What is AJ and Free doing now?

AJ is now a correspondent for ExtraTv. According to Extratv.com, AJ also owns Calloway Entertainment Group which is a, production, marketing, promotions and event-planning company. Free. According to her website www.freesworld.com, she can be heard on Washington DC’s WPGC 95.5, The Big Tigger show with Free.

What happened to Free from BET?

She rose to fame as the first host of BET’s 106 & Park. She was later a disc jockey at KKBT 100.3 The Beat in Los Angeles, morning drive co-host at WPGC-FM in Washington, D.C., and is the former co-host of the Ed Lover Morning Show on Power 105.1 in New York City. She currently lives a private life.

What is Roxy from 106 and Park doing now?

In 2021, she became the host of the new Fox reality singing competition Alter Ego.

Why did AJ and Free leave?

In July he was terminated when the show’s producer Telepictures terminated him, due to the number of sexual assault allegations.

Who is A. J. Calloway married to?

Dionne Walkerm. 2013Lao Sealeym. 2005–2007
A. J. Calloway/Spouse

How old is rocsi Diaz?

40 years (November 17, 1981)Rocsi Diaz / Age

What happened Big Tigger?

Big Tigger and WPGC agreed to part ways on December 22, 2011. In January 2013, he took over the afternoon drive time slot (2pm-6PM) on WPGC’s sister station, WVEE, in Atlanta. As of August 2020, he took over hosting duties of the morning drive slot on WVEE.

Who is Roxy from BET dating?

Eddie Murphy, 51, steps out with new girlfriend Rocsi Diaz, 28, at BET Awards party. Yes, they are.

Is A. J. Calloway an Omega?

You’ve got a new celebrity member. AJ Calloway just became a man of Omega Psi Phi. And he’s extra excited to rock his purple and gold and get to work doing service all over the world.

Is AJ Calloway an Omega?

Did AJ from 106 and Park wear wigs?

Since then, Calloway saw all of the commotion and took to his Instagram stories to admit that his dread were, indeed, real back in his “106 & Park” days. This clip is a newer one. “Why does this have me laughing so hard!” he said. “My hair was real back then.” Peep that reveal below.

Is Rocsi Diaz black?

However, here in 2020, Diaz remains secure in her identity, asserting that she is not Afro-Latina, despite people’s assumptions. “It’s definitely in my roots, but I am 100 percent Latin: Honduran and Chilean. I think me growing up in New Orleans kind of made people think that I might have been Creole.

How old is Roxy from 106 and Park?

Did MS basketball get fired from V-103?

V-103, struggling in the radio ratings, has let go two of its morning hosts, Christina “Ms. Basketball” Granville and TylerChronicles (AKA Troy Fluker). The two hosts were on the station for one year.

Who is Tigger dating?

Television and radio personality, Big Tigger is still dating sim together. He does not have a current girlfriend but did have 2019 whom he had an affair with for long period of time and she was Keshia Knight Pulliam. Tigger is together married yet and does not have a wife.

Is rocsi Diaz black?

What fraternity is AJ Calloway in?

FRATERNITY MAN: AJ Calloway Becomes A Member Of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. Former “106 & Park” host and “Extra” correspondent, AJ Calloway, just crossed the burning sands into Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Deets and his first pic after becoming a new member of the NPHC organization, when you read on…

Was AJ Calloway dreads real?

Since then, Calloway saw all of the commotion and took to his Instagram stories to admit that his dread were, indeed, real back in his “106 & Park” days.

Who is Calloway’s wife?

A. J. Calloway/Wife

How old is Roxy from 106 & Park?

What college did Rocsi Diaz go to?

West Jefferson High SchoolNicholls State University
Rocsi Diaz/Education

Did Tyler chronicles leave V-103?

Basketball” Granville and “TylerChronicles” (Troy Fluker) have exited V-103 WVEE Atlanta. The two hosts were brought in to solidify mornings, the most important daypart at any station, as the show transitioned from “The Morning Culture” with Big Tigger as lead host. Ratings are reportedly poor.

Who is Christina Granville?


Christina Granville is an athlete, actress, model, marketing specialist and host, originally from Clewiston, Florida. Christina is a passionate fitness fanatic and is known to many as the vibrant and outgoing, “Ms. Basketball.” For most of her life, basketball has always played a vital role.

Why did Big Tigger and Keshia split?

Pulliam since has claimed that she and Hartwell nearly split up earlier due to alleged infidelity. “In the process, I found out I was pregnant. And I had to take another hard look and decide if I wanted to try to work through this and forgive him for the sake of the child,” she said during Play. it’s Kandidly Keshia.

What is Big Tigger salary?

Big Tigger net worth: Big Tigger is an American television and radio personality who has a net worth of $3.5 million. Big Tigger has earned his net worth as host of BET’s Rap City and Top Ten Hip-Hop and the R&B music video show 106 & Park.

Big Tigger Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Nationality: United States of America