Is the M1919 still in service?

The M1919 was phased out in favor of the new M60 in the late 1950s. However, the Navy, having a surplus of the weapons, converted many to 7.62 mm and used them on gun boats patrolling the rivers of Vietnam.

Is the BAR a good gun?

The BAR was much more than just a psychological weapon for American GIs during World War II. BARs were well designed, well made, reliable and easy to use and service.

What caliber was the BAR?

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

Rifle, Caliber .30, Automatic, Browning, M1918
The M1918A2 BAR
Type Light machine gun Automatic rifle Squad automatic weapon
Place of origin United States
Service history

What caliber was the BAR in World War II?

.30-06 round

The M1918A2 BAR
The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is a light machine gun used in World War II. The BAR shot a . 30-06 round, used in the M1903 Springfield Rifle, and Browning M1917 machine gun.

What is the oldest gun still in service?

The Heilongjiang hand cannon or hand-gun is a bronze hand cannon manufactured no later than 1288 and is the world’s oldest confirmed surviving firearm.

What caliber was the M1919?

.30 caliber
The M1919 Browning is a . 30 caliber medium machine gun that was widely used during the 20th century, especially during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The M1919 saw service as a light infantry, coaxial, mounted, aircraft, and anti-aircraft machine gun by the U.S. and many other countries.

How accurate was the bar rifle?

2.037 in.
30/06 that was developed during World War I for trench warfare but didn’t see extensive use by the U.S. military until World War II.

Shooting Statistics.

Accuracy: 2.037 in.
Smallest Group: 1.691 in.
Barrel Length: 18 in.
Overall Length: 39 ³⁄₈ in.
Price: $1,469

Was the bar used in Vietnam?

The Browning Automatic Rifle was the weapon of choice for infantrymen, vehicle crews, and even gangsters from its debut in World War I, through two World Wars and Korea to the jungles of Vietnam. The BAR was invented by its namesake, John Browning, in 1917 for use in World War I.

What is the best machine gun ever made?

Top 5 Best Machineguns

  1. MG-42.
  2. M240B.
  3. RPK74. The RPK, more widely known as the Kalashnikov, is another Soviet design.
  4. M2 Browning. The original name of the .
  5. DShK. This Soviet heavy machine gun fires a 12.7 x 108 cartridge.

What does BAR stand for rifle?

The M1918A1 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) was designed in 1917 by engineer John Browning. This new weapon was to replace the French light machine-gun Chauchat then in service in the American army.

How fast did Bars shoot?

Built around a 7.62-mm round with a muzzle velocity of some 700 metres per second, it had a cyclic firing rate of 600 rounds per minute and was capable of both semiautomatic and automatic fire.

What gun has been in the Army for 70 years?

Springfield M1903
As a sniper rifle, the M1903A4 would serve through the Korean War and into the early stages of the Vietnam War. The last user manual was printed by the US Army in 1970 almost 70 years after the rifle entered service.

What gun has been in the most wars?

The Mosin-Nagant rifle is the most mass-produced military bolt-action rifles in history with over 37 million units having been made since its inception in 1891, and, in spite of its age, it has been used in various conflicts around the world up to the present day.

Which is the most powerful machine gun in the world?

The Hand Grenade: For When Things Turn Ugly

  • Weight Of The GPMG. 13.85KG (Including 50 round belt of 7.62mm rounds).
  • GPMG Rate Of Fire. 750 rounds per minute.
  • GPMG Muzzle Velocity. 838 meters a second.

How many rounds are in a 30 cal belt?

Item Description

Collection Frontier Army Museum
Historical Period Mid-20th Century (1936 – 1965)
Date of Manufacture Circa 1957
Physical description Black metal ammunition links with 50 brass .30 caliber dummy rounds. Most of the cartridges have black painted tips. Every fifth round has an orange tip (tracer).
Nationality US

How much did a BAR rifle weigh?

Well, it turns out the original BAR was lighter – a full 5 pounds lighter! The M1918 weighed 16 pounds, or 25% less – and with that weight much better balanced thanks to the lack of bipod.

Was the bar a good gun in ww2?

“By the time of the Second World War, the BAR was still a very good weapon but was becoming obsolescent – not obsolete – primarily because its barrel could not be easily changed. Also, the Army decided to ‘improve’ the BAR by adding a bipod, folding metal buttplate assembly and receiver magazine guides.”

How many mags did a BAR gunner carry?

In the Army, the BAR gunner typically carried 10 magazines in an M1937 cartridge belt and 1 magazine in the gun. Each cartridge belt had 6 pockets that could each carry 2 magazines, although one would be used to carry a leather tool pouch.

What pistol did the US use in Vietnam?

Colt M1911A1
Colt M1911A1 – standard US and ARVN sidearm. Colt Commander – used by US military officers and US Special forces. Browning Hi-Power – used by Australian and New Zealand forces (L9 pistol).

Which country has the best ammunition in the world?

In 2019 Germany was ranked number 1 in Weapons and Ammunition Production Value.

What was the most feared machine gun in ww2?

A close look at Hitler’s Buzz Saw, a fearsome weapon for the German army. American soldiers had a nickname for everything, even the enemy weapons on the battlefield that killed them. GIs christened some of the most terrifying weapons in the German arsenal with some pretty harmless-sounding names.

Did Browning stop making the BAR?

Browning BAR M1918
This was a fully automatic rifle and was manufactured from 1917 up until 1945 for military use. It is also known as the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle.

How good was the Browning Automatic Rifle?

True, the rifle has its weaknesses, including a tendency to overheat if shot too rapidly (the BAR has a fixed rather than a removable barrel) and difficulty to fire from the shoulder. But it became a de facto squad automatic weapon because there was really nothing better and its reliability was legendary.

What is the oldest gun still used today?

What is the most used gun in the world?

The result today is that some 75 million AK-47s have been produced, with most still in circulation, making it the most ubiquitous weapon in the history of firearms — dwarfing the M16’s eight million.