What is a Soss hinge used for?

A soss hinge is an invisible hinge that is used on inset cabinet doors. It is completely concealed when the door is closed. The hinge is attached by cutting mortises into both the door and the cabinet frame. A soss hinge allows the door to close flush with the frame for a clean line.

How do I choose a Soss hinge?

To obtain the best performance from SOSS Invisible Hinges, it is recommended that the largest hinge model be used for the material thickness of the door. Every door should be provided with at least one hinge for every 30 inches in height or portion thereof; however, more hinges may be required per chart below.

Do Soss hinges swing both ways?

Will a SOSS Invisible Spring Closer Hinge swing both ways? No. just like the regular hinges, the Closer will open 180 degrees in one direction only.

Do Soss hinges open 180 degrees?

SOSS® Invisible Hinges open a full 180° and are a single action hinge.

How do you use a Soss jig?

Woodhaven SOSS Hinge Jigs – YouTube

What are Parliament hinges?

The Parliament Hinge is designed for doors which need to fold back on themselves creating the maximum possible opening through a doorway. Traditionally used to allow a door to fully open 180 degrees, back onto a wall. The extra projection allows the door to clear any obstruction – i.e.. an architrave.

How wide should a door hinge be?

Most homes have a standard sized hinge of 3.5″ x 3.5″ This measurement is from the bottom edge of the hinge to the top end of the hinge, and then from the outside edge to edge when the hinge is open. Exterior doors usually have a 4″ hinge on them, but not always.

What size cabinet hinge do I need?

You should check the diameter of the hole in the door that your current hinge sits in – these are usually 26mm, 35mm or 40mm for larger hinges. It’s important to measure the hole in the door and not the hinge itself as the hinge may be slightly smaller.

What kind of hinge swings both ways?

Double action spring door hinges, also known as double-acting hinges or saloon door hinges, swing open in both directions and are fully self-closing.

What is a door that swings both ways called?

A double acting door, also known as a double swinging door or impact traffic door, is a single door or a pair of doors in which the door(s) is able to swing in both directions.

Are Soss hinges adjustable?

We don’t create adjustable hinges because our hinges don’t require adjusting.

Where are Soss hinges made?

In 1972, the hinge business relocated to Pioneer, Ohio, where it remains today and is called Universal Industrial Products (UIP). A manufacturing and sales operation was added in Singapore three years later.

How do you install non mortise hinges?

How to Install No-Mortise Hinges – YouTube

What is Blum hinge?

The hinge we use at Cabinets Quick is the Blum, a soft closing hinge that has a little switch to turn on and off the soft close function. This is called an inserta hinge and is useful when putting in on a door.

What is a counter flap hinge?

Counter flap hinges are designed to open upwards and then lie flat when closed. This makes them ideal for spaces with a full width counter such as bars, shops and hotels. Available in several styles, applications and finishes to suit any décor, they are easy to install and sold in pairs for convenience.

How far should hinges be from edge of door?

Where to Install Hinges: Generally, the bottom hinge will be 10 inches from the bottom edge of the door to the floor. The top hinge should be five inches from the jamb to the upper edge of the door.

Are ball bearing hinges worth it?

Ball bearing hinges are considered heavy-duty hinges. As a result, they’re more durable and tend to last longer than standard hinges that wear out more quickly because the knuckles rub against each other.

How do I know what cabinet hinges to buy?

The construction of your cabinet – most notably, the overlay of the face frame and the cabinet door – determines which cabinet hinge you need. Similarly, where your drawer slides need to be mounted dictates what type of drawer slide you need.

Are cabinet hinges standard size?

Concealed hinges come in many versions but only two sizes, these are 26mm and 35mm. Concealed hinges are the hinges most commonly used on kitchen cabinet doors. 26mm concealed hinges are used in light units like bathroom cabinets and were oten used on budget kitchen cabinets to keep the price down.

Can I turn any door into a swinging door?

You can turn any slab door into a swinging door using a pivot hinge, allowing you to match the door to the existing interior doors in your home.

How many types of hinges are there?

There are three different types of butt hinges: plain, ball bearing, and spring-loaded. Builders generally use plain butt hinges for lightweight interior doors. A pin, that may or may not be removable, joins the two leaves (or plates) at the hinge’s knuckles.

Why do hospital doors open in opposite directions?

Double egress doors control traffic flow for a safe and orderly exit and entrance. These doors are used in the corridors of high-traffic buildings, like schools, hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

What are cowboy doors called?

Saloon doors are most often called café doors, double swinging doors, batwing doors, bar doors, and double action doors. Although there are many different names for these doors, they are all the same style door- saloon doors.

Are Soss hinges soft close?

The SOSS Invisible Closer gives you a door closer that is totally invisible from either side when the door is closed. The closure rate is completely adjustable with an allen wrench after installation, and does not require removal of the closer.


Door Thickness 1-3/4″
D 1″

How do you bend a knuckle hinge?

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