Is guitalele good for beginners?

Like the classical guitar and the ukulele, the guitalele has nylon strings. This makes it a perfect instrument choice for beginners—unlike steel strings, nylon strings won’t hurt your fingers or cause calluses. While the standard ukulele has only four strings, the guitalele has six, like the guitar.

How big is the Yamaha guitalele?


General Specifications
Body Length 319 mm (12 9/16″)
Total Length 698 mm (27 1/2″)
Body Width 229 mm (9″)

Does the guitalele have a truss rod?

The guitalele is variously marketed (and used) as a travel guitar or children’s guitar. Adjustable Truss Rod inside the neck (wrench included) ,so players can adjust the action according to their needs.

How do you pronounce guitalele?

Because Google and word doesn’t like that they like the well I don’t know if you call it a guten lately I’ve heard it pronounced gusta Lily or Gila lately.

Can I play a guitalele like a guitar?

You can play a guitalele like acoustic guitar in that the chord shapes are just like a guitar’s chord shapes. In terms of size, a guitalele is about the same size as a ukulele. Some guitalele manufacturers use the term “6-string ukulele” instead of “guitalele.”

Can you tune a guitalele like a regular guitar?

The answer is yes; you can absolutely tune a guitalele like a guitar: EADGBe. However, note that it’s a non-standard tuning for the guitalele. As a reminder, standard guitalele tuning is ADGCEa. (This is the same as standard guitar tuning as if you were to capo on the fifth fret).

Is guitalele easier than guitar?

Learning. Learning to play the guitalele is generally a little easier than learning on a full guitar. First of all the nylon strings can be a little gentler on the hands than steel strings, which can be really helpful when starting out.

Can you tune a guitalele like a guitar?

Does a guitalele sound like a guitar?

A guitalele (sometimes spelled guitarlele or guilele), also knows as a kīkū, is a cross between an old-style guitar & a tenor or baritone ukulele & “a 1/4 size” guitar. It’s tuned just like a regular guitar. The sound, with a capo at the 5th fret, is usually mentioned as being the same as that of a classical guitar.

Can I put regular guitar strings on a guitalele?

Technically yes, but it wouldn’t be advisable! The reason being the guitalele is designed for nylon strings, which exert much less string tension than on the neck of the guitar, and the guitar’s truss rod.

Can you play guitar chords on a guitalele?

This means that any chord you could play on the guitar can also be played on the guitalele, but when it is played on the guitalele it will sound as if you were playing it with a capo on the fifth fret of the guitar.

Is guitalele good for small hands?

For smaller hands, guitalele is best. When it comes to the ‘feel’ of the regular guitar, go for the travel guitar.

Can I play guitalele as a guitar?

You can play the guitalele as an acoustic guitar. A guitalele size is parallel to a ukulele. It is played like a regular guitar. With the main four strings tuned like a low G ukulele, this gives it tuning of ADGCEA.

Can I play guitalele like a guitar?

How do you make a guitalele sound like a guitar?

Most guitaleles come strung like a classical guitar with the top three strings made of nylon and the bottom three strings made of nylon wound with wire in the standard tuning: ADGCEa. Standard guitalele tuning will sound just like a classical guitar capoed on the fifth fret.

Is a guitalele tuned like a guitar?

So what is standard tuning for the guitalele? A guitalele is tuned to ADGCEa in the same intervals as a guitar but up a fourth as if you were to capo the guitar on the fifth fret.

Should I buy ukulele or guitalele?

Ukulele Is Simpler To Learn & Play Than Guitalele

Using one finger per string makes the instrument playing easy to learn. So, as a beginner music player, you might love the ukulele. Ukulele chords are easy to grab and play. But the guitalele chord’s difficulty level is the same as the guitar.

Can I put guitar strings on a guitalele?

You can actually put steel guitar strings on a guitalele, but the added tension on the neck could damage the instrument so it’s worth checking if it has a truss rod, otherwise, steel strings are a no-no!

Can I use guitar chords on guitalele?

No, you can not use guitar chords on the guitarlele, since the guitarlele is tunned a 4th Sure, the chord shapes are pretty similar to the guitar chord shapes. For example, if you play a C chord on your guitarlele you’ll use the same chord shape as the G chord for guitar.

Can I play a guitalele like a ukulele?

Although you can try to achieve a similar light and unique sound by tuning to high-G tuning on the guitalele, it won’t sound quite like the ukulele unless you avoid playing the guitalele’s two bass strings.

Is guitalele better than ukulele?

The guitalele sounds like a guitar with a capo in the fifth fret because of the six-string feature. With the two extra heavier bass strings, the guitalele may sound more complete and substantial to some than the ukulele. On the other hand, the ukulele’s high G string makes its sound lighter and more unique.