Who is the kid in the last in line video?

He starred in the original 1979 theatrical release of The Amityville Horror as one of the Lutz children, and also appeared in the 1981 horror film Don’t Go Near the Park. Peluce also appeared in the music video for “The Last in Line” by the group Dio.

What was the last song Dio recorded?

“Electra” (also spelled as “Elektra”) is the fourteenth and final single by heavy metal band Dio. It was released with the band’s “Tournado Box Set” in early 2010, before Ronnie James Dio’s death on May 16, 2010. It was the last song recorded by the band before that date as well.

What is Dio talking about in Holy Diver?

Content. Dio said the lyrics are about a Christ figure on another planet who sacrifices himself to redeem his people. When the people learn that he intends to leave them to save people on other planets, they selfishly ask him to stay.

Who is Ronnie James Dio’s wife?

Wendy DioRonnie James Dio / Wife (m. 1974–2010)

What Dio means?

for God

the Italian word for God.

What year was the Dio last in line tour?

Pass pictures for the tour

Date Venue City and State
1984-07-18 Oakwood Amphitheatre Manteca, CA
1984-07-20 Irvine Meadows Amphiheatre Irvine, CA
1984-07-21 California Expo Amphitheatre Sacramento, CA
1984-07-22 Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Watsonville, CA

What was Dios last concert?

His last live performance was with Heaven & Hell on August 29, 2009, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Dio died of the illness on May 16, 2010.

What is Murray Dio?

Murray. Murray is the demonic-looking mascot of Dio who appears on several of Dio’s album covers, including Holy Diver, The Last in Line, Dream Evil, as well as on some of their singles and compilation albums. He was also featured in the sets for live shows.

What did Dio think of Killswitch Engage Holy Diver?

In June 2009, Dio told the NME: “‘Holy Diver’ is the metal tune that will not die. For some reason, that album and the song really hit a chord with people. Killswitch Engage did a version of it and I saw them do it at a festival recently where the reaction to their version was wonderful.

How old is Dio?

Dio Brando
Age 20-21 (Part 1) 121-122 (Part 3)
Birthday April 10, 1867
Sex Male
Species Human (Formerly) Vampire (onwards)

Where is Dio buried?

Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, CARonnie James Dio / Place of burial

Is Dio a real name?

Ronald James PadavonaRonnie James Dio / Full name

Is Dio a God?

Cognate with Italian dio (“god”).

Who is in the band last in line?

Andrew FreemanVivian CampbellPhil SoussanBassVinny AppiceErik NorlanderJimmy BainBass guitar
Last in Line/Members

Who wrote last in line Dio?

Ronnie James DioThe Last in Line / Lyricist

Is Dio a metal or rock?

heavy metal band
Dio was an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio. Dio left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member Vinny Appice, the band’s drummer.

Who is Dio Rock?

Ronald James Padavona (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010), known professionally as Ronnie James Dio, was an American heavy metal singer. He fronted and founded numerous bands throughout his career, including Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell.

Is Holy Diver a stand?

Holy Diver is the Stand of Dio Brando, featured in JoJo’s Other Aventures – Phantom Blood. Holy Diver is the version of The World from a universe where Dio obtained a Stand at the same time he became a vampire.

Did DIO have 2 stands?

In addition, Dio gained access to a second stand through the use of Jonathan’s body; this unnamed stand bears a resemblance to Joseph’s Hermit Purple, and has the ability of divination.

Can DIO be killed?

Oh, and it’s also completely invincible. It cannot be killed. With all of DIO’s power and abilities, there’d be no way from him to actually defeat it.

Is Dio still alive?

Although seemingly killed when Jonathan impales him on a stone statue and leaves him in the burning Joestar mansion, Dio survives, and proceeds to start his subjugation of England in the small village of Windknight’s Lot, amassing sired followers to his cause.

Can Dio beat Goku?

Heaven DIO could beat Goku. All he has to do is punch Goku once to end him forever. And before you say “Goku in UI would dodge the punch” don’t forget that DIO can stop time with his stand. He just stops time, and then lowers Goku’s speed to near nothing.

Can DIO beat Goku?

How old is DIO?

Who played on the last in line by Dio?

It is the first Dio album to feature former Rough Cutt keyboardist Claude Schnell.