetness” had at least 1,300 rushing yards in each season and scored 52 touchdowns.
    2. Roger Staubach.
    3. O.J. Simpson.
    4. 4. ”
    5. Jack Ham.
    6. Art Shell.
    7. Franco Harris.
    8. Ken Houston.

    What is the shortest NFL game ever played?

    two hours and 29 minutes
    The shortest NFL game of all-time took place in 1996 between the San Diego Chargers and Indianapolis Colts and it lasted just two hours and 29 minutes. The Chargers defeated the Colts, 26-19, in what is also the highest-scoring of the shortest NFL games.

    What team has gone the longest without a playoff win?

    Playoff game victory droughts

    Seasons since win Team Last playoff game win
    30 Detroit Lions 1991 NFC divisional
    21 Miami Dolphins ^ 2000 AFC wild card
    19 Las Vegas Raiders ^ 2002 AFC championship
    16 Washington Commanders 2005 NFC wild card