What is the God Espinosa?

Early in The Ethics Spinoza argues that there is only one substance, which is absolutely infinite, self-caused, and eternal. He calls this substance “God”, or “Nature”. In fact, he takes these two terms to be synonymous (in the Latin the phrase he uses is “Deus sive Natura”).

What religion is Spinoza?

2 b/w illus. Spinoza is widely regarded as either a God-forsaking atheist or a God-intoxicated pantheist, but Clare Carlisle says that he was neither. In Spinoza’s Religion, she sets out a bold interpretation of Spinoza through a lucid new reading of his masterpiece, the Ethics.

What was the main goal of Spinoza’s philosophy?

This was the Theological-Political Treatise, which he completed and published anonymously in 1670. Spinoza’s aim in the Theological-Political Treatise was to argue that the stability and security of society is not undermined but, rather, enhanced by freedom of thought, meaning primarily the freedom to philosophize.

What is Spinoza famous for?

Tractatus Theologico-Politicus. The publication of the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus in 1670 made Spinoza notorious. Although his name did not appear on the work, he was quickly known as its author.

How did Spinoza died?

Spinoza’s health began to fail in 1676, and he died on 21 February 1677 at the age of 44. His premature death was said to be due to lung illness, possibly silicosis as a result of breathing in glass dust from the lenses that he ground.

Why did Spinoza reject the Bible?

He asserted that the Bible contains many contradictions, thereby exposing the “absurdities” of accepting the Bible as a source of knowledge.

What did Spinoza think of Jesus?

[TRUNCATED] Spinoza disagreed fundamentally with Christianity. He denied the personality of God essential to the Christian faith. He did not comprehend the meaning of Christ’s incarnation, but believed that Jesus perceived and taught the highest truths.

Did Spinoza believe in prayer?

Throughout his text, Spinoza was keen to undermine the idea of prayer. In prayer, an individual appeals to God to change the way the universe works. But Spinoza argues that this is entirely the wrong way around.