What is ODP Virginia?

About Developmental ODP (Olympic Development Program)

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association is pleased to offer a state-wide developmental program designed for U11, U10, and U9 players, both boys and girls. Developmental ODP or D-ODP is a state-wide program that replaced the successful VYSA Academy back in 2019.

What is an ODP player in soccer?

The U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program, or ODP as it is more commonly called, is a national identification and development program for high-level players.

What to wear to ODP tryouts?

Wear Distinctive Clothing If Allowed
At some ODP tryouts, white tee shirts are mandated, club uniforms are prohibited at most, for a lot of good reasons. But if you don’t have to wear white, why not wear something distinctive but not silly, like an Ajax top with a bold red panel down the front, or a Sheffield type top.

Is ODP a big deal?

It is big! So big, it’s divided into 4 regions and 55 State Associations across the nation. That’s right: ODP covers the entire country. It offers top level coaching and the opportunity to be seen by MLS Academy scouts, US Youth National Team scouts and college coaches.

Is ODP better than Ecnl?

ECNL yields more dependable results. The players are playing with their own teams and therefore are able to show better. ODP is a very uneven playing field, with members of some regional teams having only passing familiarity with one another.

How are ODP players selected?

Players are selected to the regional pools by attending Western Regional ODP Camp. Players selected to attend ODP camp are upon recommendation of their state association or from a state ODP event.

Is ODP soccer better than Ecnl?

What makes an ODP player?

Leadership qualities: The ability to communicate, not just talk, to others, to demand the ball, to take charge in intense situations. Physical speed: Being fast, being effective enough without being exploited by opponents. Size and strength: The ability to physically compete against bigger opponents.