What is the Speciality of Shravana Nakshatra?

Shravana Nakshatra consists of three stars Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed. These three stars together form the head of Aquila, the Eagle. To put it simply, the word Shravana means ‘Hearing’, and the symbol is ‘The Ear’ because of which we hear. Shravana Nakshatra is the star of listening and learning.

Is Shravana Nakshatra lucky?

People coming under this nakshatra are extremely honest and religious. The Naming letter of this Nakshatra is Ju, Je, Jo, Gha. The Lucky Number is 2 and the lucky color is Light Blue. Dosha associated with this nakshatra is Kapha.

Which God is born in Shravana Nakshatra?

The Sravana Nakshatra is the divine enclosure of lord Varuna as beginning with 6:40 degrees and endin The divine enclosure of Hari deity the supreme trinity is known as Sravana Nakshatra which begins with 10 degrees and ends at 23:30 degrees in Makara or Capricorn zodiac and is ruled by Moon throughout and expressed in …

Is Shravana Nakshatra good for female?

Shravana Nakshatra lord is Lord Vishnu. It means some of his attributes will be present in both male and female natives. The Shravana Nakshatra female natives will have a happy family life. They do not hide anything from their spouses, which is an excellent trait.

Which Colour is good for Shravana Nakshatra?

Worshipping Lord Vishnu is considered beneficial for the native of Shravana nakshatra. Along with this reciting gayatri mantra is also considered beneficial. If moon is in transit in this nakshatra then the native should worship Lord Vishnu and recite his 10 names. They should use white and light blue colour.

Who can marry Shravana Nakshatra?

Compatible Nakshatras and incompatible Nakshatras for marriage compatibility. From a Married life point of view, the most ideal life partner for Shravana Nakshatra will be Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and Bharani Nakshatra and the most challenging life partner will be Magha Nakshatra.

Which colour is suitable for Sravana Nakshatra?

Who can marry Sravana Nakshatra?

Shravana Nakshatra- Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (80%)

Uttara Bhadrapada is the best match for Shravana Nakshatra.

Which Colour is suitable for Sravana Nakshatra?

Is Sravana Nakshatra good?

Shravana is a godly nakshatra. People in this group are generally good-natured and fortunate in life.

Which Pada of shravana is good?

Shravana Nakshatra 3rd pada
Shravana Nakshatra 3rd pada
Natives born under the 3rd pada of Shravana Nakshatra have the greatest qualities.

What is Shravana Nakshatra in English?

Shravana is the 22nd nakshatra (Devanagari नक्षत्र) or lunar mansion as used in Hindu astronomy, Hindu calendar and Hindu astrology. It belongs to the constellation Makara [(Devanagari: मकर), a legendary sea creature resembling a crocodile] or Capricorn.

Which Pada is good in Shravana Nakshatra?