What areas are included in Greater Shepparton?

The City of Greater Shepparton includes the localities of Arcadia, Ardmona, Boxwood (part), Bunbartha, Byrneside, Caniambo, Congupna, Cooma, Coomboona, Cosgrove, Cosgrove South, Dhurringile, Dookie, Dookie College, Gillieston, Girgarre East, Gowangardie, Grahamvale, Harston, Karramomus, Katandra, Katandra West, Kialla.

How many towns are in Greater Shepparton?

It includes the city of Shepparton and the towns of Arcadia, Ardmona, Congupna, Dookie, Grahamvale, Kialla, Lemnos, Merrigum, Mooroopna, Murchison, Tallygaroopna, Tatura, Toolamba and Undera.

Is Benalla part of Greater Shepparton?

Regional City of Shepparton

Local Government Area (LGA) Greater Shepparton City Council
Neighbouring Local Government Areas Benalla, Campaspe, Moira, Strathbogie
LGA Population, 2020 67,100
Estimated Population, 2036 77,700
Population Growth between 2015-2020 0.8% per annum

What is the population of Greater Shepparton?


Welcome to the City of Greater Shepparton Community Profile
The City of Greater Shepparton Estimated Resident Population for 2021 is 68,522, with a population density of 28.30 persons per square km. The City of Greater Shepparton is located in north-central Victoria, about 180 kilometres north of the Melbourne CBD.

Is Bendigo part of Greater Shepparton?

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to being open and transparent and to delivering the best value services for our community.

“Know Your Council”

Council Population
Greater Bendigo 114,111
Ballarat 105,438
Latrobe 74,921
Greater Shepparton 65,565

Is Invergordon in Greater Shepparton?

Arcadia, Ardmona, Boxwood, Branditt, Bunbartha, Byrneside, Caniambo, Colliver, Congupna, Cooma, Coomboona, Cosgrove, Cosgrove South, Dhurringile, Dookie, Dookie College, Dunkirk, Gillieston, Girgarre East, Gowangardie, Grahamvale, Harston, Invergordon South, Karramomus, Katandra, Katandra West, Kialla, Kialla East.

Is Euroa in Greater Shepparton?

Greater Shepparton city is a municipality formed on 18 November 1994, by the union of Shepparton city, Shepparton shire, most of Rodney shire and parts of Euroa, Goulburn, Tungamah, Violet Town and Waranga shires.

Is Yarrawonga in Greater Shepparton?

On 18 November 1994, the Shire of Tungamah was abolished, and, along with the Shires of Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkah and Yarrawonga, was merged into the newly created Shire of Moira. The Katandra West district was transferred to the newly created City of Greater Shepparton.

How many Muslims are in Shepparton?

Shepparton is home to a multicultural Muslim community numbering some 3,500 (5.5%). There are 4 mosques in the city (Shia: Afghan, Iraqi; Sunni: Turkish, Albanian).

What nationalities live in Shepparton?

Demographics of Shepparton
The top responses for country of birth were Australia 76%, India 1.9%, England 1.3%, Italy 1.3%, Afghanistan 1.2% and New Zealand 1.1%.

Which Shire is Shepparton in?

The Shire of Shepparton was a local government area in the Goulburn Valley region, about 180 kilometres (112 mi) north of Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia.
Shire of Shepparton.

Shire of Shepparton Victoria
Location in Victoria
Population 9,250 (1992)
• Density 9.973/km2 (25.830/sq mi)
Established 1884

What Shire is Dookie in?

Dookie – Greater Shepparton City Council.

What Shire is Shepparton come under?

Shire of Shepparton.

Shire of Shepparton Victoria
Population 9,250 (1992)
• Density 9.973/km2 (25.830/sq mi)
Established 1884
Area 927.49 km2 (358.1 sq mi)

Where is the closest beach to Shepparton?

Nearest patrolled beaches

  • PORT MELBOURNE. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.43m.
  • SOUTH MELBOURNE. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.43m.
  • SANDRIDGE. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.59m.
  • ST KILDA. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.43m.
  • ELWOOD. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.69m.
  • WILLIAMSTOWN. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.59m.
  • MIDDLE BRIGHTON. – 10.30°C 11.00km/h 0.69m.

What is the Aboriginal name for Shepparton?

Aboriginal History
Shepparton is found in on Yorta Yorta Country and goes by the name ‘Kanny-goopna’ which means ‘deep waterholes by which people camped’. Before the settlement of Europeans in this part of Victoria in the mid 19th century, Yorta Yorta people occupied the land here.

Is Shepparton a good place to live?

Greater Shepparton is a vibrant, diverse community located approximately two hours north of Melbourne in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, the food bowl of Australia. Our central location is a major advantage and has seen our urban centre emerge as the retail, industry and services hub for central Victoria.

What is the population of Shepparton 2022?

The City of Greater Shepparton population forecast for 2022 is 70,830, and is forecast to grow to 83,234 by 2036.

Is there a beach in Shepparton?

The beach on the Raymond West Swimming Pool, Shepparton | Victorian Places.

What is the most beautiful beach in Melbourne?

Top 10 Beaches in Melbourne

  • St Kilda Beach.
  • Half Moon Bay Beach.
  • Brighton Beach.
  • Mothers Beach.
  • Elwood Beach.
  • Williamstown Beach.
  • Sorrento Beach.
  • Altona Beach.

What nation are the Yorta Yorta people?

The Yorta Yorta, also known as Jotijota, are an Aboriginal Australian people who have traditionally inhabited the area surrounding the junction of the Goulburn and Murray Rivers in present-day north-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

What is Shepparton known for?

Greater Shepparton is home to several multinational and iconic companies such as Campbell’s Soups, SPC, Tatura Milk Industries, Unilever, Visy, Pental Soaps and Pactum Dairy. Other major employers include GV Health, GOTAFE, Goulburn Valley Water, Goulburn-Murray Water, and Greater Shepparton City Council.

What fruit is grown in Shepparton?

Greater Shepparton, in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, has long been synonymous with food and fresh produce. Home to an amazing array of home-grown goods including stone fruit, cherries, apples, pears, grapes, olives and tomatoes, it is little wonder the region is considered the food bowl of Australia.

Can you swim in Shepparton Lake?

Swimmers are advised not to use the lake.

Can you swim in the Goulburn River Vic?

We want children, families and members of our community to stay safe around irrigation channels in the Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) district. When the weather is hot many people look for a place to swim, but channels are not the place to cool off.

What is the quietest beach in Melbourne?

Kerferd Road Pier
This beach oasis is a proper slice of Melbourne coastline and is a thousand times quieter than its heaving counterparts (looking at you, St Kilda).