How many versions of tubular bells are there?

An orchestral version produced by David Bedford was released in 1975 as The Orchestral Tubular Bells. Oldfield has recorded three sequels: Tubular Bells II (1992), Tubular Bells III (1998), and The Millennium Bell (1999). For the album’s 30th anniversary Oldfield re-recorded the album as Tubular Bells 2003.

How old is Mike Oldfield?

69 years (May 15, 1953)Mike Oldfield / Age

Who is the voice on tubular bells?

The gimmick people remember from the first Tubular Bells was the voice (Vivian Stanshall’s) introducing the instruments; it happens again on Tubular Bells II and the voice is Alan Rickman’s.

What songs are on tubular bells?

Tubular Bells, Part OneTubular Bells, Part Two
Tubular Bells/Songs

What is so special about tubular bells?

The album was pioneering in many ways, from its use of bells to electric guitars recorded at half speed, and has been credited as an early example of new age music. At the time of its release — although a unique sounding album in many ways — Tubular Bells was closely associated with the progressive rock scene.

What do flamenco dancers hold in their hands?

Castanets are usually held in the hand and struck together. They are played in differently pitched pairs by dancers primarily in Spain, the Balearic Islands, and southern Italy. In Spain castanets may be used to accompany classical or folkloric dances.

Who married Mike Oldfield?

Fanny Vandekerc…m. 2002–2013Anita Hegerlandm. 1987–1993Sally Cooperm. 1979–1986Diana D’Aubignym. 1978–1978
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Who is in Tangerine Dream?

Hoshiko YamaneElectric violinThorsten Quaeschni…Drum KitUlrich SchnaussPaul FrickEdgar FroeseKlaus Schulze
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What is the Venetian effect?

“The Venetian Effect” refers to a characteristic mandolin technique, a type of tremolo known as bisbigliando, in which the effect of sustained notes is achieved by repetition.

What is so special about Tubular Bells?

What is a double speed guitar?

In the double-speed recording technique, the performer recorded the part at a slow speed, and then played back at the next faster speed, which had the effect of raising the pitch by an octave, and doubling the tempo.

What movies used Tubular Bells?

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells is best known as the theme music from the film The Exorcist.

How long did it take to make tubular bells?

The song took six days to record. Some unusual instruments were used to record this, including a Farfisa organ, a Lowrey organ, and a flageolet (a kind of wind instrument). There were also flutes, a mandolin, and of course, tubular bells. The bells are represented on the album cover.

Why do flamenco dancers wear polka dots?

Did you know… Polka-dot dress depicting the original gypsy costumes came from India 1,000 years ago. Gypsies sewed small round mirrors (lunares) into their dresses to ward off the evil eye.

What is a female flamenco dancer called?


Flamenco dance is called baile, while a flamenco dancer is known as a bailaor (male) or bailaora (female).

How old is Mike Oakfield?

Are Mike and Sally Oldfield related?

Sally Patricia Oldfield (born 3 August 1947) is an Irish singer-songwriter. She is the sister of composers Mike and Terry Oldfield.

Why did Chris Franke leave Tangerine Dream?

(5) Leaving Tangerine Dream To Pursue A Solo Career
Then, sometime late in 1987, the voice ceased. Chris had left, with no reason given. Many months went by and no word came of where he had gone. Unknown to the fans, Chris had left the production line that Tangerine Dream had become.

Did Tangerine Dream use synths?

By the time of their 1977 American tour, Tangerine Dream’s arsenal of electronic equipment was quite formidable. Chris Franke had bought a new Oberheim 8‑voice polyphonic synth, and was using both the Projeckt Elektronik sequencer and a Computerstudio digital sequencer.

What is venetian blind artifact?

The ‘Venetian blinds’ artifact is an uncommon tissue cutting artifact that leads to the formation of parallel series of strips of tissue separated from one another by narrow clear spaces. It has been attributed to either hardening of the tissue in the paraffin block or defective assembly of the microtome knife.

Who is master of ceremonies on Tubular Bells 2?

actor John Gordon Sinclair
The album was supported with a live concert on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle on 4 September 1992 with 6,000 people in attendance, which aired on national television one hour after its conclusion. It featured Scottish actor John Gordon Sinclair as the Master of Ceremonies.

What is the classical song used in horror movies?

Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Used in films like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The Phantom of the Opera, the piece is practically synonymous with horror.

What is a male flamenco dancer called?

Flamenco dance is called baile, while a flamenco dancer is known as a bailaor (male) or bailaora (female). 3.

Why are flamenco dresses red?

Red is often the colour of choice, representing strength, bravery, vitality and passion in flamenco style, not to mention adding the necessary sass and sex appeal.

What do they yell during flamenco?

A jaleo is a word or phrase shouted out during a flamenco performance to encourage the dancer or musician. You might for example hear, ‘Agua! ‘ (which means ‘water! ‘) or ‘Que bailas bien!