Where the swash plate compressor are used?

At the present the swash plate type compressor which is a kind of the reciprocating compressor has been used to the air conditioning system for the vehicle.

How does a swash plate compressor work?

The swash plate’s slightly slanted position creates a small displacement at the compression chamber of the compressor (Fig. 4). When the compressor runs , the swash plate which rotate with the shaft wobbles a little. This wobbling action causes the pistons to move back and forth at a short stroke.

What controls the angle of the swash plate in a variable swash plate compressor?

The swashplate angle is controlled with linkage and springs, which are adjusted by changing the refrigerant pressure in the compressor housing. A control valve with ports and passages that connect to the suction (low-side) and discharge (high-side) chambers of the compressor head is utilized.

How does a wobble pump work?

Some wobble pumps can handle up to 10,000 PSI or more, making it ideal for high-pressure, low-volume applications. A wobble pump works by using a series of pistons set in a stationary block (usually an odd number of pistons). Each piston features an internal valve, along with an additional valve behind it.

What does swash plate mean?

Definition of swash plate

1 : a revolving circular plate set obliquely on a shaft and acting as a cam to give a reciprocating motion to a rod in a direction parallel to the shaft.

What is a swash plate AC compressor?

The swash plate is an elliptical disc that is mounted at an angle to the compressor drive shaft. The rotation of the swash plate moves the pistons parallel to the drive shaft. Another component called a slipper disc slides on the swash plate, and a ball rides in a socket in the slipper disc.

What moves the swash plate?

Basically, the axial pistons move up and down, sliding along the angled surface of the swash plate. This causes the barrel to rotate,which in turn causes the drive shaft to rotate because the barrel is splined to the drive shaft.

What is a wobble plate?

noun. engineering. a collar or face plate on a shaft that is inclined at an oblique angle to the axis of rotation and either imparts reciprocating motion to push rods parallel to the shaft axis as in a swash plate pump or, conversely, converts reciprocating motion to rotation as in a swash plate motor.

What is a triplex pump?

A triplex piston pump is a reciprocating positive displacement pump that uses only three pistons. This type of pump is often used for high pressure applications e.g. hydraulic systems. Due to its robust design, it is capable of pumping high viscosity fluids and fluids which contain solids.

How does a clutchless AC compressor work?

Clutchless means that the compressor no longer has an electromagnetic clutch. This means that the compressor is permanently driven via the pulley and works even if the air-conditioning system is switched off. However, in relation to this, the power is regulated down to a few percent.

How does a wobble plate pump work?

A ball check valve in the bottom of the hydraulic cell ensures that it remains full of oil on its forward stroke. The oil held in the Hydra-Cell pressurises the back side of the diaphragms and causes the diaphragms to flex forward and back as the wobble plate moves. This provides the pumping action.

What is the main function of the wobble pump?

Wobble pumps efficiently transfer liquids with thin-to-moderate viscosities, but they can also handle high-solid contents. Though the engineering principle appears complex, wobble pumps are actually easy to maintain because the rotating unit has only one primary joint.

What is the difference between axial and triplex pumps?

There are two main types of pump types: Axial: Smaller pump with a wobble plate system that is ideal for many light and medium duty applications. Triplex: Larger pump with a crankshaft and piston system that delivers greater power and longer life that is used in medium and heavy-duty applications.

How do you check a clutchless AC compressor?

Start the car and turn on the ac. Using the clt, raise the input level until you see three or four dots on the clt. This will open the solenoid on the rear of the compressor allowing refrigerant to enter the pump; you will then see some movement on your gauges.

What is ECV compressor?

Electromagnetic control valve (ECV) controls an automobile vehicle air conditioning compressor based on a pulse width modulation (PWM) input signal that supplied from an external controller.

What are the three types of pressure washer pumps?

There are three main types of pressure washer pumps: wobble pumps, triplex pumps, and axial cam pumps.

What is a wobble plate pump?

A wobble plate piston pump (more commonly referred to simply as a “wobble pump”) is a specialty pump ideal for applications that require a great deal of pressure. Some wobble pumps can handle up to 10,000 PSI or more, making it ideal for high-pressure, low-volume applications.

How does a clutchless compressor work?

What is a ECV valve?

ECV. The Expansion Control Valve (ECV) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by the water expansion during the normal heating cycle. It is recommened that an ECV be fitted to the cold water supply line.

Which pump is best for pressure washer?

Here are the five best pressure washer pump recommendations to find something that suits you.

  1. AgiiMan Pressure Washer Water Pump. Best Budget Pressure Washer Pump.
  2. OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump.
  3. Yamatic Max 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Pump.
  4. Himore Universal 2800PSI Pump.
  5. AAA Pumps Triplex Plunger Pump.

What is an AC compressor without clutch?

What is a ECV in gas?

This should be attached to your gas pipe, just before it reaches the gas meter, and is a red handle which you can turn – left or right – to stop the supply of gas.

How much horsepower does a pressure washer pump need?

For instance, in order for a gas-powered pump to put out 3,000 PSI and 4 GPM, the engine needs to have at least 11 horsepower.

Can you change AC compressor clutch without removing compressor?

Yes, you can technically replace the clutch without removing the compressor. The reason people suggest doing them together is that when one fails, the other usually isn’t too far behind it. It’s just a matter of convenience to replace them both since you’re already doing most of the same steps anyway.

How long is a gas tightness test?

two minutes
The tightness test duration is two minutes. On a new installation, or on an existing installation with no appliances connected, the criteria for a successful tightness test is ‘no perceptible gauge movement’ and no smell of gas.

What is the present invention related to wobble plate compressor?

The present invention relates to a kind of Wobble plate compressor, particularly prevent the improvement of the rotation inhibiting disc mechanism that the swing disc in the Wobble plate compressor is rotated.

When did the guide shoe members for wobble plate compressor come out?

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When did the guide mechanism for compressor socket plate us4428718a come out?

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