What test strips are compatible with Prodigy?

You May Also Like. Prodigy “No Coding” Test Strips can be used with all Prodigy blood glucose meters (including the Prodigy Voice, Prodigy AutoCode, and Prodigy Pocket). They also work with Prodigy Control Solution.

Does Walmart sell Prodigy test strips?

Prodigy No Coding Blood Glucose Test Strips, 50 Count – Walmart.com.

Are Prodigy test strips accurate?

The capillary action of the devices draws a blood sample into the strip automatically. Best of all, Prodigy glucose testing equipment is safe, accurate and super affordable.

Which glucose test strips are most accurate?

In several studies, only six brands passed this accuracy test:

  • Contour Next from Bayer: 100%
  • Accu-Chek Aviva Plus from Roche: 98%
  • Walmart ReliOn Confirm (Micro) from Arkray: 97%
  • CVS/pharmacy Advanced from Agamatrix: 97%
  • FreeStyle Lite from Abbott: 96%
  • Accu-Chek SmartView from Roche: 95%

Who makes Prodigy test strips?

McKesson TRUE
Blood Glucose Test Strips McKesson TRUE METRIX® 50 Strips per Box For McKesson TRUE METRIX® Self Monitoring Blood Glucose System.

Product Specifications.

McKesson # 868671
Brand Prodigy®
Manufacturer Prodigy Diabetes Care
Country of Origin Unknown
Application Blood Glucose Test Strips

Can you use expired glucose test strips?

Using test strips that have expired can cause your results to be inaccurate. If your test strips have expired, throw them away and begin using a new vial of strips. The expiration date is printed on every vial of test strips. Was this answer helpful?

What does no coding mean on test strips?

Meters with No Coding technology are available and automatically code to match the test strips – they cannot be miscoded! Meters with No Coding technology remove the worry of inaccurate results from a miscode, giving you one less thing to think about when managing your diabetes.

How long do Prodigy test strips last?

Prodigy Control Solution should be used within 90 days of being opened. Additionally, it should not be used if its expiration date has come and gone.

Can blood sugar test strips be wrong?

When used correctly, blood glucose monitors — small devices that measure and display your blood sugar level — are usually accurate. But occasionally they may be incorrect.

Why do I keep getting different blood sugar readings?

A commonly asked question is “Why do my testing results vary meter to meter?” The answer simplified is that meters are tested for accuracy and must adhere to Self-Testing Blood Glucose Monitoring System ISO standard and US guidance, and can only vary by 15 percent compared to reference method.

What can cause false high blood sugar readings?

However, various factors such as application errors, extreme environmental conditions, extreme hematocrit values, or medication interferences may potentially falsify blood glucose readings. Incorrect blood glucose readings may lead to treatment errors, for example, incorrect insulin dosing.

Why do people offer cash for diabetic test strips?

People with diabetes (PWDs) are receiving test strips for free or highly discounted using Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance and then selling them to companies that will resell them to uninsured or underinsured people at a price that is still lower than retail price.

How can you tell if your blood sugar is low?

Signs and symptoms of low blood glucose(happen quickly)

  1. Feeling shaky.
  2. Being nervous or anxious.
  3. Sweating, chills and clamminess.
  4. Irritability or impatience.
  5. Confusion.
  6. Fast heartbeat.
  7. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy.
  8. Hunger.

How do I calibrate my diabetic meter?

Blood Sugar Levels Glucometer Unit Calibration | Nurse on the Go Video

Do expired test strips still work?

Using test strips that have expired can cause your results to be inaccurate. If your test strips have expired, throw them away and begin using a new vial of strips. The expiration date is printed on every vial of test strips.

Does squeezing the finger affect blood sugar?

Anywhere from 5 to 13 percent of study participants had a significantly different blood sugar result (versus no squeezing), depending on how much pressure they put on the finger. On average, blood sugar readings were lower when people put pressure on the finger.

Why do you wipe the first drop of blood?

The first drop of blood can be used for self-monitored glucose testing, but only after washing hands. If washing hands is not possible and they are not visibly soiled or exposed to a sugar-containing product, it is acceptable to use the second drop of blood after wiping away the first drop.

Why do you need to wipe off the first blood drop?

Wipe away the first drop of blood because it may be contaminated with tissue fluid or debris (sloughing skin). Avoid squeezing the finger or heel too tightly because this dilutes the specimen with tissue fluid (plasma) and increases the probability of haemolysis (60).

What time of day is blood sugar highest?

The dawn phenomenon, also called the dawn effect, is the term used to describe an abnormal early-morning increase in blood sugar (glucose) — usually between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. — in people with diabetes.

Can drinking a lot of water lower your blood sugar?

Did you know it’s Sugar Free February and that drinking water can help to lower blood sugar levels by diluting the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood stream. By drinking water lots of water you can reduce your blood sugar as it indirectly will reduce insulin resistance and help reduce hunger.

Is reselling diabetic test strips legal?

It’s legal to sell your diabetic test strips. Diabetic test strips are sold over the counter at most major retailers and you do not need a prescription to purchase them.

Who buys old diabetic test strips?

Test Strip Search is a top buyer of diabetic test strips!

When you sell diabetic test strips to us, the shipping is always free and your payment is always sent within 24 hours of receiving your test strips. We can pay a variety of ways, you choose what works best for you.

What does diabetes fatigue feel like?

Many people with diabetes will describe themselves as feeling tired, lethargic or fatigued at times. It could be a result of stress, hard work or a lack of a decent night’s sleep but it could also be related to having too high or too low blood glucose levels.

How do you feel when your sugar is high?

Hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) means there is too much sugar in the blood because the body lacks enough insulin. Associated with diabetes, hyperglycemia can cause vomiting, excessive hunger and thirst, rapid heartbeat, vision problems and other symptoms. Untreated hyperglycemia can lead to serious health problems.

How do I know my glucose meter is accurate?

Check your blood sugar level with your meter at the same time that blood is drawn for lab tests, being sure to use a fingerstick sample, not blood from the blood draw. Then compare your meter’s reading with the lab results. Results that are within 15% of the lab reading are considered accurate.