Is Ijert a predatory Journal?

It’s on the blacklist of predatory journal so yes it is considered, but considered very badly.

Is Ijert Scopus indexed journal?

Frequency: Two Issues per year . Indexing: SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, GOOGLE Scholar, JournalSeek, J-Gate, ICI, Informatics, JSTOR, academia, Research Gate. Publication Charges: Publication charges are applicable for accepted articles only.

Is Ijeti Scopus indexed?

IJETI was lunched on Oct. 01, 2011. It was included in Scopus and ESCI, respectively, in 2015 and 2017.

What is the impact factor of Ijert?

Journal Impact Factor

ISSN 2321-9653
Impact Factor (Scientific Journal Impact Factor)- 2021 7.538
Impact Factor (ISRAJIF)- 2021 7.894
Scopus Indexed Applied
Total number of Paper Received 30000+

Is Elsevier predatory?

Björn Brembs takes Elsevier through the new, five-part “predatory journal” definition: So as far as this exercise goes, at least one of the main legacy publishers fits the five criteria for being branded a “predatory” publisher.

What are examples of predatory journals?

Predatory Journals (“A”)

  • ABC Journals.
  • A M Publishers.
  • Abhinav.
  • Academe Research Journals.
  • Academia Publishing.
  • Academia Research.
  • Academia Scholarly Journals (ASJ)
  • Academic and Business Research Institute.

Is Ijert a UGC approved journal?

We have also applied/applying for following journal metrics & approvals in 2022: Web of Science (WoS) – Applied. Scopus (Elsevier) – Applied. UGC Approved List of Journals – Planned to apply in 2022.

Is Ijert peer-reviewed?

International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) – registered with ISSN: 2278-0181 , is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles monthly – emphasize all major engineering and science aspects that can equally serve all branches of …

Which Scopus indexed journals publish fast?

Fast Publishing Scopus Indexed journals

  • Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (TJPR) – Q4 Ranking.
  • ECS Transactions (IOP Series)
  • IEEE Xplore (Conference series)
  • Experimental Oncology – Q4 Ranking.
  • Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS) – Q4 Ranking.

Is Ijrte Scopus indexed in 2022?

they all are scopus indexed.

Is Ijaem Scopus indexed?

IJAIEM :Indexed & Approved by Thomsen Reuters, Scopus Society, UGC and more.

What journals are free to publish?

Free Paper Publication

  • Journal of Modern Materials (Materials Science Journal)
  • Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials (Modeling & Simulation Journal)
  • Advanced Journal of Graduate Research (Bachelor / Master Degree Student’s Research Paper)
  • Advanced Nano Research (Nano Research Journal)

Which is better Elsevier or Springer?

Professional Development Score at Elsevier vs Springer Nature. Employees at Elsevier rate their Professional Development Score a 80/100, with Customer Support and Legal as the two departments that rate their experience the highest. Employees at Springer Nature rate their Professional Development Score a /100.

Is Mdpi predatory 2022?

MDPI was included on Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory open access publishing companies in 2014 but was removed in 2015 following a successful appeal while applying pressure on Beall’s employer.


Status Active
Publication types Open access scientific journals
No. of employees 5700 (in 2022)
Official website

What are fake journals?

Fake journals are the journals which do not perform peer review or minimal language editing in the name of peer review. Unaware of negative consequences of publishing in fake journals, budding or novice academician/clinician/researcher continue to fall prey for them.

How do I know if a journal is UGC approved?

The Approved List of Journal is available as a web-based database with search and browse interface at: The UGC approved List of Journals contain 38,653 journals that are indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and Indian Citation Index.

Is Scopus UGC approved?

All Scopus indexed and WoS indexed journals are in UGC CARE list but the vice versa is not true. All the journals in Scopus covered in UGC CARE list..

Is International journal of Engineering research & Technology UGC approved?

IJRTE is an UGC approved Journal (Enlisted Journal No 49239 in UGC list).

Is Ijcrt Scopus indexed?

IJCRT Followed Norms, guidelines: Scopus Web of Science, UGC Approved, UGC CARE, UGC-CARE. IJCRT Started “ Go Green Initiative “ by providing the e-Confirmation letter, e-certificate to each author for the publication of the paper.

Sr.No Note 1 answer
3 Impact Factor : Impact Factor : 7.97 (calculated by google scholar)

Is Scopus paid?

Paid Scopus Indexed Journals: If you are looking for Scopus Research Journals that publish in a fast manner, then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we have listed reputed paid Scopus indexed journals which publish the research articles at a fast pace. Note: Some of these journals also publish for free.

Is Scopus free to publish?

Following a Scopus and free journal as your request. Publishing model- Open Access. There are NO PUBLICATION FEES (article processing charges or APCs) to publish with this journal.

Is Ijrte UGC approved?

Is Ijrte free?

Article Submission Fee (No)

The article submission fee is zero for the International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE). The International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) doesn’t take article submission fee.

Is IJAR UGC approved?

IJARESM Publication is indexed in Google Scholar, SJR, Research Gate, Thomson Reuters Researcherid and also indexed in UGC Approved List of Journals.

Is Irjet UGC approved?

We are very proud to announce that IJRASET is approved by UGC.