Is Liv 52 available in Australia?

Good natural product for liver support.

This product was recommended by a few friends overseas and luckily I found it available in Australia.

When should Liv 52 DS be taken?

Ideally, it is recommended that you take Liv. 52 before meals, but follow your doctor if he/she recommends to take it after meals. References: Himalaya Wellness Products.

How many tablets of Liv 52 DS should I take?

How to Use. For adults, the recommended dose of Himalaya Liv 52 DS is 2 to 3 tablets to be taken 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the advice of your doctor. For children, the dosage is different.

How do you take Liv 52 DS liquid?

The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (twice a day) for adults and 1/2 a teaspoon (twice a day) for children. You can drink water immediately after taking the syrup.

Is Liv 52 DS good for liver?

Himalaya Liv. 52 Ds Syrup has a herbal formulation that helps protect the liver against hepatotoxins. It contains the goodness of chicory and the caper bush which are known to protect the liver from alcohol toxicity and improves liver functioning.

What does Liv 52 DS do?

52 DS normalizes the basic appetite-satiety rhythm. It also addresses loss of appetite during pregnancy. As a daily health supplement, Liv. 52 DS improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain.

Can I take liver 52 tablet empty stomach?

You can take it before food . But single medicine may not be sufficient.

Can Liv-52 cure fatty liver?

Conclusions: Administration of LIV 52 can improve the subjective condition and clinical parameters in patients with liver damage, in particular in alcoholic liver damage and in steatosis. The effect is certainly due also to better motivation on the patients part, better lifestyle and dietary measures.

How long does it take for Liv-52 to work?

The results demonstrated that the patients treated with Liv-52 for 6 months had significantly better child-pugh score, decreased ascites, decreased serum ALT and AST. In placebo administered patients all the clinical parameters recorded at beginning of the study were not significantly different than after 6 months.

How long Liv-52 can be taken?

Ideally, the use of Liv 52 DS should not be extended beyond 3-4 months at a time.

Does Liv-52 cure fatty liver?

Does Liv-52 make you gain weight?

As a daily health supplement, Liv. 52 improves appetite, digestion and assimilation processes and promotes weight gain.

How long does Liv-52 take to work?

Is Liv-52 Harmful?

Side Effects of Liv 52 DS:
Liv 52 is beneficial for the health of liver cells and liver enzymes. If the drug is over used or taken without any medical indication, it could lead to the following side effects: Increased appetite. Burning, itching and dryness of skin.

Is Liv-52 DS good for liver?

Is Liv-52 good for kidneys?

An Ayurvedic medicine, Liv-52 has been studied as a prophylactic against beryllium induced toxicity in rats. Administration of beryllium per se caused severe degenerative and necrotic changes in liver, kidney, lungs and spleen.

Can a healthy person take Liv 52 DS?

4.0 out of 5 stars Good for health. One of the best product for health. If you really want to take care of your liver then you must try it. With in one week of use you will definitely feel its positive effects.

How long we can use Liv 52?

Is Liv 52 DS good for kidney?