What games did LeBron miss this season?

LeBron James will miss the Lakers’ final 2 games of the season, the team announced Friday. LeBron James’ season has come to an end, the Lakers announced Friday. The superstar will miss Los Angeles’ final two games of the 2021-22 season with a left sprained left ankle.

What does LeBron average against the Cavs?

LeBron James has averaged 29.6 points, 7.4 assists and 7.1 rebounds in 18 games against the Cavaliers in his career.

When did LeBron win Cavs championship?


Top Moments: Cavaliers end Cleveland’s long championship drought. LeBron James makes good on his promise as the Cavaliers win the 2016 NBA Finals in epic fashion. The Cavs top the Warriors in a Game 7 thriller, becoming the first NBA team to erase a 3-1 Finals deficit.

What teams did LeBron win with?

LeBron James has won three National Basketball Association (NBA) championships. He won his first two championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. He won a third championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

What game did LeBron hurt his ankle?

LeBron James twisted his ankle, badly, during a collision with Jaxson Hayes while trying to get an offensive rebound in the first quarter of the Lakers’ 116-108 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday night.

How many points does LeBron need to pass Kareem?

James will enter the 2022-23 season projecting to need 49 games to pass Abdul-Jabbar’s record.

Which team has the best LeBron?

1: Boston Celtics. LeBron has played the Boston Celtics 30 times during the regular season and averaged as many points in those matchups as he has against any other team in the NBA. In 30 games against the Celtics, he’s averaged 30.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.3 assists.

Who did 73 9 Warriors lose to?

The team finally lost on Dec. 12 to the Milwaukee Bucks, 108-95.

What Finals did LeBron lose?

LeBron James lost the 2011 NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks. He lost two NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs (2007, 2014) and three more against the Golden State Warriors (2015, 2017, 2018).

Is LeBron the only player to win with 3 teams?

LeBron James Becomes 4th Player To Win NBA Championship With 3 Different Teams The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship. NPR discusses LeBron James’ career as he becomes the 4th player in NBA history to win a championship with three different teams.

What player has lost the most NBA Finals?

Since 1962-63, LeBron James has lost the most games in the NBA Finals, with 33 losses.

LeBron James NBA Finals 33
Jerry West NBA Finals 29
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar NBA Finals 27
Magic Johnson NBA Finals 26

Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan?

LeBron James’ statistics indicate that he is a much better overall basketball player. While Jordan scored more overall, LeBron is a more efficient player, shooting better from two and three-point range. LeBron is also a much better passer and rebounder than Jordan ever was.

Is LeBron James a billionaire?

LeBron James, the basketball legend with four NBA championships, three Olympic medals and 18 NBA All-Star appearances under his belt, is the first active NBA player to achieve billionaire status.

Who has the most 70 point games in NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlain has the most games with 70+ points in a season, with 3 games in 1962-63 and in 1961-62.

Can LeBron be all-time leading scorer?

Now the Los Angeles Lakers star has his eyes set on another Lakers legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s current all-time leading scorer.

Most career points in playoffs.

1. LeBron James 7,631
2. Michael Jordan 5,987
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5,762
4. Kobe Bryant 5,640

When was LeBron at his best?

2012 Miami Heat
James’s 53.1% field-goal percentage in ’12 was at the time the best mark of his career. He also averaged a tidy 27/8/6.

When was LeBron at his peak?

Athletic peak was his Miami days. His peak as the goat was when he went back to Cleveland and lead them back 3-1 and also the 2018 playoffs when he went on a rampage before running into the team built to just beat him. Lebron!

Has any NBA team go 82 0?

Now, each team plays about 3.5 games per week during the regular season which lasts about 165 days. So Has an NBA team ever gone 0-82 or 82-0? No team has ever won or lost all 82 games in a single season. The best record ever was 73 wins and 9 losses by the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors.

What is the longest winning streak in NBA history?

33 consecutive victories
On Nov. 5, 1971, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Baltimore Bullets 110-106, starting an epic winning streak that lasted more than two months, and culminated with 33 consecutive victories, still an NBA record, and the longest winning streak in American pro sports.

Who lost the most NBA titles?

The Los Angeles Lakers have the most series losses by a team in the NBA Finals, with 15 losses.

Why does LeBron James switch teams so much?

His moves to different teams were never because he was randomly traded there, but because he chose to join them for the opportunity to have a better team than the one he was previously playing for.

Who has 3 peat in the NBA?

NBA. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won their first three-peat from 1991-1993 in victories over the Los Angeles Lakers, Portland Trail Blazers and the Phoenix Suns.

What NBA team has never won a Finals?

Denver Nuggets
This team was once one of the most formidable teams in NBA history. However, they have never won the NBA championship.

Who has most turnovers in NBA history?

LeBron James

Rank Player TOV
1. LeBron James 4788
2. Karl Malone* 4524
3. Moses Malone* 4264
4. John Stockton* 4244

Who is the goat of basketball all time?

LeBron James just became the GOAT basketball player—in all-time earnings. But he’s actually still in Michael Jordan’s shadow | Fortune.