How many rides are there in Imagica?

Imagicaa is a 130-acre (53 ha) theme park in Khopoli, India. It is owned by Imagicaaworld Entertainment Ltd. The park has an estimated daily capacity of 15,000 visitors.


Area 132 acres (theme park) 72 acres (water park)
Total 38
Roller coasters 4
Water rides 16

What is the cost of Imagica rides?

Imagicaa Theme Park Tickets & Packages Guest Type 31st Dec Day Pricing
Express Ticket One time Express access to select rides and attractions and Unlimited Regular Ride access General (5 yrs & above) ₹ 2,699/guest
Sr. Citizen (60 yrs & above) ₹ 2123/guest

What is the price of Aqua Imagica?

The ticket price for Imagica Water Park is Rs. 999/- for adults; for children Rs. 799; and for college students Rs. 799 on all weekdays except Wednesday.

What is the cost of water park in India?

Adults – ₹1450. Kids – ₹999. Senior Citizen – ₹999.

Which is the No 1 amusement park in India?

Wonderla was started in 2005 and is said to be one of the best amusement parks in India. Spread over 82 acres of land Wonderla has hosted over 7 million people till now. The park in Bangalore has over 50 rides. 12 rides are water-based, 13 are especially for small children, and 10 are high-thrill.

Which is the biggest waterpark in India?

Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom (Esselworld) in Mumbai is the largest water park in India. It is also one of the oldest parks.

Is food free in imagica?

Tickets include your entry fee for the park. It also enables you to take as many rides as you want to and it includes all the rides. Food, car pick up and drop is excluded. You need to pay separately for the two and it is very costly there.

How can I cover imagica in one day?

You won’t be able to cover theme park in a day, forget about covering both of them in a day. You need two days to cover both of them. over a year ago. You could do both in a day, if you aren’t with kids or senior citizens in the group as it will be quite a leg work.

Which one is better imagica or EsselWorld?

Adlabs imagica has some amazing rides, the best being the Nitro. Certainly better than Essel world in terms of quality & variety of rides and has everything in store right from kids to adults.

What do you wear to a water park?

We recommend wearing something like a t-shirt and comfortable shorts will keep you cool and also enjoy the beautiful city side view of waterpark from your cabana. Water shoes are flexible and made with mesh material for enhanced breathability, which helps keep feet cool.

Which is the No 1 water park in India?

The best water park in India is arguably Dreamworld Water Park in Thrissur. Other equally great water parks in India are Aquatica Water Park in Kolkata, MGM Dizzee World in Chennai, Maniar Wonderland in Ahmedabad, Funtasia Island in Patna, and Wonderla in Hyderabad. Which is Asia’s largest water theme park?

Which waterpark is best in India?

Top 8 water parks in India

  • The Water Kingdom in Mumbai.
  • Wonderla in Kochi.
  • Queensland in Chennai.
  • Splash Water Park in Delhi.
  • GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore.
  • Oysters in Gurgaon.
  • Ocean Park in Hyderabad.
  • Aquatica in Kolkata.

Which is biggest water park in India?

Which is Asia’s biggest water park?

5 Aquaventure Atlantis, Sanya, China
Aquaventure covers 200,000 square metres, making it Asia’s largest water park.

Are mobile phones allowed in imagica?

Yes, you may carry your mobile phones with you. You also have the option of renting lockers at out park, in case you don’t want to risk your phone getting drenched in water.

Can we carry water bottle in imagica?

Yes, you can.

Is food free in Imagica?

Is mobile phone allowed in Imagica?

Do we have to pay for rides in imagica?

Unless mentioned, prices are exclusive of taxes. Entry Ticket: Your entry ticket entitles you a single entry to the Park with access to rides/slides & attractions/activities in operation on the day of your visit. All other in-park services are charged separately.

What do you do with your phone at a water park?

Bring a waterproof case for your phone and money.
Just be sure to put your phone in a plastic waterproof case. Also, stick money or a credit card in there and leave your purse at home (NOT in the car please).

What should I bring to waterpark?

13 Items to Take to a Water Park

  1. Goggles to Help You See Through the Surf.
  2. A Strap to Keep Your Specs in Place.
  3. A Water-Safe Camera to Snap Underwater Selfies.
  4. Earplugs That Stay Put.
  5. A Mildew-Resistant Wet-Dry Bag for Fuss-Free Storage.
  6. An Easy-to-Carry Cooler to Keep Your Beverages Cold.

What should I wear in Water Kingdom?

Wear something comfortable
When you’re spending the whole day at a water park, comfort is key. The Orlando water parks will be hot, so we recommend wearing something like a t-shirt and comfortable shorts to keep you cool. You could even choose to wear loose fitting clothes over your swimwear for ease.

What should I wear in aqua imagica?

THEME PARK Proper attire must be worn at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics is not permitted, and shirts cannot be turned inside-out as a solution. Shirt, shoes and a bottom (shorts, pants, skirt, etc.)

What can I wear in water park?

How do you pack for a water park?