How many songs on Nothing Was the Same?

13 songs

Erin Coulehan. Early this morning, Drake revealed on Twitter the tracklist for his upcoming album, Nothing Was the Same. The album features 13 songs and includes his recent singles “Started From the Bottom” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

Is Nothing Was the Same the best Drake album?

“Nothing Was the Same” is rated as his very best with a 79 score, followed very closely by “Take Care” at 78 and his debut “Thank Me Later” at 75. But it has been diminishing returns ever since: 69 for “Views,” 67 for “Scorpion,” and 61 as of this writing for “Certified Lover Boy.”

Which Drake album sold the most?

The best-selling album by DRAKE is VIEWS, which sold over 7,657,500 copies .

Did Nothing Was the Same go platinum?

Drake’s latest album has gone platinum, and took less than two months to do so. According to Hits Daily Double, the Grammy winner’s third studio effort, Nothing Was the Same, sold an additional 38,274 copies this week, pushing the Toronto native past the one million mark.

How much is Drake net worth?

Drake is Worth $180 million

Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Birthday October 24, 1986
Birth Place Toronto, Canada
Star Sign Scorpio

What is Drake age?

35 years (October 24, 1986)Drake / Age

What is Drake’s most successful song?

Drake’s Official Top 40 most streamed songs

1 ONE DANCE 2016
2 GOD’S PLAN 2018

What is Drake’s best song?

Drake’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!

  1. Nice For What (2018)
  2. Child’s Play (2016)
  3. Hold On, We’re Going Home (feat Majid Jordan) (2013)
  4. Hotline Bling (2015)
  5. Portland (feat Quavo and Travis Scott) (2017)
  6. Know Yourself (2015)
  7. Laugh Now Cry Later (feat Lil Durk) (2020)
  8. Started From the Bottom (2013)

What is Drake’s biggest song ever?

Drake’s Official Top 40 most streamed songs


What is Drake’s most popular song?

One DanceGod’s PlanJimmy CooksFeel No WaysLaugh Now Cry LaterKnife Talk

Has Drake ever won album of the year?

His only wins are for Take Care as best rap album (2012), “Hotline Bling” as best rap/sung performance and best rap song (2016), and “God’s Plan” as best rap song (2018). Certified Lover Boy was passed over for an album of the year nod this year. Only one rap album, West’s DONDA, was nominated in that category.

Who’s richer Drake or Kanye?

Kanye West is richer than Drake. Even though Drake is highly successful in recent years, Kanye West’s business ventures made him wealthier.

Who is the richest rapper on earth?

Kanye West
It is absolutely possible to become extremely wealthy as a rapper or hip-hop artist.

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World (2022)

Position 1
Rapper Kanye West
Net Worth $6.6 Billion
Nationality USA

What was Drake’s first hit?

On March 9, 2010, Drake released the debut single “Over”, which peaked at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as topping the Rap Songs chart. It also received a nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 53rd Grammy Awards. His second single, “Find Your Love”, became an even bigger success.

What rapper has the most number 1 hits?

Artists with the most number-one singles

Number Artist
25 Drake
11 Lil Wayne
10 Puff Daddy
Kanye West

Who has more hits Lil Wayne or Drake?

Only former Young Money artist Drake has more top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hits at exactly 100. Overall, Wayne has a total of 167 career entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making him the third-most in the chart’s history after Drake and the Glee Cast, tied with 207 each.

What is the most played song of all time?

Yet “It’s a Small World,” also known as “It’s a Small, Small World” and “It’s a Small World (After All),” is very likely the most played song in music history — nearly 50 million times.

How many #1 Does Drake have?

Drake has tallied 11 No. 1 hits on the Hot 100 in his career, the most among rappers.

What is the most streamed song of all time?

Shape of You
“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is the most streamed song on Spotify with over 3.2 billion streams.

Why did Drake remove himself from Grammys?

In response to the perceived snubs of the Weeknd last year, Drake wrote on Instagram that “we should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and these awards and just accept that what once was the highest form of recognition may no longer matter to the artists that …

What rapper has the most Grammys?

Jay Z
Jay Z took home his first GRAMMY for Best Rap Album for Vol. 2 … Hard Knock Life for 1998. Currently tied with Kanye West, Jay Z holds the distinction of rapper with the most GRAMMY wins in history.

Who highest paid rapper?

Earnings of the world’s highest earning rappers and hip-hop artists 2019. According to the most recent data, the world’s highest earning hip-hop artists is Kanye West, who made an estimated 150 million U.S. dollars in the year leading to June 2019.

What rapper is a billionaire?

Jay-Z is a very big name in the field of music who is known for his distinctive voice. He is the first hip-hop billionaire and recipient of 23 Grammy Awards.

Who is richer Kanye or Jay-Z?

Ye(Kanye West) later went on to surpass Jay-Z as the richest hip-hop artist. Ye(Kanye West) was a very successful producer before he became a very successful singer and songwriter. He is one of the best record producers who has worked with Jay-Z to create his own music.

Who is richer Eminem or Jay-Z?

Snoop Dogg Net Worth: $150 Million.

  • Lil Wayne Net Worth: $150 Million.
  • Drake Net Worth: $180 Million.
  • Eminem Net Worth: $230 Million.
  • Dr. Dre Net Worth: $780 Million.
  • Jay Z Net Worth: $1.3 Billion.