What does Sheldon say in Klingon?

What does Sheldon say in Klingon? As the Vulcans sayKup- fun- escarpment ha’kiv na’ish du stau? (“Can you go back to life to kill?) He also said “No” and latterly, “Go to Hell.”

Does Wil Wheaton speak Klingon?

Wil can speak Klingon, as he was able to understand Sheldon’s threat perfectly during the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a Tournament.

What does pompo Mirren meaning?

And if she says no… well then she can just ponfo mirann. [Vulcan phrase. It means “go to hell”]

How do you say no in Klingon?


This is the word for “no”: ghobe’.

What is Dammit in Klingon?

ghay’cha’, excl.: A general invective; “Damn it!”

What does Nirsh mean?

Nirsh is a name that signifies a freedom-loving and free-spirited individual.

How do you say nerd in Klingon?

It is possible to say venwI’ “one who is nerdy” or “nerd.” (2) Another word for “nerd” is qatru’. Though venwI’ is fine, qatru’ is more common… and nerdier.

Is Klingon a real language?

The Klingon language (Klingon: tlhIngan Hol, pIqaD:  , pronounced [ˈt͡ɬɪ. ŋɑn xol]) is the constructed language spoken by a fictional alien race called the Klingons, in the Star Trek universe.

Klingon language.

Sources Constructed languages A priori languages
Official status
Regulated by Marc Okrand
Language codes

What is Amy’s secret language?

Amy references her made up language, “Op”. It appears as though the language takes a word, breaks out each consonant of the word, and adds “op” to it, and says each vowel as normal. When penny says “Sounds great”, Amy responds “Nope!

What is the Klingon word for wife?

The words for wife (n) and husband (n) are, respectively, be’nal and loDnal. There are two different words for marry (v) – nay, which is what the wife does, and Saw’ – which is what the husband does.

What does kapla mean in Klingon?

Qapla’ is thlIngan Hol (Klingon) for “Success”. As a phrase, it works along the lines of “Have a nice day.”, ” Good luck.”, or “Y’all come back now, hear?”. ( TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

What is Qapla in Klingon?

Qapla’ (Success!) Pronounced: q͡χɑpʰ.ˈlɑʔ Usage: To be exclaimed victoriously after your first full conversation with a Klingon. And, hopefully, your escape.

What did Vulcan say?

“Live long and prosper”

How did Sheldon propose Amy?

Following a surprising kiss from Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, Sheldon hops on a plane and travels across the U.S to Princeton University to propose to Amy. Amy finds Sheldon on his knee and he asks her to marry him. Immediately Sheldon’s phone rings and he answers it to not be rude to the callers, Leonard and Penny.

What is hello in Klingon?

Many English words do not have direct translations into Klingon. To express “hello”, the nearest equivalent is nuqneH, meaning “What do you want?”, with “goodbye” translated as Qapla’, “Success!”.

What does Kaplah mean in Klingon?

Qapla’ (Success!) Pronounced: q͡χɑpʰ.ˈlɑʔ Usage: To be exclaimed victoriously after your first full conversation with a Klingon. And, hopefully, your escape.

How do you speak Obish?

Step 2: How to Speak Obish
When pronouncing words, simply add “ob” before every vowel sound. The pronounciations included dashes for help pronouncing, they do not imply a pause. Quite conversely, you must try to pronounce the sounds as close together as you can.

Why did penny call Raj quick draw?

When Penny shuts down Raj’s explanation of their affair to the group by calling him “Quick Draw”, she is making a sexual put down using the name of the cartoon character Quick Draw McGraw.

What is the Klingon word for love?

bangwI’ SoH. Bung-wih shokh. The phrase ‘bangwI’ SoH’ actually translates to ‘you are my love’. You can use these phrases with both males and females, Klingon doesn’t distinguish between the two.

What does Qavan mean in Klingon?

qavan. The verb van salute is a very reasonable way for Klingons – and thus Klingonists – to greet each other.

How do you say dammit in Klingon?

Qu’vatlh ghuy’cha’ baQa’
ghuy’cha’ , a general invective similar to “Damn it,” consists of ghuy’ (an invective; “damn”) and cha’ (two). Finally, baQa’ or b’aka (invective) indicates a frustration with one’s own inability to accomplish a task.

What does Ptak mean in Klingon?

P’takh (petaQ) is a Klingon insult, meaning something like “weirdo,” deriving from the verb “to be weird” (taQ), with and [sic] you (plural) imperative prefix (pe-).

Is there an actual Vulcan language?

The Vulcan language is a fictional language in the Star Trek universe. From the time of the beginning, Star Trek fans have been inspired to create their own Vulcan language, especially since few Vulcan words or names were ever spoken in the original series.

How do you pronounce T Hy LA?

As far as I know most of the English tend to pronounce it Tee-high-la. But there is a wonderful song by Julia Ecklar and she pronounces it Tee-hee- la. This is corresponding more with the classical Latin pronunciation of the letters, as we have it with rather all the Vulcan words as heard in Star Trek.

Who does Raj end up with?

In season 12, he asks his father to find him a wife and he ends up going with Anu.