Which city has highest per capita income in Pakistan?

Pakistani cities by GDP (Nominal)

Rank City 2017 Per Capita Nominal Income (in USD)
1 Karachi $ 4292/-
2 Lahore $ 3144/-
3 Faisalabad $ 9207/-
4 Sialkot $ 10268/-

How much is the per capita income of Pakistan?

around 1,562.26 U.S. dollars

In 2021, the GDP per capita in Pakistan amounted to around 1,562.26 U.S. dollars.

Which is most developed city in Pakistan?

Karachi is now Pakistan’s premier industrial and financial centre. The city has a formal economy estimated to be worth $190 billion as of 2021, which is the largest in the country. Karachi collects 35% of Pakistan’s tax revenue, and generates approximately 25% of Pakistan’s entire GDP.

Which city is called heart of Pakistan?

Lahore: The heart of Pakistan | Lowy Institute.

What are the richest areas of Pakistan?

Pakistan’s largest city Lahore is known to be the wealthiest city with an approximate GDP of 84$ million in 2019. The Walled City, the iconic Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques, along with several Sikh and Sufi shrines depicting values and spirituality are some of the biggest landmarks in the city.

Which is the richest province in Pakistan?

Sindh is the richest province in natural resources of gas, petrol, and coal.

Which number is Pakistan richest country?

Economy of Pakistan

GDP rank 44th (nominal; 2021) 24th (PPP; 2022)
GDP growth -0.9% (FY 2020) 5.7% (FY 2021) 6.0% (FY 2022)
GDP per capita $1,562 (Nominal; 2021) $5,973 (PPP; 2021 est.)
GDP per capita rank 160th (nominal; 2021) 140th (PPP; 2021)

What is the GDP per capita of Pakistan in 2022?

GDP per capita in Pakistan is expected to reach 1250.00 USD by the end of 2022, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Pakistan GDP per capita is projected to trend around 1250.00 USD in 2023, according to our econometric models.

Which is the cleanest city in Pakistan?

Real-time Pakistan Cleanest city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Bahawalpur, Punjab 61
2 Karachi, Sindh 68
3 Mirpur Khas, Sindh 74
4 Faisalabad, Punjab 82

Which is the safest city in Pakistan?

Islamabad. The relatively new capital of the country is, definitely, the safest city in Pakistan. With plenty of checkpoints everywhere, the Government has invested so many resources in security, as this is where the Pakistani elite live, as well as plenty of foreigners.

Which city of Pakistan is called Switzerland?

Swat is a place for those who want to see the beauty of Pakistan. Swat is the historical valley in Pakistan. It is consisting of beautiful sights that tourists visit ever year.

Which city is called city of lions in Pakistan?

Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin منڈی بہاءالدین
Province Punjab
Division Gujranwala
District Mandi Bahauddin
Established 1506 AD

Which is the richest Tehsil in Pakistan?

Kharian is the “Richest Tehsil of Pakistan”.

Which city of Pakistan is best for living?

Best cities to live in Pakistan

  • Karachi. Liveability. $307. 14.9M.
  • Islamabad. Liveability. $304. 1.01M.
  • Rawalpindi. Liveability. $319. 2.1M.
  • Lahore. Liveability. $360. 11.1M.
  • Faisalabad. Liveability. $254. 3.2M.
  • Peshawar. Liveability. $238. 1.97M.
  • Sialkot. Liveability. $239. 656K.
  • Multan. Liveability. $244. 1.87M.

Which province of Pakistan is best in education?

Top 10 Districts in the 2017 Middle School education Score Index

Rank District Province/region
1 Hunza Gilgit-Baltistan
2 Swat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
3 Islamabad Islamabad Capital Territory
4 Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Which country has highest GDP 2022?

United States
Biggest economies in 2022 by gross domestic product

Rank Country GDP in US$ million
1 United States 25346805
2 China 19911593
3 Japan 4912147
4 Germany 4256540

Is Pakistan poor than India?

Pakistan’s GDP PPP is $6,470, which is slightly lower than Bangladesh’s $6,633. Whereas, the GDP PPP of India is $8,358, which is significantly higher than both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Ranking of Richest Countries Reveals Pakistan is Poorer Than India and Bangladesh.

Rank Country GPD PPP ($)
10. Brunei Darussalam 74,953

Which country is No 1 poor country?

1. Niger. A combination of a GNI per capita of $906, life expectancy of 60.4 years, and a mean 2 years of schooling (against an expected 5.4) lead to Niger topping the UN’s human development report as the world’s poorest country.

Is Bangladesh richer than Pakistan?

A GDP of $411 billion, compared to Pakistan’s GDP of $347 billion, makes Bangladesh the 33rd largest economy in the world.

Which Pakistani city has best air quality?

Karachi air pollution was the lowest among the four cities at number 318. Overall, Pakistan air pollution caused the country to be ranked as the second most polluted in the world with an annual PM2. 5 average of 74.3 µg/m³.

Which is the greenest city in Pakistan?

On the other hand, Bannu city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province got the first position in the list of the index while Kohat was given the second position and Abbottabad was given the third position.

What is the oldest city in Pakistan?

Peshawar is the capital and the largest city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Peshawar’s history dates back to at least 539 BCE, which makes it the oldest city in Pakistan, also one of the oldest cities in South Asia.

Who is the most beautiful city in Pakistan?

1. Islamabad. The charming city of Islamabad is Pakistan’s capital. It is the most beautiful city in Pakistan.

Which city of Pakistan is known as Paris of Asia?

One British author described Karachi as being ‘the Paris of Asia.

Which country is called Little Pakistan?

Little Pakistan is a general name for an ethnic enclave populated primarily by Pakistani immigrants and people of Pakistani ancestry (overseas Pakistanis), usually in an urban neighborhood all over the world.