Where do smallmouth bass go in spring?

Veteran spring smallmouth anglers seek out flats and offshore humps, search steep bluffs that drop into deep water, and check out the warming creeks and backwater areas off the main lake until they mark concentrations of smallmouths or the offshore structure they prefer.

How do you fish for smallmouth bass in the spring?

“A jerkbait is the best for finding active smallmouth bass in the spring,” VanDam advised. “Most of the water fished further north in smallie country is clearer, so you’ll often see the bass chasing your jerkbait, even if they don’t hit it. They are notorious for giving away their location.

What month is best for smallmouth bass?

Smallmouth bass typically spawn between late April and early July in water temperatures between 55 and 65F. Fishing during the pre-spawn period, when water temperatures are in the upper 40s and lower 50s, is considered highly productive by most bass anglers.

What water temperature do smallmouth bass start biting?

Smallmouth tend to favor waters between 67 to 71 degrees. When water temperatures dip below 50 degrees, feeding slows and the fish aren’t eager to bite. Look for fall smallmouth in water depths of about 10 to 25 feet.

What do smallmouth bite on in spring?

Subsurface baits usually work best for river smallmouths during spring. Shallow crankbaits in crayfish patterns, 1/8- or 1/4-ounce spinnerbaits, and #2 straight-shaft spinners are fine options.

How do you catch smallmouth in 40 degree water?

7 LURES for 40 Degree WATER (They STILL Bite) – YouTube

What is the best bass bait for early spring?

Here are some of the best early spring bass fishing lures to try this season:

  • Suspending Jerkbaits.
  • Lipless Crankbaits.
  • Jigbaits With Crawfish or Grub.
  • Plastic Worms.
  • Tubes.
  • Drop-Shot Rigs.
  • Best Technique for Suspending Jerkbaits.
  • Best Technique for Lipless Crankbaits.

How old is a 20 inch smallmouth bass?

age 10

What is this? At age 6 or 7, smallmouths will have an average size of 16 to 18 inches, and at age 10, they’ll have reached an approximate size of 20 inches.

What time of day is best to catch smallmouth bass?

During the day, smallmouth bass are most active first thing in the morning from dawn until mid-morning and in the late afternoon from 3 hours prior to sunrise until dusk. These reduced light periods afford bass a tactical advantage over prey like shad and crayfish which don’t see as well during these time windows.

What bait is best for smallmouth bass?

6 of the Best Smallmouth Bass Lures

  1. Blade Baits. Fishing blade baits for smallmouth is an excellent cold water technique, but can also be very effective during the warmer months too.
  2. Small Soft Plastics.
  3. Jigs.
  4. Jerkbaits.
  5. Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits.
  6. Topwater Lures.

How do you catch smallmouth in 50 degree water?

Bass Fishing in 50 Degree Water • Ott DeFoe Fishing Tips – YouTube

How do you find smallmouth bass in a lake?

Tips for Finding and Catching Smallmouth Bass on New Water

Do smallmouths bite in cold water?

Bites can be very subtle in cold-water.

How cold is too cold for bass fishing?

What Water Temperature Is Too Cold for Bass Fishing? Bass generally prefer temps 60 degrees and above, so any temperature below 60 degrees is harder to catch bass.

What colors do bass like in the spring?

Springtime colors should be shad and crawfish-related whites, white/chartreuse, reds, and browns. Summertime means hot days and higher water temperatures. Bass will move near shore early to feed and then return to open water around creek channels or deeper structure.

What lures to use in March for bass?

What is considered a trophy smallmouth bass?

Across North America, most anglers consider smallmouth bass to be trophies when they hit the 20-inch or 5-pound mark. On the Great Lakes, those length and weight criteria get stretched to 21 or 22 inches or 6 to 7 pounds.

Where do smallmouth bass like to hang out?

Look for current where active fish hangout to feed like eddies and current breaks where the water is flowing. Another spot smallmouth bass like to be is raises in the river floor like gravel bars where fish will hold. And finally, rocky banks are a good spot to hang out and catch big smallmouth bass.

What is a smallmouth bass favorite food?

The smallmouth will still go after insects, but its favorite food is usually the crawdad, or crayfish. Smallmouth bass also tend to like deeper and cooler water than largemouth, and the smallmouth will really get active between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and about 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

What colors do smallmouth bass see?

Bass apparently do see color. Their vision is strongest in the areas of medium-red to green. It fails rapidly moving into the blues and purples, as it does towards the far reds. If our picture of bass color vision is accurate, then color is meaningful to bass in some cases but not others.

Where are bass when the water is 55 degrees?

Once the temperature reaches 50 degrees, the bass start moving to deeper water where they’ll spend most of the winter. Although bass eat less in the winter, they still have to eat something occasionally. That’s why catching bass in the winter can be tough; but it’s not impossible.

What is the best bait for smallmouth bass?

Good Smallmouth Bass Lures To Try:

  • Heddon Spook and Rapala X Rap Pop Topwaters.
  • Bass Pro Shops Tender Tube, Storm Wildeye Live Goby, and YUM Craw Papi Soft Plastics.
  • Cotton Cordell Big O Crankbait and Bomber Fat Free Shad Crankbait.
  • Booyah Blade Spinnerbait.
  • Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig and Luck “E” Strike Smallmouth Hair Jig.

What bait should I use for smallmouth bass?

Smallmouth bass can be caught in a variety of ways. Popular techniques include casting hard plastic baits, spinners, jigs or plastic worms or plastic crayfish. One of the most popular techniques for catching smallmouth bass in lakes is to cast or troll a hard plastic lure.

What lures to use for bass when it’s cold?

Jigs. Skirted jigs like the V & M Baits Pacemaker Flatline Football Jig are excellent when it gets cold because of their versatility. You can cast a lightweight hair jig and let it subtly fall through the water column, or you can crawl a football jig across deeper points and ledges – both dynamite winter bass killers.

Will bass bite topwater in winter?

Yes, a topwater lure during the Winter can be productive but takes lots of patience. Black bass can be caught in the Winter, summer, spring, or fall on topwater. But your technique must change drastically to have success. In the Winter, they prefer easier-to-eat baits, such as a dying minnow.