Where is Piotr Beczala from?

Czechowice-Dziedzice, PolandPiotr Beczała / Place of birth

Born in Poland, Piotr Beczala made his debut in Linz, before joining Zurich Opera in 1997, where he sang Alfredo in La Traviata, Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor, Tamino in Die Zauberflöte, Elvino in La Sonnambula, and the title role in Faust.

What is the moral of Rigoletto?

In it, he touched on a dramatic theme that recurred in many operas throughout his long career. That theme is parental love, and in particular the loving yet complex relationship between father and daughter — a relationship that, tragically, Verdi himself never had the chance to fully enjoy.

Is Rigoletto a good opera?

In 1855 Verdi wrote that Rigoletto was his best opera; with tighter, more exciting, dramatic pacing and a new form of characterisation, the brilliant score features many memorable melodies, including the instantly recognisable La donna è mobile.

What does the name Rigoletto mean?

— The name of the opera’s main character was originally Triboulet (Francis I’s actual jester) as per Victor Hugo’s play, but to appease the censors was renamed Rigoletto from the French word rigoler, which means ‘to laugh’. — Verdi was a huge Shakespeare fan and wrote various operas based on his plays.

Which character dies at the end of Rigoletto?

Rigoletto is rejoicing over his vengeance when he hears the Duke’s voice in the distance. Opening the sack, he discovers his daughter. Asking for his blessing, Gilda dies in Rigoletto’s arms.

How long does the opera Rigoletto last?

two hours and 45 minutes
Rigoletto — Opera Orlando. Sung in Italian with English supertitles. Estimated run time is two hours and 45 minutes with two intermissions.

What is the meaning of Rigoletto?

an opera
noun. an opera (1851) with music by Giuseppe Verdi.

What happens at the end of Rigoletto?

Rigoletto returns to claim the corpse of his enemy. But, preparing to dispose of the corpse, he hears the voice of the Duke singing in the distance. Horrified he opens the sack, only to reveal the body of his own dying daughter. Reviving, she expresses her love for the Duke, before dying in her father’s arms.

Who does Gilda fall in love with Rigoletto?

the Duke
In spite of everything, Gilda still loves the Duke, and Rigoletto wants Gilda to see what kind of man her beloved really is. As they watch the Duke in action, we hear one of the most powerful operatic ensembles ever composed, a quartet featuring Gilda, Rigoletto, the Duke and Maddalena.

What are the arias in Rigoletto?

La donna è mobileCaro nome che il mio corBella figlia dell’amore

Why is Rigoletto important?

Rigoletto was a great box-office success for La Fenice and Verdi’s first major Italian triumph since the 1847 premiere of Macbeth in Florence. It initially had a run of 13 performances and was revived in Venice the following year, and again in 1854.

Who kills Gilda in Rigoletto?

Sparafucile refuses to murder Rigoletto but agrees to kill the next stranger who comes to the inn so that he will be able to produce a dead body. Gilda decides to sacrifice herself for the duke. She knocks at the door and is stabbed. Rigoletto returns to claim the body, which he assumes is the duke’s.

What happened to Gilda’s mother in Rigoletto?

Tearing open the sack, he discovers Gilda on the point of death. She begs his forgiveness for disobeying him, explaining that she is dying to save the duke. Promising to pray for him in heaven with her mother, she dies, leaving Rigoletto to the realisation that the curse has been fulfilled.