Where is the best place to heli-ski?

In no particular order, these are 12 of the world’s best heli-ski spots:

  1. Alaska — Chugach Range.
  2. Alaska — Tordrillo.
  3. British Columbia — Bella Coola.
  4. British Columbia — Revelstoke.
  5. British Columbia — Mica.
  6. British Columbia — Bell 2 Lodge.
  7. Switzerland — Zermatt.
  8. Japan — Hokkaido.

Where is the best heli-skiing in the US?

Best Heli Skiing USA

  • Points North Heli Skiing – Cordova Alaska.
  • Helitrax Heli Skiing Telluride Colorado.
  • Chugach Powder Guides – Girdwood Alaska.
  • SEABA Heliskiing – Haines Alaska.
  • Valdez Heli Skiing – Valdez AK.
  • Black Ops Heli Skiing – Valdez Alaska.
  • Helitrax Telluride Colorado.
  • Points North Heliskiing Cordova Alaska.

Where is the best heli-skiing in Canada?

Best Heli Skiing Canada

  • Sublime lines with Eagle Pass heli skiing near Revelstoke.
  • Deluxe lodging at Tyax Lodge heli skiing (north of Whistler)
  • In the white room at Selkirk Tangiers heli skiing near Revelstoke.
  • In the white room with Northern Escape heli skiing (near Terrace BC)

Is heli-skiing for beginners?

Heli-skiing is extreme—but everyone has to start somewhere. Here are five destinations, from Jackson Hole to the French Alps, where skiers can take it to the next level with sky-high descents suited to first-timers.

Where is the best heli skiing in Alaska?

The Tordrillo Mountains offer some of the most diverse and exciting helicopter skiing and snowboarding terrain in the world, with over 1.2 million acres of terrain and 600 inches of snow each season. Runs top out at 7,500 feet and end at 2,000 feet with panoramic views of Denali and volcanic summits.

How much is heli-skiing in Alaska?

Heli Skiing Packages

Packages start at $15,000 per guest. All Packages Include: Transportation from Anchorage International Airport to Hotel Captain Cook.

What is Catskiing?

Cat skiing is a form of guided backcountry exploration, taking you away from the borders of controlled ski areas to ride through untouched powder. Rather than using a helicopter to access the backcountry, a snowcat acts as your lift, which makes it far cheaper than heli-skiing for an equally heroic outcome.

How much do you tip for helicopter skiing?

Helitrax guides and staff work hard to make your heli-skiing adventure as safe & enjoyable as possible. While gratuities (tips) are always greatly appreciated they are never required. A suggested dollar amount range for a gratuity is $50 to $100 per guest per day.

How experienced do you have to be to heli-ski?

You don’t need to be an expert to go helicopter skiing, but in order to safely enjoy your vacation you should be at least an intermediate level skier/boarder. You should be capable of dealing with the challenges presented by deep snow, helicopter transportation and backcountry descents.

How much does heli skiing in Alaska cost?

When can you ski in Alaska?

The ski season runs from late November until the end of April. Note that the days can be quite short during the depths of winter owing to the northerly location. Learn more about where to ski with our list of the best ski resorts in Alaska.

How much is a heli skiing trip?

In the U.S., Colorado’s Telluride Helitrax and Utah’s Powderbirds deliver day packages that start at about $1,235 per person and deliver six runs, ski and avalanche gear, and chow. Silverton in southwest Colorado serves up what might be the best deal in ski country: a single heli bump for $179 per person per ride.

Can you ski in Alaska in summer?

Alaska. It only makes sense that Alaska, the country’s northernmost state, offers great summer skiing, and at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, you’ll find a luxury ski location with no lines, crowds, or tracked-out slopes – only 1.2 million acres of terrain that’s skiable year-round.

What is a snowcat tour?

Snowcat skiing is where the skiers and snowboarders ride in a 20 person cab on the snowcat machine and are taken to a remote mountain. Snow cat skiing started over 30 years ago in remote region of British Columbia, Canada.

Is Cat skiing safe?

There are dangers in every sport, and catskiing is no exception. But the safeguards that are taken by Cat operators make catskiing one of the safest backcountry sports around. Unlike Snowmobiling, which is known in BC for it’s tragic avalanche death toll every year, Catskiing is highly supervised and regulated.

What do you wear to heli skiing?


  • Helmet.
  • Mid Weight Base layer – Top and Bottoms.
  • Pull Over or Zip Neck Micro Fleece Top.
  • Down Puff Vest or Hybrid Vest.
  • Compressible Down or Synthetic Insulated jacket.
  • Waterproof Shell and Pants – Think Gore Tex.
  • Gloves (bring two pairs)
  • Goggles and Sunglasses.

How do I prepare for heli skiing?

Prepare Those Knees
To help strengthen them, try wall sits, calf raises, lunges, straight leg raises and hamstring curls. Even just stretching after each workout will help prevent injury and you get heli-ski fit. Stretching helps burn off lactic acid after workouts and keeps your body limber.

How do I prepare for heli-skiing?

What is the best month to ski in Alaska?

When to go skiing and snowboarding in Alaska. Considering the latitude, it is not a big surprise that high season here is not in the middle of winter. The best time is between February and April, when daylight hours are long and temperatures are low. However, some ski resorts welcome visitors even in November.

How expensive is heli-skiing in Alaska?

How much does it cost to go heli boarding in Alaska?

The typical week-long heli-adventure in popular heli-skiing playgrounds like Alaska run anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000, or with daily rates reaching up to $1500.

When can I see northern lights in Alaska?

The northern lights occur all four seasons of the year, although they are harder to see under the Midnight Sun. The best time to see the northern lights in Alaska is between August and April, when less daylight leads to darker night skies.

How much does it cost to ski in Alaska?

Winter Daily Lift Ticket Prices

Adults – 19 & Over Seniors – 60 & Over
Half Day, 12PM – 5PM $35 $20
Weekday / Weekend, 3PM – 8PM $35 $20
Super Skier, 9AM – 8PM $41 $20
Night Owl, Last 2 Hours $25 $20

How much does a snow cat weigh?

Dry Weight – 8,345 lb. Max Load – 1,900 lb. Implement Weight – 700 lb. Track Width – 28 1/2 inches each.

How much does cat skiing cost?

Catskiing is not as expensive as heliskiing, but you get a lot of the same type of skiing. You can get lower rates in the shoulder season for as little as $250-$300/day, and in the high season at a lodge it may be $800/day or more. It all depends on the time of year and what is included (ie. food, lodging, etc.)