Is the CSI finale part of season 15?

The fifteenth and final season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation premiered on CBS on September 28, 2014, and ended on February 15, 2015. The season stars Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue.

Why did Elisabeth Shue leave CSI?

She wanted to spend more time with her family.

What happened to Paul Winthrop on CSI?

Back at the lab Morgan thinks there is something wrong, and she and Sara goes to Finn’s apartment, only to find Paul standing there with a gun pointed at Russell. Sara then shoots Paul.

Who was the Gig Harbor killer?

Jared Briscoe

Jared Briscoe (a.k.a. “Gig Harbor Killer”) is a psychotic serial killer who surfaced in the season 15 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is well-known for being the personal arch-nemesis of D.B. Russell and CSI Julie Finlay.

Why did Nick leave CSI?

In the season-12 finale, “Homecoming”, Nick announces to his colleagues that he is quitting his job at CSI, as he is no longer able to stand the widespread corruption in the department.

What happens to Catherine Willows in CSI?

In Willows in the Wind, Catherine had decided to leave CSI, due to being targeted by assassins, and take a job in the F.B.I in Quantico. Before she left she bid farewell to the rest of the team by calling a “family meeting” at the end of the episode.

Why did Catherine Willows leave CSI?

Catherine joined the CSI team at LVPD as a lab technician, after which she worked her way up to the role of supervisor under the watchful eye of Gil Grissom. In Willows in the Wind, Catherine had decided to leave CSI, due to being targeted by assassins, and take a job in the F.B.I in Quantico.

What happens to Julie Finlay in CSI?

Immortality. Following her attack during season 15, Finn is revealed to have died (“Immortality”). As D.B. is packing up his office, he places a plaque in a box commemorating Finlay. This indicates that she never regained consciousness after February 15, 2015.

What happened to David Hodges in CSI?

Grissom and Sara search for Hodges on CSI: Vegas
Sara was sure that he’d been taken, and it took until close to the end of the episode to find him. Fortunately, they found him in the nick of time. He was alive, and it meant he had a chance to clear his name.

What episode did Nick Stokes leave CSI?

Who was on CSI the longest?

Eric Szmanda has the most CSI appearances ever
Eric Szmanda, who plays DNA specialist Greg Sanders, is the titleholder for most “CSI” episode appearances in the show’s history, per IMDb. Not including “credit only” appearances, Szmanda showed up in 327 episodes since the show’s debut in 2000.

Why did Morgan Brody leave CSI?

After a long search, Morgan’s investigation helped the CSI team to find Haskell, but the fallout of the investigation (which ended with Haskell’s death at Ray’s hands) led to her getting fired.

Who killed Eddie on CSI?

Season Ten
It was revealed that the janitor, a fugitive from the Rwanda conflict, killed him and the victim wanted her to run the man’s fingerprints.

Why did Marge leave CSI?

She most recently was a series regular on another CBS drama series, All Rise. Following the show’s cancellation by CBS in May, she was quickly booked for an NBC pilot, Getaway, which prevented her from rejoining her All Rise cast members as a series regular when the series was picked up by OWN last fall.

Why did the character Riley leave CSI?

Smith apparently left because she “didn’t find a balance in the ensemble” (via Cinema Blend). Offscreen, Smith wasn’t a good match for the series, especially after the departures of original series regulars Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan.

Who replaced Ted Danson CSI?

Laurence Fishburne
CBS is set to announce that Ted Danson will take over for Laurence Fishburne as the drama’s leading man for the show’s 12th season. Danson will play the CSI supervisor for the grave shift after heading the crime lab in Portland.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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Why did Wix frame Hodges?

By rescuing Hodges from his captors while he was still alive, it allowed the former CSI to credibly testify to Wix’s devious plot, so the jig was up for the lawyer, who had decided to frame Hodges in order to make money by retrying the cases with the “false” evidence and by suing the state of Nevada for boatloads of …

Do they save David Hodges?

David Hodges is rescued by a smell
In the penultimate episode of “CSI: Vegas,” Hodges confesses on camera to his crimes and appears to go on the run, but in reality, the former CSI has been kidnapped by men employed by Wix and is forced to make a taped confession.

What is the scariest CSI episode?

“Sqweegel” (Season 11, Episode 4)
This might be CSI’s most terrifying episode in its 15 season run.

Who did Ted Danson replace on CSI?

The former Cheers star replaces Laurence Fishburne as the new team leader. The news of Fishburne’s departure came as a surprise to viewers and industry folk alike last month. The Oscar-nominated actor had spent two-and-a-half seasons on the procedural.

What season does Catherine leave CSI?

twelfth season
Departure. Helgenberger announced her departure in 2011, with Catherine making her last appearance in the twelfth season episode “Willows in the Wind”, which aired on January 25, 2012.

Why did Dr Langston leave CSI?

According to Deadline, Laurence Fishburne left “CSI” because he was epxected to return to acting in movies full-time again. It was also reported that due to his star power, none of the show’s producers ever expected Fishburne to have a long tenure on the series, and when he opted to leave, it was of little surprise.

Was Hodges guilty on CSI?

Hodges didn’t have to face the jury. The case was dropped in the end with Wix being found out and charged.

Who does Hodges marry in CSI?

It is revealed in CSI: Vegas that he is married to a woman named Emma, who ” mellows [him] out”, and that they were expecting. Their son, Cooper, was born in the season finale.

Which one is the best CSI?

CSI and CSI: Vegas are tied for first place on IMDb
As it turns out, the newest incarnation of the franchise and the original 2000 series are in a tie for the highest-rated “CSI” show on IMDb, as ranked by site users.