What does a China cymbal look like?

China type cymbals typically have a bell that is cylindrical or shaped like a truncated cone with its base the top of the bell, an outer rim that is turned up in the reverse direction to the main bow of the cymbal, little or no taper (change in thickness) from bell to rim, and an area including the inside of the bell …

What size is a Chinese cymbal?

Most China cymbals have a 16- to 20-inch diameter, but China cymbal size can vary from as wide as 27 inches to as narrow as eight inches for small China splash cymbals. Manufacturers like Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, Stagg, and Paiste construct China cymbals in a variety of ways.

What is the difference between Splash and crash cymbals?

So splash cymbals are a lot like crash cymbals except we’re talking even smaller they run anywhere from 6 inches to 10 to 12 inches.

How do you play a splash cymbal?

So another way you can try and use a splash is just before or just after the main snare in your groove in the back be just a really great way of adding some texture. And some depth to the groove.

What size China cymbal is the best?

From Personal experience, 18″ chinas are the quick snappy sound that sounds great for metal and punk. Some 20″ gives the same sound but tend to be on the lower tone sound that is more for death metal and black metal. If you are on a budget and want something quick, loud, and trashy, go with a Wuhan 18″ china.

How tight should a China cymbal be?

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How do you hit a China cymbal?

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What is the best brand of cymbals?

Top 4 Cymbal Brands

  • Zildjian. Zildjian is arguably the most popular cymbal brand there is.
  • Sabian. Sabian has always been the direct competitor to Zildjian.
  • Meinl. Meinl hasn’t always been as popular as the previous brands.
  • Paiste.
  • Smaller Brands.
  • Dream.
  • Istanbul Agop.
  • Soultone.

Why use a flat ride cymbal?

A flat ride cymbal produces the tightest, driest, most controlled stick sound of all ride cymbals, but with an airy wash. The lack of bell makes this cymbal quieter and most suitable for jazz.

Where should you hit a crash cymbal?

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When should I play a crash cymbal?

Most drummers use them during transitions between sections, during drum solos, and at the end of songs. The term crash cymbals also describes the oversized hand cymbals used in orchestras. These crash cymbals are played by multi-instrumentalists who are skilled in a variety of percussion instruments.

What is a China cymbal used for?

In most Western music, China cymbals are used for special accents and as “effects” cymbals.

What is splash in drum?

In a drum kit, splash cymbals are the smallest accent cymbals. Splash cymbals and china cymbals are the main types of effects cymbals. The most common sized splash has a diameter of 10″, followed by 8″. Most splash cymbals are in the size range of 6″ to 13″, but some splash cymbals are as small as 4″.

Where can I hit a china cymbal?

How tight should a china cymbal be?

What is the most popular cymbal?


Zildjian is arguably the most popular cymbal brand there is. Most musicians know of Zildjian cymbals, even if they aren’t drummers.

How long do cymbals last?

Most drummers who have good playing techniques and do proper maintenance can use their cymbals for up to 20, 30 years, if not more. If quality cymbals break after a short time, you should replace them – but also consider purchasing suitable cymbals for the appropriate musical direction.

What is the biggest cymbal in the world?

Paiste cymbal
In Pictures: World’s largest cymbal surfaces
The Paiste cymbal, made from the same alloy as Paiste Gongs (Nickel Sivler NS12), measures a whopping 86.6 inches in diameter and weighs 11kg. It took more than 1,200 working hours to create the massive metal.

Who invented the flat ride?

Bell-less ride cymbals, known as flat rides, have a dry crash and clear stick definition. Quieter, they are popular in jazz drumming. Developed by Paiste in the 1960s, flat rides are used by notable drummers Roy Haynes, Jack DeJohnette, Paul Wertico, Carter Beauford, Jo Jones and Charlie Watts.

Can you use a hi-hat cymbal as a crash?

You can do whatever you want. I’ve heard of people using 2 16″ crashes as hihats, the only real problem with this is placement. Using one half of a hihat as a crash wouldn’t be too bad, as long as you like the sound. I’d assume it would make for a pretty heavy crash.

What is the proper way to hold cymbals?

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Where do you put China cymbals?

Are bigger cymbals louder?

Cymbal size refers to the overall diameter of a cymbal. Larger cymbals generally have more volume, longer sustain and slower response than smaller cymbals. Bigger Cymbals = Increased Volume, Slower response, and Longer Sustain. Smaller Cymbals = Lower Volume, Faster Attack and Faster Decay.

What is the cymbal with holes in it?

A sizzle cymbal is a cymbal to which rivets, chains or other rattles have been added to modify the sound, attached either by means of holes bored in the cymbal or by means of an attachment known as a sizzler.

Where do you put a splash cymbal?

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