What are the best cycling YouTube channels?

Top 5 Cycling YouTube channels to watch

  1. Global Cycling Network (GCN) With a mixture of disciplines and a variety of content on a daily basis, it would be hard to not include GCN.
  2. Eurosport. Not all of us have the chance to sit down and watch a full mountain stage.
  3. Red Bull Bikes.
  4. Francis Cade.
  5. Cycling Pulse.
  6. Bikmo.

What is the world record for riding a bike without stopping?

He covered 202.1 km distance in 10 hours 44minutes and 5 seconds.

What is the world record for cycling in 24 hours?

1,026.215 kilometres

Austrian ultra-cyclist Christoph Strasser has set a new 24-hour world record on the road (pending verification), travelling a staggering 1,026.215 kilometres (637.66 miles). That equates to an (equally staggering) average speed of 42.75 km/h (26.56 mph) over the daylong ride.

Who holds the world record for bicycle?

The overall world record is held by American Denise Mueller-Korenek, who rode a custom bike at a 183.932mph average, the take-off speed of a large jet. It was set on a six-mile track at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, in September 2018.

Who is Katie Kookaburra?

Katie Butler – also known as Katie Kookaburra on Youtube – is an endurance cyclist and content creator from Manchester. When Katie started cycling five years ago, she weighed 100kg and struggled to ride 20 km.

Is there a cycling channel?

The cycling channel provides you 24/7 amateur cycling. Watch our bikers in first person, racing around the USA and Europe. Together with Norcal Cycling, this channel covers strategy, technique, equipment, nutrition, etc.

What is the easiest world record?

10 World Records to break while you are stuck at home

  1. Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds.
  2. Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds.
  3. Most Smarties eaten in 60 seconds blindfolded using chopsticks.
  4. Fastest time to arrange the alphabet from a can of alphabet spaghetti.
  5. Fastest time to assemble Mr.

What is the fastest 1 mile time on a bike?

In 2011, Markus Stockl flew down Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro volcano at a staggering 102.4 mph — that’s a 35-second mile, or about four times the speed of an average professional road cyclist.

What is the fastest bike record?

Athlete Elias Schwärzler (Austria) has pushed his mountain bike to the limit, breaking the record for the fastest towed bicycle by racking up a speed of 272.934 km/h (169.593 mph) in Schipkau, Germany on 22 May 2022.

What does Katie Kookaburra do for a living?

Who is Juliet Elliott?

Named one of Bike Biz’s ‘Most Influential Women In Cycling’ and a ‘Woman To Watch’ by YouTube, Juliet Elliott is a former model and pro snowboarder turned cyclist, who is professionally supported by Assos, Vans, Tribe and Fox.

Where can I watch cycling races?

The TL;DR is that NBC holds rights to ASO races like the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix (men’s and women’s events); RCS events (Giro d’Italia, Milan-San Remo) are on GCN+, and Flanders Classics (Ronde van Vlaanderen, Gent-Wevelgem) and World Championships are on Flo Bikes.

What are the best motorcycle YouTube channels?

15 Motorcycle Influencers You Should Follow on YouTube

  • Jake TheGardenSnake.
  • MaxWrist.
  • Hunter Honda.
  • CycleCruza. YouTube (300k+ subscribers)
  • Yammie Noob. YouTube (300k+ subscribers)
  • Baron Von Grumble. YouTube (200k+ subscribers)
  • RidingWithTom. YouTube (200k+ million subscribers)
  • FryRiding. YouTube (1.1 million subscribers)

Do you get money if you break a world record?

As the world’s unrivalled authority on record-breaking achievement, our role is to celebrate the world’s best, to inspire ordinary people and to entertain and inform. For these reasons, we do not pay record-breakers for their achievements or for carrying out a record title attempt.

What is the hardest record to beat?

Top 10 Most Difficult World Records to Beat

  • #8: Most Decorated Olympian.
  • #7: Most Metal Eaten.
  • #6: Heaviest Weight Lifted by the Human Tongue.
  • #5: Longest Distance to Pull an Airplane.
  • #4: Finding the World’s Biggest Diamond.
  • #3: The Oldest Person to Wing Walk.
  • #2: World’s Richest Person (Adjusted)
  • #1: Most World Records.

How long should a 20 mile bike ride take?

On average, it will take you an hour and forty minutes to finish a 20-mile biking distance. Of course, this is possible if you have a healthy physique, reliable bike, and average terrain. To understand these factors fully, read our guide below.

How long does it take to ride 100 miles on a bike?

6 ½ to 7 hours
Unless the 100 miler you’re gunning for is pancake flat and you can easily cruise at 20+ mph (in which case you can adjust that max time downward), a rolling century will take you 6 ½ to 7 hours (using 15 mph as an average).

Which is the No 1 bike in world?

Kawasaki set out to produce the world’s most powerful production machine and it achieved just that. In full bore, track only ‘R’ trim, the Kawasaki is claimed to produce a whopping 306bhp, rising to 322bhp with ram air effect.

1. Kawasaki Ninja H2/R.

Claimed peak power: 322 bhp
Power/weight: 1.585 bhp/kg

What is Katie Kookaburras real name?

Katie Butler
Katie Butler – also known as Katie Kookaburra on Youtube – is an endurance cyclist and content creator from Manchester. When Katie started cycling five years ago, she weighed 100kg and struggled to ride 20 km.

Where does Juliet Elliot live?

Juliet Elliott is in Exmouth, Devon.
I’m currently planning a little van/bike trip for mid October and considering the Lake District as I think it will be extra beautiful.

Who is Dave Noakes?

David Noakes (born March 1953) is a British computer consultant, businessman and politician, who founded Immuno Biotech Ltd. to promote the unproven therapy GcMAF and came last in the 2006 UKIP leadership election.

What channel is the cycling on today?

The Tour of Britain is televised live on ITV4 in the UK and around the world by Eurosport and the Global Cycling Network (GCN). Cycling enthusiasts will be able to watch every moment of the 2022 race on ITV4 as they exclusively broadcast all eight stages live from start to finish for the fifth edition running.

Who is the famous bike rider in YouTube?

Prabhjot Singh a.k.a Jatt Prabhjot.

Is there a motorcycle channel?

Watch The Motorcycle Channel® Video on Demand & Live TV available free on.

What is the hardest world record to break?