What does it mean to twirl around?

to move or cause to move around rapidly and repeatedly in a circle. (tr) to twist, wind, or twiddle, often idlyshe twirled her hair around her finger. (intr; often foll by around or about) to turn suddenly to face another wayshe twirled around angrily to face him. noun.

What is twisting in Tagalog?

The English word “twisting” can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: 1.) paikutin – [verb] to rotate something; to spin something; to cause something to turn; to twist something more… 2.)

What kind of word is twirl?

Twirl can be a noun or a verb.

What does it mean to spin or twirl?

Definition of twirl

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to revolve rapidly. 2 : to pitch in a baseball game.

How do you use twirling in a sentence?

He is shown to have a habit of twirling his hair between his fingers.

What is to twirl around quickly?

1. to rotate rapidly; spin. 2. to turn rapidly in a circle; whirl around.

What does with a twist mean?

Not straight forward. Not straight forward means extraordinary. Extraordinary can mean unexpected changes/challenges. So with a twist means extraordinary. Anything can be with a twist.

What is Tagalog of bending?

The English word “bending” can be translated as the following words in Tagalog: 1.) yukô – [noun] bending down of the head or body; obeisance; bowing; ducking more… yumukô – [verb] to bow one’s head; to bow; to bend; to bend down; to bend forward; to bend over; to droop 1 Example Sentence Available » more… 3.)

What’s the difference between spinning and twirling?

There may be some technical differences to professional dancers, but I think for most lay people the two terms are interchangeable, in terms of the movements involved. The main difference to me is the speed of rotation – ‘spinning’ implies a faster, more agitated rotation than ‘twirling’, which is smoother and gentler.

What is the opposite of twirled?

Opposite of to spin quickly around or in circles, especially repeatedly. straight. straighten. untwirl. untwist.

What is the difference between twirl and whirl?

I vote for #3 – “whirled.” Swirled is a slower motion than a whip circling above his head. Twirled often means spinning something around an axis, as in twirling a baton or twirling your hair on a finger. “Whirled” still sounds a little tame (no pun intended) for a whip, but of the three I like it best.

What’s the difference between twirl and swirl?

‘Swirl’ is often used for natural forces moving irregularly: water, wind, clouds, leaves in the wind, and so on. ‘Twirl’ is often more like a deliberate movement of something more solid: a dancer twirls, or you twirl an umbrella.

What is an example of twisting?

In this context, twisting refers to rotating one part of the body in a direction away from or opposite to another part. For example, a twisting motion is used when an individual turns his or her head to one side or makes a thumbs-down motion with his or her hand. Another word for twisting is torsion.

What does being a twist mean?

(slang) A girl, a woman.

What is baliko?

bent, crumpled, dented.

What is bend called in English?

1 curve, crook, flex, bow. 3 influence.

What is the difference between swirl and whirl?

In casual English, a solid object has spin if it rotates. A fluid swirls if it rotates. A solid whirls if it travels in a circle.

What is the synonym of twirl?

revolve, whirl, twirl, pirouette. in the sense of gyration.

What is a synonym and antonym for twirl?

verb. (
Antonyms. uncross stay open disintegrate straighten stay in place. birl circumvolve rotate spin.

Are twirling and spinning the same thing?

How are the meanings of whirl and spin similar?

Both whirl and spin are words that mean “turn in circles” but that have also come to mean trying something briefly––you might take a car for a spin or take a turn hiking in the Himalayas. All imply an attitude so free-wheeling, so easy, so devil-may-care that it might make your head spin. Or whirl.

What is the difference between twirling and spinning?

What is the synonym word of twisting?

entwining, spiraling. (or spiralling), twining, winding.

What is the sentence of twisting?

How to use Twisting in a sentence. She turned her face away, twisting free of his arms. He reached for the door, doubt twisting his guts. Traffic by street cars was made impossible by the twisting of the tracks.

What word means twist?

Definition of twist someone’s words
: to repeat what someone said in a way that has a different meaning He twisted my words and made it seem like I was angry.