What happened to Tristan and Mr Yates?

Despite Tristan denying a relationship with Yates, an investigation was soon made, bringing Mr. Yates to end his affair with Tristan and to drive off in a fury.

Who is Mr Yates on Degrassi?


A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, Marc Bendavid is a film, television and stage actor who is currently playing Mr. Yates in Degrassi.

Who is Yates in Dexter?

Aaron McCusker
Aaron McCusker was born in 1978 in Portadown, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, UK. He is an actor.

Do Maya and Tristan make up?

They finally made up in Get It Together. They both made their first appearances in Season 11: Tristan in Dead and Gone (1) and Maya in Underneath It All (1). Coincidentally, each of their first episodes were the first part of a 2-parter.

Is there a student teacher relationship in Degrassi?

Trivia. They were the first student/teacher relationship in the franchise. The three other student/teacher relationships being Manny and Mick, Sav and Winnie, and Tristan and Grant.

Who does Claire end up with in Degrassi?

Glen Martin
She is the younger sister of former Degrassi student, Darcy Edwards, and the daughter of Randall Edwards and Helen Martin. The latter is married to Glen Martin whose son, Jake Martin, became her stepbrother after the two dated and broke up.

Who does Maya end up with in Degrassi?

According to an interview with Executive Producer Stephen Stohn, Zig and Maya rekindled their relationship after Season 4 of Degrassi: Next Class and are ‘endgame’, ending up together.

Who is the brain surgeon on Dexter?

Daniel Vogel
Daniel Vogel, better known as Oliver Saxon, is the main antagonist of the eighth season of the TV series Dexter. He is a serial killer known as “The Brain Surgeon” who removes parts of his victims’ brains, and who becomes Dexter Morgan’s nemesis.

What age is Aaron McCusker?

43 years (November 26, 1978)Aaron McCusker / Age

Who does Miles Hollingsworth end up with?

After three months of Tristan being in a coma, Miles ends up having an affair with Lola (aka his actual soulmate).

Do Lola and Miles end up together?

In 2020, the Degrassi writers confirmed they’re “on each other’s minds.” In January 2021, the Degrassi writers revealed that they’re in touch and Miles writes FanFiction about Lola called “Hope.” They were the only couple to have a pregnancy storyline in Degrassi: Next Class.

Who has the longest relationship in Degrassi?

They started dating in the same episode as Sean and Ellie (Take On Me). Jimmy and Hazel were the second longest lasting teenage couple in Degrassi history, lasting 39 episodes. The longest is Sav and Anya with 52 episodes and the third longest was Spinner and Jane with 34 episodes. They were dating when Jimmy was shot.

Who had the most relationships on Degrassi?

One of the longest-running couples in Degrassi is easily Eli and Clare. Clare had some major love interests besides Eli, and Eli had his tragic past with Julia.

Who does Spinner end up with in Degrassi?

Spinner and Emma never actually dated or even had much interaction, but married each other one night after getting very drunk at a casino. After realizing they did, in fact, love each other, Spinner and Emma decided to stay married. They are the only original characters from the first season to get married.

Does Spinner cheat on Paige with Manny?

According to the season 5 finale High Fidelity, Spinner and Manny were having sex during their brief time dating.

Who kills Zig in Degrassi?

Zig is later shot to death by Mike, in avenge of Jared’s death. Zig is portrayed by Ricardo Hoyos.

Who kills Deb in Dexter?

One of the most tragic moments in Dexter’s original series was Deb’s season 8 finale death. She had become brain dead from complications in surgery after being shot by Oliver Saxon, so Dexter mercifully pulled the plug on her life support in the show’s final moments.

Is Dr Vogel a serial killer in Dexter?

Oliver Saxon (born as Daniel Vogel) is a character in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER. He was a serial Killer who moved to Miami in 2008, after claiming lives during his travels from city to city (established in “Goodbye Miami”).

Is Aaron McCusker married?

Jennie SuttonAaron McCusker / Spouse (m. 2009)

Where is Aaron McCusker from?

Portadown, United KingdomAaron McCusker / Place of birth
McCusker was born in Portadown, County Armagh. He was a member of the local drama group called The Phoenix Players.

Who got Lola pregnant in Degrassi?

In #IRegretNothing, Lola takes a pregnancy test that comes out positive, meaning Miles got her pregnant. She asks Miles for a ride and wants to talk to him. He rejects her and she is upset. Lola reveals she is choosing to get an abortion and is not telling Miles that she is pregnant and getting the procedure.

How long is Tristan in a coma?

After three months of Tristan being in a coma, Miles ends up having an affair with Lola (aka his actual soulmate). I feel like I should be upset they pulled the “bisexual cheats on their partner” trope but TBH, I was mostly just happy to see Miles with someone who actually accepted his identity.

Who does Emma marry in Degrassi?


Do Paige and Alex end up together?

Alex ended the relationship because she didn’t only want to be Paige’s “lapdog.” The two went on to date other people, but found their way back to each other in Season 6. However, they broke up for the final time in Season 7 when they realized they were at two different points in their lives.

Who was the best Degrassi couple?

Eli and Clare
Eli and Clare were, by far, one of the most iconic couples in the entire Degrassi cinematic universe!