Who owns Kaufman House?

When Manilow decided to move on, she sold the property to Brent and Beth Harris. Brent is an investment manager and his former wife, Beth, is an architect and preservationist. Together and separately, they have owned the property for 27 years.

Who lived in the Kaufmann House?

One of Neutra’s several iconic projects is the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, California. Completed between 1946-1947, the Kaufmann House was a vacation home for Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. and his family to escape the harsh winters of the northeast.

Did the Kaufmann House sell?

It took a massive price cut, but the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs finally sold, and for a record amount at that. The home — site of the legendary Slim Aarons photograph “Poolside Gossip” — was sold for $13.06 million, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Is the architect famous for the residence known as the Kaufmann House?

The Kaufmann House was built by Austrian-born architect Richard Neutra for Edgar J Kaufmann – an American department store entrepreneur – as a vacation residence away from his Pittsburgh home. The same retail baron commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build Fallingwater in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, a decade earlier.

How much is a Richard Neutra house?

Richard Neutra’s Loring House, a boxcar-style gem, asks $8 million – Los Angeles Times.

How much is the Kaufmann House?


The Kaufmann Desert House, located at 470 West Vista Chino in Palm Springs, California, is current listed for $25,000,000 by Gerard Bisignano of Vista Sotheby’s International Realty .

Why is the Kaufmann House famous?

The house was commissioned by Edgar J. Kaufmann, Sr., the owner of Kaufmann’s Department Store in Pittsburgh, as a desert retreat from harsh winters. It was made famous by photographs taken by Julius Shulman in 1947 and the 1970 photograph “Poolside Gossip” by Slim Aarons.

Does Kelly Lynch still own the Oyler house?

In the process, the Oylers developed a friendship with Neutra that lasted until the architect’s death in 1970. Actress Kelly Lynch and her writer-producer husband, Mitch Glazer, currently own the home.

Where is the Oyler house?

Lone Pine, California
The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat
In 1959, a working-class government employee in the tiny desert town of Lone Pine, California, asked world-famous modern architect Richard Neutra to design his modest family home.

Who owns the Oyler House 2022?

The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat tells the story of this house and its stunning desert setting, through interviews with Richard Oyler, actress Kelly Lynch, who currently owns the house, Neutra’s two sons, and well-known Los Angeles real-estate agent Crosby Doe.

Who owns Oyler house now?

richard neutra’s oyler house in lone pine, ca. built in 1959, the house, now owned by actress kelly lynch and screenwriter mitch glazer, has been faithfully restored and decorated. the photos in this post are all from they july 1997 issue of in style magazine.

Does Kelly Lynch still live in the Oyler house?

neutra’s oyler house – lone pine, ca – owned by kelly lynch and mitch glazer – in style magazine. richard neutra’s oyler house in lone pine, ca. built in 1959, the house, now owned by actress kelly lynch and screenwriter mitch glazer, has been faithfully restored and decorated.

Who is Richard Oyler?

Richard and Lenore settled in Lone Pine California for 25 years. While in Lone Pine, he was employed as Inyo County Treasurer and Recorder and was President of both of those State Associations from 1955-1956, California State Inheritance Referee and eventually owned a Private Insurance and Real Estate Business.

Who owns the Oyler house in Lone Pine CA?

Is Oyler still alive?

(Richard Faustinas) 1923-2012.

How was Raymond Lee Oyler caught?

Raymond Lee Oyler was arrested on suspicion of murder in the 2006 Esperanza fire after results from a DNA swab matched DNA found on cigarettes found at the scene of an arson fire.

Who died in the Esperanza fire?

Capt. Mark Allen Loutzenhiser, 43, and firefighters Pablo Cerda, 24, Daniel Hoover-Najera, 20, Jason Robert McKay, 27, and Jess Edward McLean, 27, were victims of the conflagration, which started at the hands of former Beaumont mechanic Raymond Lee Oyler.

Is Thomas Sweatt alive?

Following his arrest in April 2005, Sweatt admitted to setting fires for more than 30 years. He is currently serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Who set the Esperanza fire?

Raymond Lee Oyler, who is charged with setting the October 2006 Esperanza fire that killed five firefighters, was a serial arsonist whose girlfriend once gave him an ultimatum to stop setting fires or she would leave him, prosecutors said Thursday.

How many firefighters died in the Esperanza fire?

Fifteen years ago Tuesday, five U.S. Forest Service firefighters perished battling a monster wildfire near Idyllwild set by a serial arsonist who had ignited multiple blazes in the area and was ultimately sentenced to death.

Who was the first arsonist?

Orr was a fire captain and arson investigator for the Glendale Fire Department in Southern California. He was convicted of serial arson and four counts of murder.

John Leonard Orr
Nationality American
Other names The Pillow Pyro
Occupation Fire captain, arson investigator

How many fires did Thomas Sweatt commit?

The Arrest and Adjudication
Thomas Sweatt was arrested in April 2005 for the federal crimes of arson and arson resulting in death. He pled guilty to 45 fires and received life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

How many people died in the Esperanza fire?

5 firefighters
Five firefighters were killed defending a vacant house locally known as the “Octagon” that was ultimately destroyed by the fire: Jason McKay, Jess McLean, Daniel Hoover-Najera, Mark Loutzenhiser, and Pablo Cerda.

Esperanza Fire
Deaths 5 firefighters
Non-fatal injuries 12 firefighters
Perpetrator(s) Raymond Lee Oyler

What caused the Esperanza fire?

The Esperanza Fire was a large, wind-driven, arson-caused wildfire that started on October 26, 2006, in a river wash near Cabazon, California, west of Palm Springs, California.

Esperanza Fire
Cause Arson
Land use Residential; Open space
Buildings destroyed 34 homes 20 outbuildings
Deaths 5 firefighters

Who is the most famous pyromaniac?

One of the most prolific arsonists in American history, Sweatt set over 350 fires in and around Washington, D.C., most of which occurred in 2003 and 2004. Following his arrest in April 2005, Sweatt admitted to setting fires for more than 30 years.