What kind of company is Lonza?

multinational manufacturing company

Lonza Group is a Swiss multinational manufacturing company for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutrition sectors, headquartered in Basel, with major facilities in Europe, North America and South Asia. Lonza was established under that name in the late 19th-century in Switzerland.

What does Lonza Group do?

Lonza is the preferred global partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets. We focus on enabling treatments that prevent illness and support healthier lifestyles. We optimize scientific innovation and manufacturing technology to enable our customers to serve their patients and consumers.

Who is Lonza owned by?

February 9, 2021
Bain Capital and Cinven have struck a deal to buy Lonza’s specialty chemical business for $4.7 billion.

What are products of Lonza?

NucleofectorTM Technology.

  • MODA-ES® The Next Generation Electronic Batch. MODA-EM® Paperless QC Microbiology. MODA® Electronic Logs Module.
  • What does Lonza mean?

    lonza f (plural lonze) a term used in the Middle Ages to describe a type of wild cat, possibly a lynx or leopard (cf. Portuguese onça)

    How many countries is Lonza?

    35 countries
    Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today operates in 120 sites and offices in more than 35 countries.

    What is Lonza revenue?

    4.508 billion CHF (2021)Lonza Group AG / Revenue

    How many employees does Lonza have?

    16,218Lonza Group AG / Number of employees (2021)

    Who are Lonza’s competitors?

    Lonza’s competitors and similar companies include Tokuyama, Nissan Chemical, Novozymes, WuXi Biologics, DuPont, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Catalent, Royal DSM and Divis Laboratories.

    Is Lonza Big Pharma?

    Lonza Pharma, Biotech and Nutrition
    This segment is the world’s largest CDMO company, providing a wide range of products and services to the pharma, consumer healthcare and nutrition industries.