Who is the head of Reformed Ogboni Fraternity?

Chief Francis Meshioye

Leader of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (ROF), Chief Francis Meshioye, has again debunked public perception that the fratenity was a secret society. Addressing newsmen in Lagos during flag off of 2019 Founders’ Day Celebration of ROF, Meshioye, said there was nothing sinister in the activities of the fraternity.

What is the difference between Ogboni and reformed Ogboni?

The most obvious difference between the two societies is the fact that the former was (and probably still is) a secret society, a cult, if you will, while the latter is nothing of the sort. ROF do not consider themselves to be a secret society, on the contrary, they seem to be quite transparent in most regards.

How can I join the Ogboni?

Membership shall be opened to all who embrace a non-idolatrous faith in God. An applicant for membership shall be at least Twenty One years (21), if male, and Forty years old (40) if Female, PROVIDED that any applicant who is the wife of a member may be initiated if she is not less than Thirty years old (30.

What does Ogboni mean?

Ogboni (also known as Osugbo in Ijèbú) is a fraternal institution indigenous to the Yoruba-speaking polities of Nigeria, Republic of Bénin and Togo, as well as among the Edo people.

What happens when an Ogboni member dies?

Whenever there is funeral of a member of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (whose family may agrees to the Fraternity’s participation in the Funeral Ceremony) the Oluwo and the Apena of the Conclave of the deceased member shall become Chief mourners, to whom report(s) of the conduct of the ceremony shall be given at the …

What does Ogboni worship?

members. Ogboni worship the Earth and control its sanctions. Earth, they hold, existed before the gods, and the Ogboni cult before the kingship.

What is the function of Ogboni?

The traditional Ogboni society was part of the checks and balances system of the Yoruba kingdoms. They were kingmakers, and disposed of both a religious as well as a judicial function. They had also the power to dethrone the Oba (the king) and could order him to kill himself (or would give him poison).

What are the functions of ogboni society?

Who is the founder of ogboni society?

The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (ROF) was actually founded in 1914 by a Christian, Deacon Jacobson Ogunbiyi, to promote Christianity and the fear of God among people.