What article covers domestic violence?

The Indian legal system has formed Section 498A of Indian Penal Code according to the Criminal Law (Second Amendment) Act, 1983 (46 of 1983), specially for dealing with domestic violence. 498A IPC states10 – “Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty.

What is domestic violence in Indian law?

Domestic violence in India includes any form of violence suffered by a person from a biological relative but typically is the violence suffered by a woman by male members of her family or relatives. Although Men also suffer Domestic violence, the law under IPC 498A specifically protects only women.

What is the percentage of domestic violence in India?

In India, 30 percent of women have experienced domestic violence at least once from when they were aged 15, and around 4 percent of ever-pregnant women have experienced spousal violence during a pregnancy.

Which Indian state has most domestic violence?

West Bengal reported the highest number of cases of cruelty against women by spouses or their relatives in 2021, according to the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

What cases husband can file against wife?

Section 506 of IPC, 1860:

Punishment for Criminal Intimidation The husband can file a case against his wife, claiming that she threatens him to hurt himself or his family or property. Yet again, the evidence is the only thing which can uphold his case.

What is the section 12?

Section 12: Emergency restraint and hospitalization of persons posing risk of serious harm by reason of mental illness.

What are the rights of woman in India?


  • Right to maintenance.
  • Right to equal pay.
  • Right to dignity and decency.
  • Right against domestic violence.
  • Rights at workplace.
  • Right against dowry.
  • Right to free legal aid.
  • Right of private defense.

When did domestic violence started in India?

1 Though the term ‘domestic violence’ did not exist in legal parlance till 2005, a step in its direction was made in 1983 with the adoption of sections 498A and 304B of the Indian Penal Code. The enactment of 498A made cruelty towards wives a non-bailable criminal offence punishable with up to five years in prison.

How many girls are abused in India?

Despite its prevalence, rape accounted for 10.9% of reported cases of violence against women in 2016.


Year Reported rapes
2016 38,947
2017 32,599
2018 33,356
2019 32,033

Which country has highest domestic violence?

Rank Country Value
1 Afghanistan 46.10
2 Vanuatu 44.00
3 Equatorial Guinea 43.60
4 Solomon Islands 41.80

Which is the safest state in India for females?

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is undoubtedly the safest city for women in India in 2022. The rate of crime in the city in 2019 was only 7.9. Crime rate is the number of crimes recorded per one lakh of the population. The number of crimes recorded in the city in 2019 was 85.

What to do if wife is torturing?

You can file a complaint in the nearest police station; the police will record everything you will tell them. The police will be aware of the torture you are facing; they will have all the evidence and records essential for future proceedings. Your wife will no longer be able to file a false complaint against you.

What is mental harassment in marriage?

Mental harassment, also known as emotional abuse, is a form of non-physical conduct aimed at controlling, manipulating, intimidating, punishing, and demeaning through humiliation, degradation, and fear. It means detrimental and hostile behavior by a person towards another.

What IPC 18?

Section 18 of the IPC states that – the region and territory of India, excluding Jammu and Kashmir under this act. After the removal of Article 370, which removed the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir, has led to the application of this act to the whole region of India.

What IPC 14?

[14. “Servant of Government”. —The words “servant of Government” denote any officer or servant continued, appointed or employed in India by or under the authority of Government.]

What are the IPC sections for womens?

The offence can be categorized in various aspects as a rape of a minor girl, rape of a woman (Sec 376), rape with murder (Sec 376A), rape in families, rape by public servants (Sec 376C) , gang-rape (Sec 376 D), marital rapes (Sec 376B).

Is there any law for girls?

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has been administering various special laws relating to women such as the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005; Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961; Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986; the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention.

What is the reason of violence in India?

Dowry: Dowry is a form of socio-cultural factor. But, it becomes important to separately mention it because of the rampant domestic violence cases resulting from illegal demand of dowry.

How does domestic violence affect society?

Studies show that living with domestic violence can cause physical and emotional harm to children and young people in the following ways: ongoing anxiety and depression. emotional distress. eating and sleeping disturbances.

When did women’s rights start in India?

The provisions officially replaced those contained in the Government of India Act of 1935, thereafter being adopted by the Constituent Assembly in November 1949 for the formal enforcement date of 26 January 1950.

Which country has lowest domestic violence?

What state has highest domestic violence?

10 States with the Highest Rate of Domestic Violence Victimization

  • Nevada – 43.8 percent.
  • Alaska – 43.3 percent.
  • Arizona – 42.6 percent.
  • Indiana – 42.5 percent.
  • South Carolina – 42.3 percent.
  • Missouri – 41.8 percent.
  • Illinois – 41.5 percent.
  • Washington – 41.4 percent.

Which city Has Lowest crime rate in India?

Kolkata has topped the list of cities with the least number of cognisable offences per lakh of its population, making the metropolis the safest city of India in 2021, according to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

Which Indian state has lowest crime?

The highest crime rate of violent crimes was reported in Kerala (44.0) followed by Delhi (37.0), Assam (36.6) and Manipur (32.4). The lowest crime rate was observed in Nagaland (11.4), Gujarat (12.0) and Punjab (13.5).

What is mental harassment by wife?

As per the facts being harassed by wife or getting blackmailed can be amounted to Mental Torture. Mental Torture is a valid ground for divorce under section 498 IPC. Section 498 of the IPC Act is the governing law for mental torture in India among married couples.