What is LT40?

The LT40 super hydraulic is completely portable and ready for road travel with a standard single axle trailer and electric brakes. Six adjustable outriggers allow for quick set-up and simple leveling of the bed prior to sawing.

How wide will an LT40 wide cut?

Woodmizer LT-40

It can process logs 20′ long, 36” in diameter, and 4400 lbs. It can cut slabs up to 34” wide.

How much does a Wood-Mizer LT40 weigh?


Power Selections 26.5HP Gas 38HP Gas 35HP Diesel
Paint Finish Powder Coat
Design Cantilever
Machine Weight 3,900 lbs
Shipment Weight 3,900 lbs

How much does a Woodmizer mill cost?


Base Price $10,295.00
G19 $0.00

How do you use a Woodmizer LT40?

Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill: Step up to High …

Where are Wood Mizer sawmills made?

Wood-Mizer is a sawmill manufacturer that also produces sawmill blades. Modern manufacturing facilities in Indianapolis and Batesville, Indiana USA and Kolo, Poland guarantee maximum quality at an affordable price anywhere in the world.

How long does it take to get a Woodmizer sawmill?

Band Sawmills with Manual Log Handling
Ships within 3 weeks!

Is Woodmizer a good sawmill?

All of the technologically advanced features that set Woodmizer apart cost money to produce. These sawmills have been designed to produce the most accurate lumber in the most efficient way. For a true production sawmill, Woodmizer stands out as a leader in the industry.

Is it cheaper to mill your own lumber?

Generally, it costs 5-10% more to have your lumber milled on-site. It is also cheaper to by 2 x 4’s from a big box store than it is to have them milled. So if you are more concerned with quantity over quality, saw milling may not be for you.

Is owning a sawmill profitable?

It’s true that owning a sawmill can be a very lucrative business venture, and in the right circumstances it is not only possible but very likely to earn you a significant profit on a regular basis. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that building a business with only profit in mind is not sustainable in the long term.

How do you level a portable sawmill?

Easiest Way to Level a Woodland Mills Portable Sawmill – YouTube

How do you level a Woodmizer?

Wood-Mizer Set up – How long does it REALLY take? – YouTube

How long does it take to get a Wood-Mizer sawmill?

How long can logs sit before milling?

As a rule of thumb, there will be a measurable loss in four to six weeks of warm (over 50 F) weather. It is just a rule of thumb.

How long do logs need to dry before milling?

Depending on the thickness of the lumber and where you live, weather and time of the year, it will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months. Most lumber is in the 1” to 2” thickness and the time above applies to thicknesses.

What percentage do Loggers take?

A 50:50 or halves share agreement is the most common type of transaction. If the landowner has more valuable grade logs, the deal is often sweetened so the he receives 60% and the logger 40%. Veneer logs can bring two-thirds to three-fourths share for the landowner to one third to one-fourth for the logger.

How do you charge for sawing lumber?

Pricing varies by species and location but ranges from $0.25 to $0.50 per board foot of sawn lumber. This pricing method places all of the risk of productivity on the sawyer since the customer is only paying for the lumber they receive.

How long does it take to get a Norwood sawmill?

We try to keep a large inventory of equipment which means we can usually ship your order off the loading dock in just 3 business days. Once your sawmill leaves the factory, it typically takes only about 3 to 10 business days to arrive to your door (within the lower 48 states and, in Canada, within the 10 provinces).

How do you saw lumber with a sawmill?

Sawmill School – Making Your First Cut on Your Sawmill – YouTube

Why do sawmills keep logs wet?

Many sawmills use sprinkler systems to maintain the moisture content of logs above the fiber saturation point. Storing logs in wet condition helps prevent end checking as a result of sudden moisture content reduction from the cross section.

Is it better to mill wet or dry wood?

Soaking the logs in a water pond or keeping them wet by spraying them with water is better than leaving them sit in the air, but degrade still occurs. Lumber does not dry properly “in the log”, only “in the board”. Leave your logs standing as trees until you need them, and then get them milled and stickered quickly.

What trees do Loggers want?

Some of the most recognized hardwoods include maple, oak, ash, beech, sycamore, alder and cherry. Another important factor in product value is tree size. Trees that are taller and larger in diameter will bring higher sale prices because they have more usable volume.

What is the most valuable tree for lumber?

The Paulownia may currently be the world’s most valuable sustainably harvested hardwood tree. A single 12-foot log can easily bring three thousand dollars. Paulownia lumber is resistant to fire, with a combustion point nearly twice that of other lumber.

Can you make money with a saw mill?

A portable sawmill can be worth the investment. It can provide a source of wood for your own projects and give you a side business. For a source of lumber, as well as a profitable business, a portable sawmill can be a key piece of equipment on your farm.

Is milling your own lumber worth it?

Milling your own lumber can produce quality material for a fraction of the price of a lumber dealer. In fact, if you purchase your own mill, like I have, you can actually make a profit off of it by selling lumber to other woodworkers and by offering to mill other people’s logs.