What is another name for green peas?

The name is also used to describe other edible seeds from the Fabaceae such as the pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan), the cowpea (Vigna unguiculata), and the seeds from several species of Lathyrus.

Genus: Pisum
Species: P. sativum
Binomial name
Pisum sativum L.

What is meaning of pea pod in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: pea pod. Pea pod : वाटाणा पॉड

What is Tarpal English?

/tɑːrˈpɑː.lɪn/ (US usually tarp) (a large piece of) heavy waterproof cloth used as a covering. Coverings and layers. a blanket of something idiom.

What is the English of Payar?

payar = volume_up improvise a musical dialogue.

What kind of vegetables are peas?

What are peas? Peas are not actually a vegetable but a small, edible legume and as such they belong to the same family as lentils, chickpeas, beans and peanuts. Peas grow in pods on a vine and once the pod is plump, they are ripe for picking.

Are green peas a fruit?

VegetablePea / Fruit or Vegetable

What is Rod called in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: rod. Rod : काठी Details : गज, सळई, कांब, दांडा, शारीरिक शिक्षा

What is mean by Pour in Marathi?

translation of ‘pour’ वर्षाव करणे, (पाऊस) जोरदार वृष्टी होणे, ओतणे

What are tarpaulins called?

Tarpaulins are often called tarps for short. The word probably includes tar because of the original method for waterproofing a tarpaulin, which involved spreading tar on a heavy piece of canvas.

What is the cost of Tirpal?

Z International

Plastic Tarpaulins Price
August ’22 ₹120/Kg
May ’22 ₹135/Kg
Febuary ’22 ₹125/Kg
November ’21 ₹133/Kg

What is Achinga English?

Meet the cousin of green beans, the super long snake beans, also known as Chinese long beans or yard long beans (in English), and valli payar or achinga payar (in Malayalam).

What is the English name of Vellari?


Vellarikka / Cucumber
The scientific name of Vellarikka is Cucumis Sativus.

Is green pea healthy?

Green peas are a popular vegetable. They are also quite nutritious and contain a fair amount of fiber and antioxidants. Additionally, research shows they may help protect against some chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer.

Do peas cause gas?

Beans and some other legumes, such as peas and lentils, have a reputation for causing gas. Beans contain high amounts of a complex sugar called raffinose, which the body has trouble breaking down. Beans are also rich in fiber, and a high intake of fiber can increase gassiness.

Are peas good for you?

Peas are a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc, and other antioxidants that strengthen your immune system. Other nutrients, such as vitamins A and B and coumestrol, help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

What is mean by rode in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: rode. Rode : Details : राईड् चे भू.का.रुप

What is meaning swift in Marathi?

English to Marathi Meaning :: swift. Swift : चपळ Details : चपळ, जलद, वेगवान, लांब अरुंद पंखांचा उडत राहणारा एक पक्षी

How do you read the word pour?

‘Pore’ or ‘pour’? – YouTube

How is a tarp made?

Resin-poly beads. These beads will be melted, dyed and spread out over the nylon mesh to create a poly layer that makes a poly tarp. Poly/Resin beads are melted and dyed. The resin beads are melted and dyed to create the poly tarp coating.

Are tarpaulins plastic?

A tarpaulin (/tɑːrˈpɔːlɪn/ tar-PAW-lin, also US: /ˈtɑːrpəlɪn/) or tarp is a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material, often cloth such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane, or made of plastics such as polyethylene.

What is Silpaulin?

SILPAULIN Brand Films are “WORLDSTAR” Award Winning Film. The SILPAULINFilm comprises several layers of plastic film placed Criss-Cross over one another and bonded by a patented cold-roll technique.

What is the size of tarpaulin?

What is the standard size of tarpaulin? Tarpaulin banners come in many different customizable sizes. Some of the most commonly used sizes include 6′ x 3′ (72” x 36”), 4′ x 2′ (48” x 24”) and 8′ x 4′ (96”x 48”).

What is Vellari called in English?

Vellarikka / Cucumber

What is Choranga?

Definition of charango
: a small guitar of Spanish America with a body typically made of an animal shell.

Is Vellarikka and Cucumber same?

Cucumber pachadi is a simple but very delicious Kerala style raita made with coconut, mustard seeds and curd. It is also known as vellarikka kichadi. The taste is very different from the North Indian version of Cucumber raita and goes extremely well as a side dish with sambar-rice or parippu-rice.