What is the main idea of The Age of Innocence?

One of the themes central to The Age of Innocence is the struggle between the individual and the group. Newland Archer has been raised into a world where manners and moral codes dictate how the individual will act, and in some cases, even think.

Who is The Age of Innocence based on?

The story is set in the 1870s, in upper-class, “Gilded Age” New York City. Wharton wrote the book in her 50s, after she was already established as a major author in high demand by publishers.

The Age of Innocence.

1920 first edition dust jacket
Author Edith Wharton
Publication date 1920
Awards 1921 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

What is the meaning of the end of The Age of Innocence?

By the film’s end, when Newland is granted a second chance of sorts to reconnect with Ellen in Paris after May’s death, he seems to have accepted the insurmountable distance between his idyllic image of Ellen and the possibly disillusioning reality of what it would take to forge an honest relationship with her.

Who is the narrator in The Age of Innocence?

Joanne WoodwardThe Age of Innocence / NarratorJoanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward is an American actress, producer, and philanthropist. A star since the Golden Age of Hollywood, Woodward made her career breakthrough in the 1950s and earned esteem and respect playing complex women with a characteristic nuance and depth of character. Wikipedia

Who is the main character in The Age of Innocence?

Newland ArcherCountess Ellen OlenskaMay WellandGranny Manson MingottAugusta Welland
The Age of Innocence/Characters

Is The Age of Innocence a feminist novel?

While The Age of Innocence is not overtly feminist, Wharton does an excellent job in expressing her own thoughts on the suffocating world of the upper class in the Gilded Age.

Is Age of Innocence an easy read?

The Age of Innocenceis an easy story to follow, written in the kind of urbane, intelligent, humorous prose you would expect for the voice-over of a Jane Austen movie. But, like the voice-over to a Jane Austen movie, the prose can be a tad stuffy, and the content can be bewilderingly outdated.

Why did Ellen Olenska leave her husband?

In Age of Innocence, written by Edith Wharton, Ellen (Countess Ellen Olenska ) leaves her husband Count Olenska, a Polish nobleman of considerable wealth, because he is having adulterous affairs with other women.

What does May Welland represent?

May is Archer’s fiancée and then his wife. She is a kind, simple, and beautiful girl known for her athleticism. May is the embodiment of the female ideal in New York high society; she is pure, innocent, and unfailingly polite.

Why was it called The Age of Innocence?

The Age of Innocence is a title both ironic and poignant: ironic because the “age” or period of the novel, the late nineteenth century, teems with intolerance, collusion, and cynicism; poignant because the only innocence lost is that of Newland Archer, the resolute gentleman whose insight into the machinations of …

What point of view is The Age of Innocence written in?

Third Person

Third Person (Limited Omniscient), Third Person
In The Age of Innocence, the narrative voice switches between a totally objective point of view and the limited perspective of an individual character, primarily Newland Archer. The totally objective point of view helps the reader get a sense of the historical period.

What is the relationship between Mrs Mingott and Mrs Welland?

May’s mother and Mrs. Mingott’s daughter.

Is The Age of Innocence hard to read?

Who is the protagonist in The Age of Innocence?

Newland Archer
Newland Archer
The novel’s protagonist. Archer is a wealthy young lawyer married to the beautiful debutante May Welland. He is in love, however, with May’s cousin Countess Ellen Olenska, who represents to him the freedom missing from the suffocating environment of the New York aristocracy.

Is The Age of Innocence a feminist book?

Is The Age of Innocence sad?

The Age of Innocence is a brutal and elegiac novel with an ending that hurts, but pleasantly so, like a pressed bruise. For all of its emotional heft, when it was first published The Age of Innocence was marketed as a nostalgic, escapist story.

Where is Ellen Olenska from?

New York
Though Ellen lived in New York for some time when she was young, she spent much of her childhood in Europe, and New Yorkers now consider her to be more foreign than American.

How old is May in The Age of Innocence?

Yet he finds reason to doubt his choice of bride after the appearance of Countess Ellen Olenska, May’s exotic, beautiful thirty-year-old cousin, who has been living in Europe.

Why is The Age of Innocence called that?

What is considered Edith Wharton’s best book?

First published in 1913, The Custom of the Country is considered by many of Edith Wharton’s fans to be her masterpiece.

Who is Madame Olenska?

Ellen, the Countess Olenska, fulfills Newland’s longing for an emotional fantasy life. Her words, her unconventional taste in clothing and interior decorating, and her attitudes symbolize the exotic to traditional Newland. She causes him to question his narrow existence and brings out his protective instincts.

What should I read if I liked the Gilded Age?

Classic Fiction Set in New York During the Gilded Age

  • Washington Square by Henry James.
  • The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.
  • The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton.
  • The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.
  • The Social Graces by Renee Rosen.
  • The Address by Fiona Davis.
  • A Well-Behaved Woman by Therese Ann Fowler.

How long does it take to read The Age of Innocence?

The average reader will spend 4 hours and 38 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Why is it called The Gilded Age?

Mark Twain called the late 19th century the “Gilded Age.” By this, he meant that the period was glittering on the surface but corrupt underneath.

How much of The Gilded Age is real?

However, The Gilded Age takes place in a real historical period. It also shows real-life individuals, or at least, a comparison of them. George Russell, a robber baron, didn’t exist. Nevertheless, it is a fictional version of a real historical figure called Jay Gould.