What percentage of Colombians are under 15?

This statistic shows the age structure in Colombia from 2011 to 2021. In 2021, about 21.89 percent of Colombia’s total population were aged 0 to 14 years.

What age group has the largest population in Colombia?

Colombia Demographics Profile

  • 0-14 years: 23.27% (male 5,853,351/female 5,567,196)
  • 15-24 years: 16.38% (male 4,098,421/female 3,939,870)
  • 25-54 years: 42.04% (male 10,270,516/female 10,365,423)
  • 55-64 years: 9.93% (male 2,307,705/female 2,566,173)
  • 65 years and over: 8.39% (male 1,725,461/female 2,390,725) (2020 est.)

What is the age range for Colombia?

Demographics of Colombia
0–14 years 22.5%
15–64 years 64.1%
65 and over 13.4%
Sex ratio

What age group is the majority of the population?

Age distribution in the United States 2021

In 2021, about 18.24 percent of the U.S. population fell into the 0-14 year category, 64.72 percent into the 15-64 age group and 17.04 percent of the population were over 65 years of age.

What is the population of Colombia 2022?

The current population of Colombia is 51,572,593 as of September 29, 2022, based on interpolation of the latest United Nations data. The population of Colombia is projected at 51,265,844 or 51.27 million as of July 1, 2021.

How many children are in Colombia?

Colombia has a total estimated population of 42,888,592, of which children between 0 and 14 years represent 26.7%. The estimated number of inhabitants in Antioquia is 6,143,809, of whom 1,909,924 are children and adolescents, 628,257 from age 0 to 5; 730,941 from 6 to 12; and 550,726 from 13 to 17.

What is the population in Colombia 2022?

How many adults are in Colombia?

Colombia Population clock (live)

51,984,600 Current population
25,567,916 Current male population (49.2%)
26,416,684 Current female population (50.8%)
618,859 Births year to date
1,626 Births today

What is the population of Colombia in 2022?

What percentage of the population is under 30?

Roughly 52% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old. * It is estimated that the U.S. population of 310 million equates to 4.5% of the world population. Meanwhile, China’s population of 1.33 billion represents almost 20% of the world population.

What percentage of the population is over 18?

United States

Number Percent
18 years and over 209,128,094 74.3
Male 100,994,367 35.9
Female 108,133,727 38.4
21 years and over 196,899,193 70.0

What is the birth rate in Colombia 2022?

14.023 births per 1000 people
The current birth rate for Colombia in 2022 is 14.023 births per 1000 people, a 1.77% decline from 2021. The birth rate for Colombia in 2021 was 14.275 births per 1000 people, a 1.73% decline from 2020.

How many adults live in Colombia?

There are 38,441,405 people over age 18 in Colombia.

Which country in the world has the highest percentage of people under the age of 18?

As statistics confirm, the country with the highest percentage of its population 18-years-old or younger is Niger, with a full 56.9% of its population being made up of such youth.

What are the age groups?

Age Categories, Life Cycle Groupings

  • Children (00-14 years) 00-04 years. 110. 00-04 years. 05-09 years. 120. 05-09 years.
  • Youth (15-24 years) 15-19 years. 211. 15-17 years. 212. 18-19 years.
  • Adults (25-64 years) 25-29 years. 310. 25-29 years. 30-34 years. 320.
  • Seniors (65 years and over) 65-69 years. 410. 65-69 years. 70-74 years. 420.

What are 5 facts about Colombia?

Interesting Facts About Colombia

  • Colombia Has More Than 4,000 Species of Orchids.
  • Colombia Is the Most Biodiverse Country on the Planet.
  • Colombia Has 60 National Parks.
  • Colombia Has Some of the Most Popular Tourist Cities.
  • Colombia Is Home to the “Liquid Rainbow”
  • Colombia Has the Second Most celebrated Holidays in the World.

How many babies are born in Colombia?

In 2020, number of births for Colombia was 727.21 thousands. Number of births of Colombia fell gradually from 777.03 thousands in 1971 to 727.21 thousands in 2020.

What is the population of Columbia 2022?

The current population of Colombia is 51,573,942 as of October 01, 2022, based on interpolation of the latest United Nations data. The population of Colombia is projected at 51,265,844 or 51.27 million as of July 1, 2021.

Which country has the youngest population under 15?

The Fountain of Youth
The youngest country in the world is Niger, where almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15.

What is the youngest country in the world 2022?

South Sudan
In the past 40 years alone, 34 new countries have been recognized by the United Nations, which is widely regarded as the final step of becoming a fully realized country. The newest nation in the world as of early 2022 is South Sudan, which split from Sudan in 2011.

What are the 5 age groups?

Age group [age_group]

  • Newborn [newborn] Up to 3 months old. Newborn sizes are often identified by the age range in months (0–3) or just “newborn.”
  • Infant [infant] 3–12 months old.
  • Toddler [toddler] 1–5 years old.
  • Kids [kids] 5–13 years old.
  • Adult [adult] Typically teens or older.

What are the 3 age groups?

It is common in demography to split the population into three broad age groups: children and young adolescents (under 15 years old) the working-age population (15-64 years) and. the elderly population (65 years and older)

Why is Colombia spelled with an o?

It goes back to Christopher Columbus. The names Colombia and Columbia both hail from the explorer and mean more or less the “Land of Columbus.” , it was likely decided that the name of a Spanish-speaking country should carry a spelling more approximate to the Spanish spelling. Hence, Colombia.

What is Colombia famous for?

Colombia is famous for the mines of Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez located in the Andes Mountains. This region produces the world’s finest Emeralds. In fact, about 70-90% of the Emeralds in the world come from Colombia! These stones are so pure and beautiful that they are amongst the highest priced.

Which country has the highest percentage of people under the age of 18?