What does Marlo represent in the wire?

Marlo Stanfield is a fictional character on the HBO television drama The Wire, played by actor Jamie Hector. Stanfield is a young, ambitious, intelligent and ruthless gangster and head of the eponymous Stanfield Organization in the Baltimore drug trade.

Marlo Stanfield
Occupation Drug lord

Who was Marlo Stanfield based on?

Timmirror Stanfield

Marlo Stanfield was based on Timmirror Stanfield, a major Baltimore drug trafficker. In 1986, Stanfield was 25 and ran a gang which included over fifty members. The Stanfield gang controlled South Baltimore’s Westport area and West Baltimore’s Murphy Homes housing project.

What happens to Marlo?

Marlo, a Rising Atlanta Rapper With Big Connections, Is Shot and Killed at 30. A local favorite who came up alongside Lil Baby and Migos, Marlo was found dead after a highway shooting on Saturday night.

Did Marlo retire?

The technicality was enough to put Marlo back on the streets on the condition he retires from the drug game. He obliged in hopes of becoming a “legitimate businessman.” The final image of him in the finale is that of a man who lost his street cred getting beaten by thieves who had no idea what his name was.

Who is the main villain of The Wire?

Avon Randolph Barksdale
Avon Randolph Barksdale is the central antagonist of the HBO series The Wire, serving as the main antagonist of season 1, a major antagonist in season 2, the secondary antagonist of Season 3, and a supporting antagonist in season 5.

Why did cheese give up Prop Joe?

However, Joe chooses someone more reliable, thwarting the unit’s efforts inadvertently. Daniels tips his hand when he arrests Cheese, believing he had Cheese on tape discussing a murder. Cheese realizes the tape is of him talking about shooting his injured pet dog, and the police are forced to release him.

Who shot Bodie?

Shortly after Poot’s departure, while Bodie was still focused on Chris and Snoop, O-Dog emerged from a doorway behind Bodie and shot him twice in the head, killing him.

Why did Stringer Bell give up Avon?

Brother Mouzone tells Avon that money will not settle the debt and that Avon must give up Stringer in order to maintain his word and reputation and, thus, continue dealing with New York. Avon is forced to give up Stringer to appease Mouzone and maintain his business contact.

Why did Avon give up Stringer?

What did Marlo go to jail for?

Did Marlo Hampton go to jail? Radar Online reported in 2014 that Marlo was arrested on May 26th, 1999. She was 23 years old at the time and the reason for her arrest is cited as: “Aggravated Battery/Great Bodily Harm“. Radar Online reports that the RHOA star was released later the same day on a $5,000 bond.

Who was the smartest person on The Wire?

The Wire: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

  • 8 Bunk.
  • 7 Bubbles.
  • 6 Kima.
  • 5 Daniels.
  • 4 Omar.
  • 3 Stringer Bell.
  • 2 Marlo Stanfield.
  • 1 Lester Freamon.

Did Avon setup Stringer?

For all that it’s taken three seasons to set up this moment, Stringer’s end comes suddenly. He learns the reason for his fate, finds out that Avon set him up, but isn’t given a grand closing speech. “Get on with it motherf–” he says, without being allowed to finish the sentence.

Why did slim shoot Cheese?

Cheese shows little grief over Prop Joe’s death, saying it led to their benefit since they will now have control of the best heroin connection. Slim Charles then shoots Cheese in the head before he has a chance to finish talking.

Who killed butchie in The Wire?

They murder one of his accomplices, then try to torture him into revealing Omar’s whereabouts. They shoot him twice in the leg, then smash a bottle over his face. Sensing Butchie’s resolve not to give up Omar, Chris eventually kills him with a bullet to the head.

Does Bodie work for Marlo?

Aside from Savino and Poot, Bodie is the only character to move from the Barksdale Organization to the Marlo Stanfield crew.

Who gave up butchie in The Wire?

Why was Wallace killed wire?

He betrays his age when he is found playing with toys while supposed to be on lookout duty. After Omar Little robs the pit crew’s stash of drugs, Wallace spots Omar’s accomplice Brandon playing pinball and calls this information in. Stringer Bell grabs Brandon and tortures him to death.

Did Avon set Stringer up?

For all that it’s taken three seasons to set up this moment, Stringer’s end comes suddenly. He learns the reason for his fate, finds out that Avon set him up, but isn’t given a grand closing speech.

Who betrayed Stringer Bell?

Stringer is simultaneously betrayed by Avon, when Mouzone confronts him about Stringer’s plot to engineer a conflict between himself and Omar. In an effort to avoid a war with Mouzone and his New York associates, Avon reluctantly tells him Stringer’s whereabouts.

Does Avon ever find out Stringer killed D Angelo?

Stringer says that thinking before killing does not make him soft, but Avon challenges Stringer’s toughness by asking him who he has killed. Stringer reports Brianna’s meeting with McNulty and reveals to Avon that he was behind D’Angelo’s death, and that his was a life that had to be taken.

Who is Marlos sugar daddy?

“Ted Turner was Marlo’s sugar daddy. My understanding is that Marlo is one of the reasons why Jane Fonda divorced Ted Turner. Ted Turner is the “sponsor” who financed the The Red Carpet Boutique Marlo had at the Perimeter mall in ATL. Marlo knows how to get money, she’s a true hustler.”

Is Marlo on RHOA a felon?

Radar Online reports that the RHOA star was released later the same day on a $5,000 bond. The report continues: “On September 28th, 1999, Hampton began to serve time for her aggravated battery felony conviction. Online records show she served four months in jail and was released on January 28th, 2000.

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How did cheese betray Prop Joe?

Joe believes that he has escaped further involvement with Omar, and despite Stanfield’s offering a bounty on anyone connected to Omar, Joe does not reveal Omar’s connection to Butchie. However, Cheese betrays Joe for the reward money, and Stanfield has his enforcers murder Butchie.